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Newly elected Encinitas City Councilman-elect, Tony Kranz, has indicated via email to the City that he is having “trouble” grasping the grading required for the Encinitas Community Park, a 43 acre $18 million dollar project, 12 years and countless public meetings as well as hearings and litigation, in the making.

He seems to want a 3D model built for this project (already under construction) which would cost about $56,000 to create.

Dang! $56,000 because this guy can’t visualize grade changes?

Seems extreme, but hey, the voters selected him to represent them…

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

The next few years in Encinitas may provide great theater as the new Council majority imposes their agenda, and this long sought park project is definitely at risk of being disassembled by them.

Stay tuned, elections have consequences. Time will tell.


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  1. Jerome Stocks is quite correct. Elections have consequences.

    Like the one where Stocks was first elected. Locals will be paying for that consequence for decades.

    His election provides a valuable (if costly) lesson in consequences.

  2. Sour grapes? Eh Jerome?? Why don’t you focus on cleaning up your own house of cards, and making up for all the financial chaos you caused in Encinitas future with you grand gift to yourself and all employees when you voted in a 35% increase in Pensions in 2005? Man- you make Republicans with Integrity really cringe. Please switch parties. We don’t enjoy RINOs.

  3. Excellent Point Richard. I wish our GOP candidates and politicians had your integrity. We would not have gotten so spanked in the last election. Actions have consequences for sure and Jerome’s special interest supporters finally caught up to him when the Voters woke up.

  4. Actually Jerome Stocks has a pretty good cutting sense of humor. Probably helped him survive for 12 years. That is not the problem. He is a a self described “tax and build Republican.” Democrats of that persuasion are called “tax and spend Democrats.” It just took the voters of Encinitas 12 years to figure out there is not a dimes worth of difference.

  5. The city has committed to an $18 million construction project and you don’t even have a computer model that shows a decent 3-D image?

    What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are you running down there?

  6. Jerome sure has a cutting way with words, I agree. I wouldn’t call it so much a sense of humor though. Too insulting to be humorous. And now that he’s out of office, don’t we all just wish he’d simply go away? I mean, getting stomped like a narc at a biker rally in the election would give most people pause for reflection. Not Jerome. Often wrong, never in doubt, eh, Jerome?

    You continue to become persona non grata in Encinitas and your stock (no pun intended … at first) continues to drop. Just ask Steve Danon how he made out with you as his campaign manager. You went with someone vastly disliked, Mr. Danon. Definitely part of why people voted against you.

    Jerome: Please. Just. Go. Away.

    Thank you.

  7. Most electeds, when they leave office, especially by defeat, try to leave behind a legacy of dignity, at least. Most will keep their heads down for a while, if for nothing else but to recover. Most will not attack the person that defeated them, at least without giving the person an opportunity. Not Jerome! Is it any wonder that the voters of Encinitas tossed him out on his a$$ (dollar signs fitting)? Good riddance!!!!!

  8. Al got it right. Jerome and his little smelly lap dog Andreen should go vacation in Antartica for like 25 years and see if they can learn any introspective lessons in this all.

  9. Very sad. Obviously Jerome is unable to look himself in a mirror and honestly deal with his reflection. Arrogance has made him into his own worst enemy. We have to ask, ‘How is that working for you, Jerome?’

  10. Stocks has ignored the majority of the public and the planning commission and burdened the city for a project that will cost well over $50,000,000.00 before the special use sports park opens. He disregarded the county requirement to move the toxic soil, ignored a city funded survey that said citizens did not want a regional sports park, ignored public comments and planning commission report that said the taxpayers did not want this park.
    He divided the city, pitting citizens against each other and wasted millions of city funds not compromising with those who want a community park for all. Jerome, you have not released the elevation plan for years, held the EIR for over 18 months for political reasons, changed the history of the park process on the city website, hidden all evidence of the Godbe survey and the Community Imput map and so much more that has wasted millions and divided the community.
    This plan is not for a community park, Jerome, and you know it.

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