A Call to Action in Encinitas — Meeting Starts at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday.

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This came into my inbox today: As I couldn’t reach the author for permission, I have left their name off the piece.

Hello my friends. I’m sending this to you to let you know that Kristin (Gaspar) needs our help at this Wednesday’s Encinitas City Council meeting (5/28).

As you may have heard, although there was a unanimous agreement of the City Council on the issue of rotating the Mayor’s job, the current majority is now trying to renege on that agreement. They intend to revoke Kristin’s term which is scheduled to begin on June 11. There are several links below to articles covering this naked power grab.

The point of this email is to rally some of Kristin’s strongest supporters to attend THIS Wednesday’s council meeting and let it be known that there are many in our community who disapprove of this underhanded tactic…

We need to STAND UP to the bullies and show our friend Kristin that she is not alone in opposing this crowd.

Your presence will make a BIG difference, so please, if you can be there please do.

Further info on this issue:





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  1. Kind of funny that Jerome posted this story and links, given the context:

    “This naked power grab bears a striking resemblance to the tone-deaf and bull-headed move by Mayor Jerome Stocks to appoint one of his allies to fill the council seat of the late Maggie Houlihan, when the magnanimous thing to do would have been to appoint Houlihan’s (and the overwhelming majority of the public’s) chosen successor.

    There’s also plenty of irony in the fact that the defining issue of Teresa Barth’s first several years on the council was that she was repeatedly passed over for a turn as mayor by a council majority her supporters viewed as bullies. Now Barth’s majority allies want to do the same thing to Kristin Gaspar.”


    While I would not support a change to the appointed mayoral succession plan that was devised between Teresa and Kristin, I would point out that there is a stark difference between having the discussion in open session before the public, and organizing an effort to skip Teresa behind closed doors — as was done by Stocks and Dalager last time around. Heck, Tony and Lisa might even surprise you all and not vote for a change after the discussion takes place.

    In any event, to simply claim this an unprecedented power play, especially by Jerome, is a joke given the issue’s history in this city.

  2. Hi Marco,
    Classic misdirection: Fail.
    I didn’t write the articles or the email, I just posted them for “transparency” to help the public get a sense of what others are saying about revisiting a unanimous decision 6 months after negotiating a deal.
    Was there less than flattering stuff about me written there? Sure… But that’s important for “transparency” to really exist as well.You like all transparency, right? Me too.
    You have articles and editorial’s showing a different and positive take on these happenings? Post them! That would be transparent.

    Glad we are on the same page on this one ! I’m also glad the voters get to decide in November and this petty backbiting nonsense will be history.

    Spin attempt re conversation: Fail.
    False allegation attempt re Dalager and Stocks: Fail.

    All the best,

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