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Andrew Donohue at Voice of San Diego has the story… Bonnie Dumanis comes out against the Sanders/DeMaio/Faulconer pension reform measure in the City of San Diego.  She tells Voice, “…it is my core belief that those who put their lives at risk daily in the line of duty should have a secure pension … I can’t support a measure that doesn’t exempt police, firefighters and lifeguards.”

Looks like Nathan Fletcher just got his opening.


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  1. If Fletcher stays on course to court the public safety unions’ endorsements and winds up also opposing the initiative, doesn’t that create an opening for …. Faulconer? And if so, is that where the Mayor will land with his endorsement?

  2. #1 Dumanis can’t raise enough money herself. This just guaranteed big money from police and fire.

    #2 Dumanis just cut Fletcher off from police, who he has been working overtime to get.

    #3 Dumanis has seriously wounded her support from the center right and probably given Fletcher some much needed room here.

    #4 Dumanis opened the door to get whacked on the pension issue.

  3. D.A. Dumanis betrays her lack of experience in any public-policy arena besides the narrow one of politics and the criminal-justice system with her position on the retirement issue.

    Because of the magic of compounding and the time-value of money, the entirely portable, front loaded, and privately managed defined-payment plan with a match is a superior program for the public-safety employees themselves, in every way.

    The underfunded, ill managed, high overhead, defined-benefit plans have proven to be a national cancer on our Federal, State, and local governments in addition to being a lousy deal for the employees.

    In this one move, she has defined her crass politics, her lack of understanding of the issue, and the fact that she would be a tool of the public employee unions, hardly an auspicious start toward an office that requires quite the opposite.

    Larry Stirling

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