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I spoke with Encinitas Mayor and County Board of Supervisors candidate Kristin Gaspar today about the SANDAG tax scheme.  We are hopeful she can get its support on the Encinitas City Council for an up or down vote– We’d like to smoke out the tax hikers on the City Councils.  (FWIW, Kristin Gaspar is opposed to the SANDAG tax scheme).

While I was pitching my “Republicans oppose any and all efforts for new taxation”, Mayor Gaspar interrupted me:

GASPAR:  Have you read that proposal?

BRADY:  Yeah, it stinks.


The Coastal Rail-Trail

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
posted by Jerome Stocks

This recently came across my inbox:

Gaspar and Muir NO vote on the
Cardiff Coastal Rail Trail Project
By Mayor Gaspar and Council member Muir

The Coastal Rail Trail project is not new; it was originally envisioned in the late 1980s. Several prior councils recognized the negative impacts this project would have on our coastal community and, as a result, did not support it.

While some focus on the limited benefits of this project, such as encouraging people out of their cars and onto bikes, they fail to recognize the negative impacts associated with the project for the Cardiff community.

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San Diego County Gun Owners PAC Announces Two Changes in City Council Ratings

Monday, November 30, 2015
posted by Tommy Knepper

After announcing our launch on October 21, San Diego County Gun Owners PAC received numerous inquiries about our ratings from both concerned city councilmembers, wanting to change their rating, and concerned voters who wanted to know why their elected official received a positive or negative rating. After reviewing information provided to us about some of the local city council members, SDCGO PAC has made two significant updates.


The Day The Music Died

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
posted by Jerome Stocks

“The Kraken” is an iconic part of Cardiff-By-The-Sea, a community of the City of Encinitas. Separated from the beach by Coast Hwy 101 on the west and the residential neighborhoods by the outlet of the San Elijo Lagoon and San Elijo Avenue to the east.

But although they have always had the ability to allow their patrons to enjoy live local music and dancing, the management has had to shut down the live music, hopefully only temporarily, due to the actions of the City of Encinitas Department of Code Enforcement. Code enforcement in Encinitas has traditionally been a “responsive” agency, meaning that if the neighbors aren’t upset the city shouldn’t get involved, even if there was a technical violation occurring. The only exception was in matters of public safety.


BIA vs. Encinitas Lawsuit

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
posted by Jerome Stocks

On October 10, 2014, the San Diego County Building Industry Association (BIA), a CA not for profit Trade Association, sued the City of Encinitas in Superior court (case# 37-2014-0034550-CU-WM-NC) because of changes the City Council adopted in how the city should interpret Government Code section 65915, also known as the “Density Bonus Law.”

According to BIA Vice-President Matt Adams, the BIA simply wants the City of Encinitas to “uphold and administer the laws of the State of California.” Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar would only say that “it would be inappropriate to comment on ongoing legal matters.”

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Encinitas Community Park… Finally!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
posted by Jerome Stocks

Everybody loves a park, right?


I asked twice because apparently some people do not. How else can you explain why it took 14 years to turn a piece of prime Encinitas real estate, west of I-5 mind you, into the new park that finally will open on Saturday January 10th?
Fourteen years of lawsuits, name calling, motive questioning, opposition, picayune objections, moving goal posts, Coastal Commission hearings, and on and on and on.

Not for a factory. Not for a prison. Not for a high density housing development. For a park.


Breaking News / Rumor In Good Old Encinitas: The first Mayor’s race

Friday, August 8, 2014
posted by The Smiling Spotlight

Encinitas politics is a really fun blood sport. And the newest piece of info/rumor to hit the spotlight is that none other than Sheila Cameron has decided to run for the Mayor’s seat and has put in the papers to make it official! This is the first election in the history of Encinitas where the voters will elect the Mayor, rather than the City Council selecting from its ranks.


An “Intriguing Twist”

Friday, June 27, 2014
posted by Jerome Stocks

According to Logan Jenkins of the UT San Diego, Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz of Encinitas thinks turning the closed, dilapidated, but recently city purchased Pacific View school site in Encinitas into a federal detention center is an idea worth considering. It’s purpose would be to supposedly house a portion of the mass of homeless illegal/undocumented immigrants currently rushing the U.S. southern border. The same ones Escondido recently said “go away” to.


Bees and disease in Encinitas???

Monday, June 23, 2014
posted by Jerome Stocks

“Looking at an aerial map of Encinitas in the 1970s and 1980s compared to today, it’s sad,” Tony Kranz said. “The city had agriculture everywhere; we have to fight for small farms today.”

BUT, a new study from UC Davis says the exposure of pregnant women to agriculture may increase the incidence of babies being born with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Yet Encinitas Deputy Mayor Kranz wants to increase small agriculture in suburban neighborhoods, including bee hives. Bees? Our family-friendly suburban neighborhoods are to be living with swarms of bees if this guy gets his way? Really?


A Call to Action in Encinitas — Meeting Starts at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
posted by Jerome Stocks

This came into my inbox today: As I couldn’t reach the author for permission, I have left their name off the piece.

Hello my friends. I’m sending this to you to let you know that Kristin (Gaspar) needs our help at this Wednesday’s Encinitas City Council meeting (5/28).

As you may have heard, although there was a unanimous agreement of the City Council on the issue of rotating the Mayor’s job, the current majority is now trying to renege on that agreement. They intend to revoke Kristin’s term which is scheduled to begin on June 11. There are several links below to articles covering this naked power grab.


Stuck on Stupid?

Friday, October 11, 2013
posted by Jerome Stocks

Take the Encinitas Transit Survey!!!

No doubt some fool consultant, or some clever consultant is promoting this survey and charging the city $$. The problems are that:

A) It’s “Opt in” and therefore bereft of any semblance of scientific or statistical validity, and

B) It doesn’t prevent anyone from taking it multiple times from the same computer (So I’m told) 😉

Really, I encourage you to take it numerous times using fun facts!


Encinitas City Council or H.O.A.? You decide!

Monday, July 8, 2013
posted by Jerome Stocks

Encinitas Business Owners seek your support

The new Encinitas City Council majority will consider an agenda item Wednesday evening which may result in the City Council setting hours of operation for bars and restaurants in Encinitas, may limit said hours to 10PM or midnight, may impose a new and as yet undetermined fee upon all alcohol licensed businesses to pay for additional special police enforcement of the new, as yet undetermined, rules they may be be establishing, and they may impose a moratorium on the expansion of any existing establishment, or any new alcohol licensed business applicants. All this throughout the city because some folks have deemed the downtown Encinitas very popular nightlife, too popular, vibrant, and successful.


A big victory for the “everything is now everybody’s business” crowd today–Encinitas Proposition A passed, pretty much violating the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Proposition A basically required any changes in the City’s General Plan (zoning) to be approved by a public ballot and restricted all buildings to a 30-feet height limit.  It was the ultimate expression of “direct democracy” and renders the planning board and City Council useless in one of the most important functions of city government—protecting property rights.

I have three thoughts about this vote:


Former Mayor Christy Guerin against “Prop A” in Encinitas

Monday, June 10, 2013
posted by Jerome Stocks

This popped into my inbox recently and I thought I would share it with my fellow Rostrafarians. Mayor Christy Guerin is a friend of mine and she served eight years on the Encinitas City Council and then six years as district director for Congressman Brian Bilbray in the 50th District.

Prop A would be devastating for the future of Encinitas homeowners:

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Politics 101 on the 101

Monday, June 3, 2013
posted by The Smiling Spotlight

This found its way into the Smiling Inbox today regarding the Encinitas Special Election known as Prop A. The election date is June 18:

Inbox:“How about a ROSTRA posting about how the Yes on A proponents are illegally littering the public ROW w/ signs costing the Taxpayers money to remove them?”

TSS: It’s true that in Encinitas one is not allowed to post political signs in the Right of Way, unlike in many other cities. It’s also true that the Proponents of Prop A are posting a lot of signs in the public Right of Way, and that city staff does the clean-up and that costs money. And hey let’s not forget the $500,000 tax dollars the special election is costing!

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Encinitas’ Prop A – Deeply Flawed and widely opposed

Monday, May 13, 2013
posted by Jerome Stocks

An impressive list of bi-partisan folks and organizations have lined up to oppose Encinitas’ Prop A, the deeply flawed initiative coming to a very expensive taxpayer funded special election on June 18th of this year!  Check it out.

As the following list shows, the opposition to Prop A is very broad and does not simply fall along the standard developer, big property owner lines. The opposition list includes a unanimous current City Council, many of whom were supported by the promoters of the initiative. As you will note, this is not a partisan issue. Opposition is coming from all sides:


Deeply flawed initiative up for a Special Election in Encinitas

Monday, March 18, 2013
posted by Jerome Stocks

Some residents of Encinitas, working with a Carlsbad based activist/NIMBY group, have used the initiative process to force the City of Encinitas to spend at least $350,000 on a special election to be held in June of 2013. Nice.

This ill-conceived measure:

A) Won’t correct or address state mandated forced planning for additional housing units,

B) Will actually replace steep-slope local 12 ft building height limits currently in place with its blanket 30ft limit which would be very destructive to the impacted neighborhoods and their views,


Out With the Old, in With the New

Saturday, December 1, 2012
posted by Jerome Stocks

Newly elected Encinitas City Councilman-elect, Tony Kranz, has indicated via email to the City that he is having “trouble” grasping the grading required for the Encinitas Community Park, a 43 acre $18 million dollar project, 12 years and countless public meetings as well as hearings and litigation, in the making.

He seems to want a 3D model built for this project (already under construction) which would cost about $56,000 to create.

Dang! $56,000 because this guy can’t visualize grade changes?

Seems extreme, but hey, the voters selected him to represent them…

I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Encinitas Mayoral Process Changes

Monday, February 20, 2012
posted by Jerome Stocks

Since incorporation of Encinitas in 1986 the positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor have been held by a member of the City Council, selected each December by a majority vote of their peers on the City Council to serve for the next year.

This is not an unusual method for new cities to select their Mayor and Deputy Mayor; However, over the years many attempts at changing the system have been proposed, but none have succeeded in garnering a majority vote.


Recent Encinitas Council Drama

Thursday, December 1, 2011
posted by Jerome Stocks

Somewhat newly minted Council Woman Kristin Gaspar (November 2010 first place vote getter) has been a real worker on the Encinitas City Council. In addition to her other obligations she agreed to serve on a Sub-Committee with Council Woman Barth along with some other folks (Barth came in 2nd behind Gaspar in 2010 even though she was the incumbent…) dealing with our ongoing General Plan 2035 update. The meetings were tough but productive until the last meeting when it appears Barth had unilaterally imposed her opinion on staff between meetings, altering the direction the committee was headed. This Hi-Jacking of the sub-committee process was not well received by Gaspar, and at Wednesday’s City Council meeting Gaspar read this into the record as a report to the Council which authorized the Sub-Committee and gave them their charge:

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Risky Sports

Monday, October 31, 2011
posted by Jerome Stocks

A credible shark sighting was reported today in Leucadia, a community of the City of Encinitas.

The weather has been great and the water has been mostly glassy, making the beach a wonderful place to play. But be careful out there, and (hopefully) this was not just a Halloween spoof! Here’s the incident report I received:

To Council and Administrations,


You want to plant a lawn and let people play on it? That’ll cost you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
posted by Jerome Stocks

The following is an update on the status of Encinitas Community Park, formerly known as “The Hall Property”…

It’s about 43 acres just west of the I-5 freeway and south of Santa Fe Drive. Encinitas purchased this former greenhouse property from the Hall family to make into a park in 2001. The purchase was one of my first votes as a City Councilman, and at roughly 20 million dollars it was an attention grabber!

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Shovel Ready Jobs anyone?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
posted by Jerome Stocks

Per Richard Phillips of the Encinitas City Manager’s Office:

Construction of the Santa Fe grade-separated pedestrian undercrossing was been placed out to bid by SANDAG today (8/30). The project is the first of four grade-separated pedestrian undercrossings that are planned for the rail corridor that runs through Encinitas. Part of the Santa Fe project includes construction of a small portion (220’) of the rail trail just south of the undercrossing site. The purpose of the grade-separated pedestrian crossings is to improve pedestrian access and circulation across the rail corridor and improve rail/pedestrian safety conditions. Planning of the project began in 2002 with the settlement agreement between the City and NCTD and obtaining a funding commitment from the State for preliminary design and engineering. The City and SANDAG partnered in the project, with the City taking the lead in design approval and environmental documentation phase, and SANDAG on the construction phase. Funding for the project is from State TCRP, STIPP, a TransNet funding swap by SANDAG and the City of Encinitas CIP # WMC02A ($1.25 m).


A Safety Reminder

Monday, August 29, 2011
posted by Jerome Stocks


For Immediate Release August 29, 2011
Sergeant Jason Rothlein
858 513-2800

San Diego County AVOID DUI Campaign

DUI Strike Team to Keep the Roadways Safe During

On August 28, 2011 from 3 P.M. until midnight, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and the San Diego County Regional Avoid the 14 Task Force conducted a DUI enforcement operation in the cities of Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas and San Diego to coincide with the Pacific Classic of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club racing season. This operation was made possible by grant funds provided by the Office of Traffic Safety.


The Surfing Madonna in the News Again!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
posted by Jerome Stocks

This press release went out today. The level of interest regarding the outcome of this issue has been amazing to experience, and I wanted the Rostrafarians to see the full and reasonable resolution that was reached and announced today. Whatever her future, it appears that this chapter in her saga is coming to a conclusion.

June 21, 2011

Mosaic Mural on Encinitas Blvd. &  Rail Underpass

Mark Patterson, the artist and owner of the “Save the Ocean” mosaic that has been come to be known as “The Surfing Madonna” placed on the Encinitas Boulevard/rail bridge underpass has reached an agreement with the City of Encinitas to remove the art work from its present location on the underpass wall so it may be relocated elsewhere.

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