HELP WANTED: Media Coach for GOP

Erica Holloway Erica Holloway 3 Comments

The GOP doesn’t get the media and really, the feeling seems mutual. So listen up, there’s an elephant in the room and he doesn’t know how to look good on TV. During the State of the Union Address last night, I watched the speeches as if I were critiquing and assessing candidates of my own. Overall, the Democrats and Republicans …

Gabriella Hoffman appears on The Rick Amato Show with Guest Host, Bob Siegel

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Gabriella Hoffman, conservative activist and SD Rostra/NewsRealBlog contributor, appears on The Rick Amato Show on October 7th, 2010. Click the link to listen to me talk about my family background, my activism, Radical Islam, and loads more! My lovely friend Yoela Palkin drops in a call too. Hope you enjoy it!

Young Conservatives on the Rise: Meet Gabriella Hoffman

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Young Conservatives on the Rise: Meet Gabriella Hoffman Permanent link This blog post was written by YAF alumna Gabriella Hoffman This past summer, I had the pleasure of being one of four Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholars with Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California. While interning with the premiere organization for cultivating the Conservative …

The Tea Party Movement has a lot to learn

Steve Baldwin Steve Baldwin 8 Comments

Well, so much for the Tea Party Movement.  At least here in California the Tea Party proved to be almost meaningless.  Carly “I’m a conservative now” Fiorina suckered many Tea Party leaders into supporting her campaign, thereby successfully breaking off what should have been unanimous Tea Party support for Chuck DeVore, one of the most articulate conservatives to run for …

Tea Party Movement Should Reject Profiteers

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True Tea Partiers should reject opportunistic profiteers like Judson Phillips… From Wealthy Donor Sues Tea Party Convention Organizer Over Palin’s Fee A wealthy donor to the first National Tea Party convention last month has sued the convention organizer over a disagreement about the terms of helping pay Sarah Palin’s speaking fee — launching a legal battle that threatens to …

HUGE SD Tea Party rally this Saturday 27 February

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 1 Comment

This Saturday there is a big taxpayer rally scheduled in San Diego, down by the Star of India on the waterfront. Free parking across the street in the county administration building parking lot. High visibility event, and we want maximum turnout. I’ll be one of the two keynote speakers. Details below from packaged news release. ANNIVERSARY TEA PARTY WITH ROGER …