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This found its way into the Smiling Inbox today regarding the Encinitas Special Election known as Prop A. The election date is June 18:

Inbox:“How about a ROSTRA posting about how the Yes on A proponents are illegally littering the public ROW w/ signs costing the Taxpayers money to remove them?”

TSS: It’s true that in Encinitas one is not allowed to post political signs in the Right of Way, unlike in many other cities. It’s also true that the Proponents of Prop A are posting a lot of signs in the public Right of Way, and that city staff does the clean-up and that costs money. And hey let’s not forget the $500,000 tax dollars the special election is costing!

Inbox: “Also, reports of ‘Yes on A’ supporters stealing ‘No on A’ signs from private property! ” 

TSS: Oh MY! Clearly things in Encinitas are running at a fevered pitch over this measure what with the proponents resorting to petty theft and the opponents resorting to heavy pouting about it.  Certainly no civilized community has ever heard of political sign theft before!

Does it seem like a petty complaint? I don’t think it is in this case, and here’s why:

It is vile that folks promoting the “Encinitas Right to Vote,” which is the name of the initiative, are stooping to stealing signs.  Especially from private property. Voting is at the heart of political free speech just as political signs are. Stealing a sign from someone’s private property is the antithesis of free speech and a persons right to vote. Shame on the sign thieves. Their side deserves to lose on this issue alone.

Too bad the mainstream press won’t cover it… The public deserves to know the mentality of the Proposition promoters. The promoter’s of this Proposition don’t want to give the public an added right; Rather, based upon the language in Proposition A, and the behavior of its supporters, one can only conclude that it’s their aim to take your right to free speech and your property  rights away.

I hope the voter’s aren’t fooled by the seductive title and can defeat this.


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