Former Marine Kirk Jorgensen Launches Calif. 52nd Congressional Race

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Republican Kirk Jorgensen, 42, recently announced his bid in the California 52nd Congressional District race set for the 2014 ballot.

The former U.S. Marine Corps officer and resident of Black Mountain Ranch in San Diego launched an aggressive national fundraising effort which entailed meetings with influential Republican, community and military leaders.

“It’s time to demand responsible leadership in Washington, D.C.,” said Jorgensen, husband to Dr. Georgine Jorgensen and father of two sons, Erik (8) and Nate (4). “Together, we can make America stronger today and for generations to come.”

His 20-year career includes leading intelligence, counterintelligence and force protection missions in Asia, Central America and the Middle East to thwart terrorism, espionage and sabotage against the United States and allied forces. Jorgensen’s service as an active duty Marine officer was recognized with numerous awards and honors including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. He also graduated elite CIA training with the highest accreditation.

After 10 years of active duty, Jorgensen joined Booz Allen Hamilton to provide technology and management consulting for the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in Point Loma and the U.S. Navy SEALs in Coronado. He currently serves under the Department of Homeland Security as a U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Officer assigned to Sector San Diego.

Jorgensen’s close-knit family first moved to Rancho Bernardo in 1974. The lifetime member of the National Eagle Scout Association graduated from the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad and accepted a full scholarship to the University of Arizona under the Marine Corps Naval ROTC program.

Jorgensen and his family are active members of St. Therese Catholic Church in Carmel Valley. He also volunteers as a basketball coach for the Boys & Girls Club of 4S Ranch and as a coach of soccer, baseball and tee-ball in Rancho Peñasquitos and Carmel Valley.

The California 52nd Congressional District incumbent Rep. Scott Peters, D-La Jolla, will defend his seat next year against two Republicans, Jorgensen and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio.

The Republican-leaning district stretches from Poway to Coronado. The district is home to many iconic San Diego places and military hubs, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Naval Air Station North Island.

The Kirk Jorgensen for Congress Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts can be accessed through his campaign website:

Erica Holloway is a Rostra administrator and a media consultant for Kirk Jorgensen for Congress. Follow her @erica_holloway.


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  1. Decorated Marine officer with real world experience and a family active in the community. Sounds refreshing compared to retreads Peters and DeMaio. San Diego needs more people like this to run for office.

  2. Good to see some competition. Redistricting, and Peters willingness to take a 8% pay cut consistent with sequestration will make this far from an easy race for the GOP to win.

  3. I read Kirk’s brochure, and it has all the vapid cliche’s we’ve come to expect, but was devoid of content. He’s totally depending on his bio for election.

    I was hoping for SOMETHING concrete on either his website or brochure, but nada.

  4. Boy another Federal Spook. Just what this country does not need. More NIS/CIA/BFD. Not good timing to lay those James Bond credentials for the world to see.

    Elite CIA training? And BOOZE ALLEN TO BOOT. History General.

  5. Mr. Rider,

    “Vapid”?? “Devoid of content?”…I think one’s background, expertise, and the experience says volumes about one’s character, deposition, fortitude, and abilities…unlike the “Community organizer” or two local political hacks turning on their elected office radar every two years to land some cushy tax-payer funded ego-fueled job, I think Mr. Jorgensen represents a new wave of leaders and those who have proven accountability and responsibility far beyond the petty local infighting and cheap political machinations. Mr. Jorgensen clearly has a far greater breadth of national security experience and proven leadership than either DeMaio or Peters….if we want local pension reform battles and pandering to local unions and niche demographics in the name of political expedience, then I guess one can look to the stale and provenly vapid and politically correct options…Jorgensen is a much needed breath of fresh air…oh, and being a “spook”, is much more honorable, courageous, and reputable than anything either Peters or DeMaio can bring to the plate. While DeMaio and Peters were slopping in the muck that is the local and petty political hack scene, Jorgensen was literally slogging around in the mud and chaos of war…I’ll take that “vapid” experience over politically correct cheap charm and a rich wife to fund my political career any day!

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