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Encinitas politics is a really fun blood sport. And the newest piece of info/rumor to hit the spotlight is that none other than Sheila Cameron has decided to run for the Mayor’s seat and has put in the papers to make it official! This is the first election in the history of Encinitas where the voters will elect the Mayor, rather than the City Council selecting from its ranks.

If you’re new to N. County politics you may not remember her, but this is the same Sheila Cameron who was elected to the Encinitas City Council in 1996 after a failed attempt in 1992, was selected Mayor by her new majority on the City Council in 1999, then was de-throned by that very same Council who found her behavior too off-putting to allow her to remain as Mayor. Everyone knows that an appointed Mayor serves at the pleasure of the Council majority, but Ms. Cameron holds a distinction as the only Encinitas Mayor ever to not complete the one year assignment due to the City Council having had enough of her. She was unceremoniously dumped before her year ended.

As a City Council Member she ran for re-election in 2000 and was trounced. Her other major distinction was that she refused to have a portrait hung in city hall with the other elected members of the city council for reasons she never really articulated, and as Mayor she ordered the then fire chief to turn off the fire alarms in city hall so she could hold a smudging ceremony to chase away the bad spirits (or something like that). There’s more wackiness, but we’ll save that for another day…

Welcome to the race to be Encinitas’ first elected Mayor Ms. Cameron! You’ll no doubt make things lively!
Her opponents thus far are Appointed Mayor Kristin Gaspar, Appointed Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz, and likely some others not yet named.


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  1. So, SS, since this is a race with no incumbent, as no elected incumbent has ever existed, was the filing deadline today or is it next Wednesday?

  2. Dear T.A.,
    Excellent question. The deadline was today as there was no incumbent. The open City Council seat closes Wednesday as Ms. Barth elected not to stand for re-election and possibly suffer defeat.
    Another factoid is that both incumbent Council Members running for Mayor couldn’t list themselves as “incumbent” as there is no current incumbent elected Mayor in Encinitas! How fun is that?

  3. I don’t see how Gaspar doesn’t win by a landslide now:

    1- Few (if any) Cameron supporters were voting for Gaspar. She’ll pull votes from Kranz.

    2- Alex Fidel’s rhetoric has increasingly moved from libertarian to radically progressive– less votes for Kranz .

    3- Gaspar can shine a big, bright light on Pacific View’s costs and hang that nightmare around Kranz’ neck.

    This is Gaspar’s race to lose. If she stays disciplined and on message, she’ll be Encinitas’ first elected Mayor

  4. I have to agree with Brian. If Sheila is really running, she will take votes form Kranz not Gaspar. That will leave Gaspar with even more votes, and most likely a win. The last time Cameron was on the City Council, it was not a pretty picture, but perhaps she has changed for the better?

  5. Brian, way to slander me when you know I am very well a libertarian. I just happen to think that corporatism is a big enemy of freedom, as Mussolini said, it is the merger of corporate & state. I proudly display a picture of myself with Dr. Ron Paul on my website. Since he is a mature, civil man, he made alliances with radical leftists like Dennis Kucinich & Nader rather than defame their characters for Republican political brownie points.

    Like Gary Johnson told the world about Obama v Romney: no matter who wins, Gaspar or Kranz, government will still grow, spending & taxes will grow, the police state will rise/civil liberties decline, and politics will still be superficial and corrupt. You reap what you sow with a soulless politician over a real human being. Encinitas is full of bloated pensions and $100K+ salaries. When I exposed the Olivenhain Water District for their policy of fluoridation, I found the GM makes $208K. Republicans will not stop that, they have never stood up to spending. Incumbent politicians should be the last ones to hold office. I’m also a believer in the 10th amendment & states’ rights. You’re horse in the race Gaspar, along with every other member of the council, voted to accept money from the Department of Homeland Security, which came with a contract that requires municipal enforcement of the PATRIOT Act. Maybe it is you that has drifted from being a libertarian to being a neoconservative, selling out our childrens’ futures. Look at the Republicans’ horse for city council, Bryan Ziegler, he makes $122K a year off the taxpayers’ backs, and his only policies seem to be growing the police state, since the sheriff he works for lied about having a drone. Do you want your children to grow up under martial law? Or do you just want to play party politics because parties attract people who want power, which is why I left any and all political parties, including the LP.

    You reap what you sow. You support big government politicians just because you have a personal issue with me, you will get big government.

    I plan to ‘pull votes’ from everyone, even though the term ‘pulling votes’ or ‘wasted votes’ is charged, catch-22 rhetoric designed at protecting incumbents. I’m more conservative than Gaspar, and more liberal than Kranz. Honestly, Gaspar is not conservative at all, and Kranz is not liberal at all. Both oppose medical cannabis and both support the police state.

    I plan on turning down most of the mayoral salary, the whole pension, and all the benefits. Let’s see the Republican horses who already work for government lead by example like that and then say we need to slash city salaries & pensions.

    I think the voters are smart enough to decide for themselves. We don’t need GOP thugs or Democrat thugs who don’t even live in the town deciding the election for them. Open, free, equal, & fair elections are a must.


  6. Thanks for posting, Alex. This makes your general platform and beliefs very clear, which is appreciated. All too lacking for many candidates — trying to understand where they stand on a host of issues.

    That said, the opinion Mr. Brady shared related to you is not slander. Not anywhere close to it…

    “Alex Fidel’s rhetoric has increasingly moved from libertarian to radically progressive– less votes for Kranz.”

    If that is slander, then a good portion of your comment is as well. Neither is.

    Thanks again.

  7. I’m not going to get into a “who’s more libertarian than whom?” pissing contest, Mr. Fidel and I have no interest in misrepresenting your platform.

    Some questions:

    1- Can Joan in Cardiff knock down her Manchester Ave. home and grow organic vegetables? How about if she wants to plant GMO seeds from Monsanto?

    2- Can Joan in Cardiff knock down her home and drill for oil?

  8. Before I answer your questions (I see Mr. Stocks’ has disappeared), I’d like to point out how you dodged mine. Your silence is compliance.

    You cannot atone for the fact that your candidate Ziegler makes $122k off the taxpayers backs.

    You cannot atone for the fact that Gaspar, Kranz, and the rest of the city council have unanimously approved Department of Homeland Security funds which includes enforcement of the Patriot Act. That makes me the only Constitutionalist candidate in the race. I’m the only one who has a copy of Tom Woods’ Nullification and I plan to nullify gratuitously.

    Gaspar and Zielger would eagerly set in motion the policies that would allow for the federal government to saturate our streets with tanks and start martial law. How do you sleep at night? Would you like to see your children snatched up by SWAT soldiers for walking on the wrong side of the street or looking funny at a police officer? America does not have magic fairy dust that prevents history from repeating itself, and history is currently repeating itself.

    You have sold your soul down the river for the power of being a GOP political thug, no better than the Democrats/city union thugs, no better than Richard Nixon. Remember that Ron Paul and several DHS whistleblowers said that the DHS is prepping for civil unrest, to be met with martial law. The job of the police would be to protect the haves from the have nots, so other parents with children trying to find food might get shot in the streets.

    Heck, you would probably become a have not since you are a mortgage broker currently thriving off the Federal Reserve housing bubble, and as soon as that’s gone, you might get a cold splash of water in the face, as we all will, I’m not singling you out, I’m saying our whole economy is a rigged game that will claim you, me, and damn near everyone in this country as victims. I find that people who have financial interests that would be threatened by freedom, generally don’t want freedom. They want corporatism.

    What I want to do is stop the police state and grow our economy so it does not have to get down to such a desperate point that the government and the banksters want us to end up in so they can implement a military dictatorship.

    Your support of Gaspar and Ziegler is a support for history repeating itself. You might as well be a fascist or a communist. Your political party is acting like one, where a Central Committee member who doesn’t even live in this town is paying special attention to this race because you have a personal beef with me for who knows what reason (before it could have been about supporting Johnson over Romney, then its being a ‘leftist’ because I am skeptical about crony capitalism which goes against your pro-business-at-all-costs dogma), you have former Mayor Stocks rip at me (he oozes sleaze), and silently, behind the scenes, you have Tony Krvaric paying special attention to this race because I know he does not like me for standing for what is right and supporting Gary Johnson rather than selling my soul to the devil and supporting a war criminal corporate puppet like Romney who is no different than Obama, because that’s exactly the point – the two parties are divide & conquer, either way the bankers & war profiteers win. Heck, they pre-selected both candidates, Romney & Obama visited Bilderberg in the past.

    I don’t for a moment wish ill will upon you Brian. I don’t wish that you are a victim of martial law. I want nothing but peace and tranquility in our streets for all people. On the subject of medical cannabis, your thuggish SD GOP opposes medical cannabis, and supports Bonnie Dumanis, who has ruined the lives of countless sick people. I know an elderly couple whose husband was growing a few plants so his wife does not have to be in a wheelchair anymore. Literally, it made her able to walk. More proof that the power has gone to your head. And how can you criticize my liberty street cred when you are complicit in opposing medical cannabis access? I don’t wish ill will on you or anyone in the GOP. I don’t wish that you get an ailment that only cannabis can cure, because only then in your selfish interest would you want things to change, while you previously gloriously rode the political power bandwagon to crush the rights of people you don’t even know. How much taxpayer dollars must go down the drain to kill sick people? How again do you sleep at night?

    Before I answer your questions, I’d like to point out to you some disturbing elements of crony capitalism. And I do believe you are a crony capitalist, since you have a pro-business-at-all-costs dogma, even if they are like Monsanto or Solyndra and exist only because the taxpayers birthed them.

    Syngenta and Novartis corporations, along with subsidization and research assistance from the Department of Defense, field tested a strain of GMO corn that is spermicidal. *Spermicidal!* I’m sorry, but I am not a guinea pig for the eugenics agenda. This is why GMO pollen is a violation of property rights. Tom Woods always talks about how polluters should be prosecuted because they violate property rights, usually large groups of the population at once. I believe GMO pollen and thus growing GMO crops violates neighbors’ property rights. Seriously, in light of revealing Monsanto’s role in eugenics & population control, how the living hell can you sleep at night being a power hungry GOP party boss? Think about your children instead of your own power trip, for once.

    Your questions:

    1. Yes, Joan can knock down her home, refurbish/detoxify her soil, and grow organic vegetables. No, she cannot grow GMO seeds from crony capitalist Monsanto, who got their start from government subsidization (they worked on the Manhattan Project and invented Agent Orange) and still do get subsidized obscenely to this day. Hillary Clinton was even a lawyer for them, and O-bomb-a signs legislation that supports their agenda.

    2. Why would she need to drill for oil when we can nullify patents on Nikola Tesla’s free energy research? Once that develops and is utilized, we won’t have to use any of the old forms of energy ever again. I would ban fracking, because look what it does to ground water & drinking water. Absolutely poisons it with radioactive compounds. But I assume you’d rather drink radioactive water than challenge your narrow pro-business-at-all-costs dogma.

    You’re like one of those bullies from the football team who picks on people who just happen to be different from you. The fact that you say I’m engaging in a pissing contest demonstrates anger issues. I am distasted by libertarian so-called ‘purism,’ which says that only one way is right. I’m not a purist, I just believe there is right and there is wrong, and I refuse to sell my soul for any temporary gains. I believe war crimes and killing innocent kids in the middle east is wrong. I believe eugenics is wrong. I believe SWAT teams raiding the home of old folks to snatch a few medicinal plants is wrong. If that’s being a ‘purist,’ then so be it. I’d rather support the well-being of humanity then sacrifice my soul for the sake of expediency. You’ve sold your soul, but tell me, when was the last time a Republican actually offered up real spending cuts? The only Republican I like is Justin Amash (and John Dennis) but the GOP is trying to oust him because he stands against foreign aid to Israel’s war crimes. Shame on you and the whole GOP! As anti-freedom as the Dems. You might as well join forces.

    Peace / asalamalaikum,

  9. Hi Alex,
    We’ve never met as far as I know, but I don’t mind letting you know your irreverent, innacurate and frankly bizarre posts will likely lead me to not vote for you in November. Also, I don’t appreciate the “he oozes sleaze” comment.
    I find it amusing that someone(meaning you) can post such a vile list of accusations and innuendo, completely baseless, and then sign off using “peace”.
    That’s sad and reflects a lack of self awareness. Most pot oriented people I know get real mellow. Perhaps you need something different?

    And while I have nothing to do with the Ziegler candidacy or campaign, I think it’s strange you assail him for being an attorney for the county. Do you think all government employees should be volunteers? Most attorneys I know make more than $122,000 per year.

    How do you pay your rent? What have you accomplished to benefit others in your life?


    Jerome Stocks

  10. At the same time it looks like I agree with many of his philosophical views, Alex’s post comes across like a manifesto-type rant.

  11. Goodness gracious Mr. Fidel, none of this is personal with me. I think you’re a passionate young man with a burning desire to advance principles of Liberty. I’ve always considered you, and most Libertarian-backed candidates, to be allies. This is why I’ve attended (as a Republican) your county conventions for two of the past three years.

    My interest in the Encinitas race is similar to your interest in the San Diego Mayor’s race, As an Executive Board member of a political party (which we both are), we get behind our party’s candidates in our jurisdiction (SD County). That’s what we “party hacks” (you and I) do.

    Thank you for the answers to my questions. I’m confused with your version of centrally-planning the utility of people’s property. Hence, I stand by my earlier observation

    “Alex Fidel’s rhetoric has increasingly moved from libertarian to radically progressive”

    I hope you prove me wrong because I admire the heck out of you.

  12. As I recall, Sheila was “removed” by the force of insider politics in the last few days of her term, which Allowed Jim Bond to claim the Mayor’s office in time to run for some State-level job.

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