Comprehensive Pension Reform kicks off

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You’re invited…

Who: Mayor Jerry Sanders, Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer, Councilmember Carl DeMaio, Lincoln Club of San Diego County and the San Diego County Taxpayers Association

What: Comprehensive Pension Reform Campaign Kick-off Reception

When: Thursday, June 30

Time: 5 to 7 p.m.

Where: Trellises Restaurant at the Town & Country Hotel (500 Hotel Circle, San Diego CA 92108)

Previous contributions or pledges gratefully acknowledged or $100 minimum at the door. Personal, company, corporate or PAC checks accepted.

To RSVP email or call 619.446.6441

The Comprehensive Pension Reform campaign is working to qualify the initiative on the June 2012 ballot.

The sweeping measure would save hundreds of millions of dollars through a series of changes, including ending pension spiking, requiring city employees to pay a fair and equal share of their pension costs, moving all new employees expect police recruits into a 401(k)-type retirement plan, requiring complete and full online disclosure of pension payments to city retirees and stripping employees of the right to block pension reform.

For more information, or to donate online, visit:

Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego (CPR for San Diego) with major funding by San Diegans for Pension Reform and The Lincoln Club of San Diego County, advocates for responsible city finances. 7185 Navajo Road Suite P – San Diego CA 92119

Contributions are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.


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  1. Chula Vista council adopts major changes to city-proposed spending plan – Balanced budget finally approved for 2011 fiscal year


    For the record, these are Democrats that reduced executive pay in Chula Vista thus reducing the city’s pension liabilities. The “Republican Mayor,” Cheryl Cox voted alone to oppose that action given her strident support for higher pay to public execs while reducing city services.

    Begs the question…

  2. Nathan won’t be there. The campaign slogan should be “A new generation of (weak) leadership.

  3. Things have been backward like that in CV for quite awhile Bob. Down there, S. Castaneda and Rudy Ramirez have been the voice of fiscal responsibility since the Padilla admin. But defining CV politics along partisan lines only tells part of the story. CV politics are 2x2x2 in the following order of priority: insider v. outsider, repub vs. dem, white v. hispanic. Castaneda and Ramirez have never been a part of the insider club (even when Castaneda was a Repub), whereas other ex councilmembers like Rindone and McCann, despite being Republican, were unable to reconcile their desire for fiscal responsibility with the need to keep the insider machine greased. Cox is also a longtime insider who has been sitting around the pickle barrel with the CV old guard for a long time. And she’s an insider before she is a republican, much like Padilla was an insider before he was a Dem.

  4. Speaking of Nathan Fletcher – is Rostra going to take down the “Fletcher for State Assembly” ad that’s on the homepage now that he’s, um, not running for State Assembly?

  5. Thor’s Assistant: Isn’t there some rule against posting completely unrelated items in the comment section?

  6. Fair debate about any candidates and/or their positions is what this blog is about. If you mean the question about why until today we had an old ad up, that may be unrelated, but it was a good question and it doesn’t appear to be hurting anyone.

  7. D. Morton

    You nailed Chula Vista politics on the head. A brilliant but simple condensation.

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