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Last night… downtown… the Barkeep speaks (as interpreted by me from notes):

Wayne in 2nd place in District 6 I believe must have surprised some people. Wasn’t even close, more than ten damn points if I remember. Give old Wayne the votes of Hadley and Tran’s votes to Zapf and we are looking at almost 50% for Zapf. Not a bad showing for her… snatched a pretty good victory out of the jaws of defeat. Don’t think anyone downtown thought she’d roll over him.

What are the labor types saying? Republican turnout was heavy, Democrat turnout light. Very true. Still doesn’t add up to Wayne doing well. This wasn’t narrow. This was a blowout. A blowout after Zapf was hammered in the Union-Tribune news. They’re also sayin Tran’s votes are Viets and they voted Tran and are up for grabs now. Maybe. I haven’t seen the precinct tallies. But Tran’s a Republican, and in this city I gotta think she’s gonna work for Zapf.

Don’t know much about Huckabone. Heard he was kinda conservative. Heard he was kind of populist.

I think this makes Zapf more legit to donors. They’re gonna see a chance to take a seat. It might be Wayne’s just been around too long, too infected with the nonsense in Sacramento. Tell you what, if I were running this year I sure wouldn’t want to be tarred with that. Zapf has her problems but they’re more personal, less issues. The 6th used to lean to the conservative side. Maybe it still does. That’s trouble for him.

On Horn and Roberts the high Republican turnout cuts the other way. Good chance those boys had to put the races away. Surprised me. They’ve been around a long time though and this ain’t a good year for that kind. My guess they both pull it out.


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