Former Mayor Christy Guerin against “Prop A” in Encinitas

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This popped into my inbox recently and I thought I would share it with my fellow Rostrafarians. Mayor Christy Guerin is a friend of mine and she served eight years on the Encinitas City Council and then six years as district director for Congressman Brian Bilbray in the 50th District.

Prop A would be devastating for the future of Encinitas homeowners:

Why is it so devastating? If you are anything like my family of six, our home is our biggest asset. Buying a home was difficult, but because we chose Encinitas, we have seen our asset grow and grow. It made it possible to put our children through college! I can’t imagine what would be faced by a family starting out here, who may have to go through a process that could cost them thousands of dollars to add a second story or a granny flat to their home! This is what Prop A will do to you, the homeowner. Read the attorney’s impartial analysis, read the consultant’s evaluation and then think about the property value that you count on in your home equity. If you not a family starting out like my husband and I who have put our children through college and look forward to enjoying our retirement, our home is the comfort and security that we had hoped for. We can’t afford higher taxes and our property value being threatened by restrictions so ridiculous that no one wants to buy a home here. WE DO NOT NEED MORE RESTRICTIONS to simply live and enjoy our lives here in Encinitas.

I also want to address the mantra that they have adopted about the “right to vote” which they use to make you think you don’t have that now. They also use it to vilify the people that YOU elected to office. Our City Council is made up of your friends, neighbors, and Encinitas citizens who have lived here for years! They are all different and bring different values and experience to the office. And guess what? They are all UNIFIED IN OPPOSITION to this terrible legislation! They are raising their families, they own homes, they love the city just like we do, and they want to protect all of that.

They understand what makes Encinitas so unique and wonderful, which is our five communities within the city. These communities of Cardiff, Leucadia, Historic Encinitas, New Encinitas and Olivenhain are why we live here and want to protect all that is unique about them. Your City Councils over the years have understood that as ordinances and protections have been put in place over the years. We want to protect our fantastic beachy downtown, funky Leucadia, cozy Cardiff, trails and beauty in Olivenhain, families and activities in New Encinitas and all that goes with community living here! Prop A could change all of that for the worse very quickly because it is a generic, across the board set of restrictions that destroy the Specific plans for each of these communities. It destroys the view ordinances, the cell tower ordinances, and many others that have been put in place to protect our unique communities. This group of disgruntled people have dismantled years of thoughtful and difficult ordinance protections by many, many public processes of Encinitas citizens. They did this simply because they think they know better……

They went behind closed doors with no public process and no experience and came up with this very flawed proposition. Don’t let this poorly written, scare tactic, undermining legislation ruin our beautiful Encinitas!

Vote NO on Proposition A!


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