Amid Troubling Revelations at VA Hospitals, DeMaio Receives Endorsements from Flag Officers and Veterans

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San Diego – Carl DeMaio today accepted the endorsement of prominent flag officers and veterans in his race for Congress – and released a plan to hold the Veterans Administration accountable for proper treatment of veterans and proposals to help returning service members transition to civilian work.

“I find it completely unacceptable that our veterans are not getting the help they deserve – and pledge to hold the VA accountable to fix these problems,” declared DeMaio. “We must also improve the job training and placement efforts so we can transition our veterans to work once their service ends.”

Flag officers and veterans endorsing DeMaio highlighted his expertise in fixing broken government programs as a major reason for their support.

“Carl DeMaio is an expert in process improvement and government reform, and his expertise is badly needed to improve the way the Veterans Administration operates,” said Vice Admiral Pete Hekman (ret.). “Carl DeMaio’s commitment to our veterans is strong – and we can trust him to be our advocate in Congress,” said Rear Admiral Robert Halder (ret.).

DeMaio released a four-point plan designed to improve services at the Veterans Administration and VA Hospitals as well as improve job training and placement for veterans. Among his proposals:

1. VA Accountability Reforms: DeMaio, a nationally-recognized government performance management expert, will introduce legislation requiring new performance management and budgeting initiatives be implemented immediately at all VA offices. DeMaio will also make improved information technology (IT) and health care records management a priority at the VA and DoD.

2. Transition to Work: DeMaio will support a number of job training and placement improvements, and will launch a San Diego pilot project to better connect local employers with veterans seeking jobs.

3. Protect Veterans Benefits: DeMaio pledges to safeguard veterans benefits – and called out incumbent Rep. Scott Peters for voting to slash veterans’ benefits in his first year in Congress.

4. CA-52 Veterans Assistance: DeMaio pledges to form a Veterans Task Force to advise him and will appoint a full time Military-VA Director within his Congressional office to oversee and coordinate all issues relating to local military bases and veterans programs.

“I support DeMaio because he is a fiscal conservative who has demanded and fought for continued transparency. This is needed in government more than ever,” said coalition member Retired Colonel Craig Candelore.

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  1. Of course, the major difference in the sign campaigns of DeMaio and Jorgensen is Jorgensen’s sign recipients actually request them…DeMaio has just had his folks planting flags into people’s private yards without their permission…then claiming “support”…just the other day, a victim of this tactic saw a Jorgensen support walking in her neighborhood, and requested they remove the DeMaio sign in her yard (of which she neither asked for nor gave permission to place in her yard), then requested 5 more Jorgensen yard signs and gave them to her immediate neighbors.

    Her husband is a Vet.

  2. What flag officers? Too bad Jorgenson is a CIA spook. Speaking of CIA spooks,where is Dusty Foggo?

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