La Jolla’s Out, Rancho Santa Fe’s In

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With the mayor’s race sucking up all the oxygen, it’s hard to imagine there’s any other political news anywhere in San Diego County, but there is.

Tomorrow, San Diego County’s Redistricting Advisory Committee will present three proposals to redraw the supervisors’ seats.

All the maps propose lifting La Jolla out of Supervisor Pam Slater-Price’s district and moving it to Supervisor Ron Roberts’ seat. Not a bad voting base for District Four to snag.

Though unsurprising given population shifts, the change could affect future potential candidates, such as former Assemblyman George Plescia. Also, it’s been rumored for years that Slater-Price’s chief of staff and long-time La Jollan, John Weil, had eyes for the Third District job.

Special Note: For those of us who remember the Chairman Bill Horn – Slater-Price showdown of 2001, you’ll get a chuckle to know that the proposed maps include moving parts of Rancho Santa Fe back into the Third District. Bonus: She doesn’t have to give Escondido back.

The final new maps should be approved at the August 2 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Alright, alright. Now you can get back to your regularly-scheduled 2012 San Diego Mayoral Race programming …

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  1. Now that 52 connects Santee and La Jolla, shouldn’t they be in the same district?

  2. Post

    Hi Barry:

    Great idea!

    I wonder if Adam Day considered that in earlier drafts.



  3. As the County’s population has moved northward, District 4 (Roberts) has steadily picked up longtime District 3 (Slater) areas.

    All of Clairemont went to District 4 last time, and now it looks like PB and La Jolla as well. Clairemont and Bay Park were vital to Ron Roberts’ big 2010 win over vigorous Democratic challenger Stephen Whitburn.

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