“Outsider’s View, Insider’s Understanding” … Bob Filner’s new fundraising Note … But Why send the donations to BURBANK ?

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Knowing he will be labeled a “Career Politician”  (SD Mayor is his 15th campaign since 1979!),  Bob Filner’s committee  sent out an interesting fundraising e-mail pitch on Friday.

“The job of Mayor demands an outsider’s view and approach combined with an insider’s understanding of the problems and the solutions,”  Filner writes in a signed  letter.

Filner then asks for donations by the June 30 reporting  deadline.  And where to send them?  C/o  Filner for Mayor at an address on “S. Victory Bl., Burbank, CA.”

Burbank? San Diego Democrat CPAs and treasurers will wonder about that detail!

……..OK, Now Back to the interesting Filner letter:

“I wanted to let you know that it is official – I’ve started an aggressive campaign for Mayor of San Diego. I’m confident that no other candidate is more experienced or more ready to take on the significant challenges facing our city….

“None of this is to suggest that we don’t have our work cut out for us.  We do — and we can’t do it alone.  We have an important fundraising deadline coming up on June 30th.  You can contribute online or by sending a check to:  Bob Filner for Mayor 2012 … S. Victory Blvd. Burbank, CA

“My career has always been defined by my willingness to stand up to the special interests and downtown power brokers and and do what’s right for all the people of San Diego …  It’s clear that San Diego is in trouble. That’s why this race matters so much. “

……..What  Do the  Fundraising Experts Think of this Letter?

Plenty of experienced Fundraisers read SD Rostra regularly, so YOU are invited to give your knowledgeable reviews of this letter as a fundraising pitch.   Is it a Hit, or a Miss?