East County Meatballs Have Their Say on Pension Reform

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The National Albondigas Political Society (East County Chapter) convened today in El Cajon, also known as the Gateway to El Centro.

El Cajon Mayor Mark “Meatball” Lewis lent his presence as did the likes of numerous East County councilmembers, school and water board, hospital district board members, Chamber officials, business leaders, political consultants, staff representatives of local elected officials, lobbyists and a lone Libertarian. We barely skirted having a Brown Act violation due to La Mesa City Councilmembers coming out in force.

The first East County edition of the Meatball Poll asked these two questions:

Will the City of San Diego’s Pension Reform measure qualify for the ballot:

Yes: 84%  No: 16%

Will the measure pass?

Yes: 80%  No:  20%

Our thanks to our gracious host, On The Border in El Cajon, and our patient servers who can barely get anyone’s attention long enough to get lunch orders.

Mark Lewis, Mike Anderson, and Jimmy Valentine

Meatball soup lovers talk smack.

The last time I posted a photo of Dave Allan, he was also hugging someone...


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