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I think it was Winston Churchill who said “One martini is too few, three martinis is too many.” Let me assure Mr. Churchill that four is WAY TOO MANY. But when you want to talk to the Barkeep? There it is. Paraphrased from a napkin:

….So I keep talking to people about the city race district 6, and the surprise on election night that put Zapf on top. Never heard so many excuses from the downtown types about why the predictions about a sweeping Wayne victory wasn’t in the cards. Even Republicans. 92101 Republicans, of course. Course as we’ve seen time and time again, the ‘yapping class’ is often wrong – they talk to themselves too much and the way things work here a consensus is made and anyone who thinks anything different is a fool….

….Yeah I’ve got a theory. Of course (laughs). Sure Zapf had some problems that were stupid and embarrassing. Voters don’t like that stuff. You know what I’m guessing they like less? State officials like Howard Wayne. Boy there’s not much less popular than a state official right now. And old Howard was there for the tax hikes, the out of whack budgets… the basis of the mess the state is now in. So a voter looks at it: Zapf’s got some personal issues, Wayne has a bad voting record. Who are they gonna pick? Ask me right now and they go for outsider who makes mistakes, not the insider who knew exactly what he was doing when he helped wreck things….

….Now the brains across the street cry ‘turnout’. When I hear that claim I usually roll my eyes. This wasn’t a close race. GOP turnout in raw numbers wasn’t that far from Democrat turnout. Anyone think that with the funk of the Democratic Party they’re going to have some big turnout push in November? I sure as shit don’t think so. Last couple cycle the Democrats got used to big unusual Democrat voter turnouts. They’ve been in charge for a while, and have disappointed their own. Not gonna happen again….


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  1. I’ve got to say I enjoy the Barkeep. I’d ask for more, but it sounds like each meeting takes a few years off your life.

    What he is saying about the chatter down here before and after is so true. All I’ve heard before is ‘oh she can’t win, Wayne is going to win in the primary’. After it was though it was just blind luck that Lori got the numbers she did.

    I’m guessing most of the people down here don’t spend much time in D6. It’s pretty middle class and conservative.

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