Bankruptcy – No Pension Panacea

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In the 2010 San Diego City Council race, and in previous mayoral campaigns, the idea of bankruptcy for San Diego has been proffered. However, neither Vallejo, which survived bankruptcy, nor Stockton, now going through bankruptcy have demonstrated that public employee pensions can be discharged in bankruptcy court, at least in California. In California, after the Vallejo experience, the state passed …

Pension Reform Ballot Measure Won Every Council District

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Will of the Voters Must Be Respected and Prop B Implemented Prop B, the Pension Reform ballot measure not only passed resoundingly with 66% of the total vote, it also carried each of the nine San Diego Council districts. The overwhelming victory comes as no surprise to the thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly in every community collecting signatures to …

Faulconer: “People in San Diego were hungry for change”

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San Diego’s vote on Proposition B is reverberating across California and the country, creating national headlines. Kevin Faulconer, co-author of the Comprehensive Pension Reform citizens initiative, took to the airwaves to talk about the overwhelming approval of the measure, and how San Diego is setting a blueprint for reform for local governments throughout the nation. Watch the clip here.

City Leaders Lay Out Prop B Pension Reform Implementation Plan

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“San Diegans expect results. We must implement Prop B without delay.” That was the message City leaders delivered today following the landslide approval of Proposition B at the ballot box Tuesday. More than 66 percent of voters endorsed the measure, otherwise known as Comprehensive Pension Reform, to eliminate traditional pensions for new employees and replace them with a 401(k)-style plan, similar …