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An Evening of Pleasure… and PAIN

Monday, May 16, 2011
posted by Barkeep

As readers know, a night with The Barkeep is always pleasurable (he’s insightful from decades in local politics) and painful (the next morning). I got up at 10am this morning. I usually get up at 6am. Enough said.

The Barkeep on redistricting:

The Barkeep Goes to the Republican Convention

Thursday, March 24, 2011
posted by Barkeep

I had a few with The Barkeep tonight. Downtown. The normal place. If I ramble you can figure out why. I took notes though. He went to the Republican Convention this week at the Capitol. Here’s my version of what he said:

The big fight was about whether or not the GOP would endorse. That’s all anyone flapped their gums about all damn weekend. Everyone supported an open way of endorsing in congressional and state races. So they got behind their closed doors and decided how to do it (har har har). Seems we have to endorse now because they passed a law that says the top two in those races get to go to November no matter if it’s two Republicans, two Democrats, or two Peace and Freedom hippies…

My Head Hurts

Thursday, December 16, 2010
posted by Barkeep

Another night with The Barkeep. Only now can I put pen to ink, or the computer equivalent. Getting to it, The Barkeep:

So you’ve got how many Republicans in the Mayor’s race? Faulconer, DeMaio, Fletcher, and Francis? Maybe Dumanis, but I’m guessing that deals been made. That’s the word anyway. OK I’d love to see four Republicans as the only four candidates in the race but I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. Any credible Democrat who gets in gets a free ride at this point, given this crowd. Politician. Self funder. Labor activist. Don’t matter. It’s straight to the run off. Nature don’t like a vacuum…

The Barkeep on District 6

Friday, July 9, 2010
posted by Barkeep

I think it was Winston Churchill who said “One martini is too few, three martinis is too many.” Let me assure Mr. Churchill that four is WAY TOO MANY. But when you want to talk to the Barkeep? There it is. Paraphrased from a napkin:

….So I keep talking to people about the city race district 6, and the surprise on election night that put Zapf on top. Never heard so many excuses from the downtown types about why the predictions about a sweeping Wayne victory wasn’t in the cards. Even Republicans. 92101 Republicans, of course. Course as we’ve seen time and time again, the ‘yapping class’ is often wrong – they talk to themselves too much and the way things work here a consensus is made and anyone who thinks anything different is a fool….

An Evening with the Barkeep

Friday, June 11, 2010
posted by Barkeep

Last night… downtown… the Barkeep speaks (as interpreted by me from notes):

Wayne in 2nd place in District 6 I believe must have surprised some people. Wasn’t even close, more than ten damn points if I remember. Give old Wayne the votes of Hadley and Tran’s votes to Zapf and we are looking at almost 50% for Zapf. Not a bad showing for her… snatched a pretty good victory out of the jaws of defeat. Don’t think anyone downtown thought she’d roll over him.

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I’ll Admit

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
posted by Barkeep

Well I’ll be the first to admit you should not (repeat not) drink during the workday. But my old friend “The Barkeep” called from Dobsons and I felt the obligation to join him. Several stiff ones later I felt the obligation to take a cab home. So now that I’ve taken a nap, what did I learn? To paraphrase, and I want to go to bed so I’m not going to expand much:

“Word is with the labor guys there could be a shakeup over there.”

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Just Home And Must Post…

Thursday, April 1, 2010
posted by Barkeep

Just home from a trip, a tipsy trip at that, with my good friend. The new, or semi-new, Grant Hotel this time for too many delicious glasses of scotch. That aside, I need to reprint his paraphrased comments or I fear I will forget:

On Donna Frye Endorsing Roberts: Does this woman not realize the heights she could attain as a Decline to State or as a Republican? It’s the Democratic Party holding her back!

On the 77th Assembly race: I just shake my head when I look at those campaign finance reports. What is more important though is what this means is Sacramento interests can buy this race if they want, for cheap.

The Draining of A Candidate: the Jeff Stone for State Senate Campaign

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
posted by Barkeep

I have an admission to make: I did not have drinks with my old friend this time. I spoke to him on the telephone, late last night, on other matters, when he mentioned that political campaign disclosures were public on the internet, and that he’d been going through them for the last several hours. I asked him if there was anything interesting, and he launched on a short tirade, which I will attempt to repeat for the reader:

It’s Got To Be the Morning After…

Sunday, November 29, 2009
posted by Barkeep

Went out to dinner with my political friend last night, and managed to lock myself out of the house for the past few hours. Broken glass and a hangover. What luck. Here’s the lowdown on what I found most interesting that he said, in his words as much as possible (different parts of a conversation that lasted several hours):

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A Groggy Morning

Friday, October 30, 2009
posted by Barkeep

I’ll admit it… to write these posts I have to get my older friend a little snookered. Worse, his tolerance for scotch is stronger than mine. I’m dragging today, but I want to publish before I lose my breakfast. Of note from this conversation with ‘The Barkeep’:

Mr. Murphy Gets Up Too Early For Me… More On Emerald

Friday, October 16, 2009
posted by Barkeep

At drinks with my older, wiser politico last night I brought up the ongoing ‘Advisory Council’ issue that Councilmember Emerald is embroiled in and he laughed. His thoughts, paraphrased:

Emerald really stepped in it this time, in her district and in the public eye generally. She’s stuck – if she doesn’t come clean with the names, she’s going to take heat from the newspaper and from real local community leaders who think this is a screwjob. If she does reveal the names and they are anything but legitimate community leaders she’s going to take as much heat from legit community leaders and the press. Either way this is another in a chain of actions which damages her ‘troubleshooter’ moniker — the ethics issue, the ethics committee appointment, the tapings the first time around. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. She’s going to have to wipe pretty hard to get this one off her shoe.”

The Barkeep

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
posted by Barkeep

I’ve got a friend, well not really a friend, but an acquaintance , who always seems to know what is going on in local politics, at least by my lax standards. He is old, he is surly, and he drinks too much. I like to call him ‘The Barkeep’, but not to his face.

My posts on this blog are not really going to be about my own opinions, but rather I’m just going to buy the Barkeep some drinks, ask him some questions, and report what he says, to the best of my memory, until he figures out the internet, reads my posts, and kicks my ass.

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