Encinitas City Council or H.O.A.? You decide!

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Encinitas Business Owners seek your support

The new Encinitas City Council majority will consider an agenda item Wednesday evening which may result in the City Council setting hours of operation for bars and restaurants in Encinitas, may limit said hours to 10PM or midnight, may impose a new and as yet undetermined fee upon all alcohol licensed businesses to pay for additional special police enforcement of the new, as yet undetermined, rules they may be be establishing, and they may impose a moratorium on the expansion of any existing establishment, or any new alcohol licensed business applicants. All this throughout the city because some folks have deemed the downtown Encinitas very popular nightlife, too popular, vibrant, and successful.

What’s next, dictating school and church hours? Oh gosh, the traffic can be a nightmare from those onerous traffic generating occupancies! I guess we’ll see how far under the tent the camel’s nose is about to get.

The city of Encinitas and Encinitas residents have benefitted greatly by being a city (relatively) friendly to small businesses, mostly owned by locals. This new crew seems to have a different tack in mind. Stay tuned!


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  1. This council majority has really come unplugged!! This is posted right next to the article that tells us that CA lost 67.7% of our businesses last year!! Please don’t let this happen. Our downtown is successful and I trust our business owners to make the important decision of what hours they would like to keep as the OWNER of that business!! Gee, that is just common sense of which is little to none with this council majority.

  2. I wonder whether they will consider a moratorium on yoga establishments while they’re at it?

  3. What’s the expression for sleepy hick towns? . . . “Roll up the sidewalks at 6 PM”?

    Gee, I wonder if there are bars in Solana Beach, Del Mar, or Carlsbad? Come to think of it, maybe THEY are backing this nanny measure — certainly they will profit the most from this “plan.”

  4. Actually, Councilwoman Gaspar voted against the proposed moratorium, but Muir voted for it.

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