Encinitas’ Prop A – Deeply Flawed and widely opposed

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An impressive list of bi-partisan folks and organizations have lined up to oppose Encinitas’ Prop A, the deeply flawed initiative coming to a very expensive taxpayer funded special election on June 18th of this year!  Check it out.

As the following list shows, the opposition to Prop A is very broad and does not simply fall along the standard developer, big property owner lines. The opposition list includes a unanimous current City Council, many of whom were supported by the promoters of the initiative. As you will note, this is not a partisan issue. Opposition is coming from all sides:

Mayor Teresa Barth
Deputy Mayor Lisa Shaffer
Councilmember Kristin Gaspar
Councilmember Mark Muir
Councilmember Tony Kranz
Former Mayor James Bond
Former Mayor Rick Shea
Former Mayor Christy Guerin
Former Mayor Jerome Stocks
Former Planning Commissioner (10 years), Current Environmental Commissioner Alice Jacobson
Parks & Recreation Commissioner Doug Long
Encinitas Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association (DEMA)
Leucadia Main Street Association (Leucadia 101)
Cardiff Main Street Association (Cardiff 101)
Encinitas Preservation Association
Seacoast Preservation Association


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  1. Widely opposed?

    I don’t think so, no matter how much money you and your friends spend!

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