The Draining of A Candidate: the Jeff Stone for State Senate Campaign

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I have an admission to make: I did not have drinks with my old friend this time. I spoke to him on the telephone, late last night, on other matters, when he mentioned that political campaign disclosures were public on the internet, and that he’d been going through them for the last several hours. I asked him if there was anything interesting, and he launched on a short tirade, which I will attempt to repeat for the reader:

What in the name of the lord could possibly be the explanation for Republican Jeff Stone’s campaign for the open 36th State Senate Seat (note: this is the district currently held by Republican Dennis Hollingsworth)? With Anderson’s flub up last year (note: he was referring to a campaign finance ‘scandal’ involving 77th Assemblyman Joel Anderson, who is also running for the 36th State Senate) all Stone had to do is show he could run a reasonable campaign and there would have been a host of locals ready to cross over to support him. Instead, if I’m reading the reports right, and I think he is, he’s a patsy.”

I asked why.

“The Stone campaign has raised around $341,000 to date. They have $85,000 cash. That means they spent a quarter of a million dollars. ON WHAT? ON WHAT I ASK YOU? Much of it on consultants of one sort or another from what I can tell. Instead of hiring so many damn consultants he should have hired me. I’d bill him $10,000 and tell him to SAVE HIS DAMN MONEY FOR THE ELECTION. How many consultants does it take, after all, to lose a race? I mean Anderson had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and he’s got over $240,000 to spend!”

Made me want to go look through the reports. Instead I thought I’d publish though and let the readers do it for me.


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  1. The first thing I noticed reading through the expenditures was Central Committee Laura Sumrall is on the payment list. The payments were fairly small.

    The second thing I noticed were fairly large payments to former gop executive director John Buettner, “MTA”, and Tom Shepard. All of these payments were large.

  2. I thought that Tom Sheppard only did nonpartisan races? Does he have any partisan candidates?

    “MTA” is McNally-Temple a Sacramento political consulting firm.

  3. i think the supervisor may have been a previous sheppard client he does a bunch of nonpartisan work in riverside i think.

    i havent seen tom involved in partisan races for a decade or so that vacuum was largely filled by coronado communications.

  4. What a strange post.

    Of course money would be spent, common knowledge was that Anderson would make the first move to a higher seat as soon as he could, (duncan jr. already snagged the one he wanted first), so there was by defacto, already an opponent.

    So assuming no one gets to say: hey, dibs on xx-seat,.. others have to run against this supposed dibber. So why pretend to be “wondering”? Who could have possibly seen Anderson’s FPPC finance scheme getting him to drop out of a race he was allegedly holding dibs on?

  5. Can anyone figure out what “pondering” is trying to say in his post??

    What does it mean to have ‘dibs’ on a legislative seat. I realize that as an 8 year old it got me the front seat of a car, but a legislative seat?

    I think the post, more to the point, was talking about money and the Stone campaigns spendthrift ways. I’ve been involved in a couple political campaigns over the years and the common wisdom is you need every penny you can get the last few weeks. The other common wisdom is hire ONE political consultant (see Steve Francis, see Jeff Stone, see the mormon guy who ran for Congress against Bilbray…. et al) because these guys are (a) expensive (b) rarely agree with each other.

    When I look at the numbers Stone spent around $250,000 before the shooting even starts. Is he a millionaire? I sure hope so for his sake because these senate districts are huge, and the 85k that his consultants left in his account ain’t gonna buy much.

  6. Your credibility as a blogger is much in question. “I mean Anderson had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and he’s got over $240,000 to spend!” PS Sport, Anderson paid less than $30K in fines, a minor speeding ticket. Go back to keeping bar, Barkeep. Anderson is going to win this seat and that little speed bump will do little if anything to slow it down. Close to the guy running Jeff”s campaign, and he is anything but a fool. He is doing the best he can against the odds and has a lot to gain from Jeff winning. Facts are facts and there is going to be only one winner. Sorry to shoot your credibility out of the water but we as a state and a nation deserve a lot more involvement than ignorant political wannabees.

  7. Dr. Myers, you appear to have missed the point. The blogger simply quotes the barkeep, who may have been wrong about the amount of the fine, but his message stands: Jeff Stone raised a bunch of money only to toss it down a hole. Barkeep doesn’t appear to believe that Stone is running a smart campaign. So, why are you so upset by that?

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