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At drinks with my older, wiser politico last night I brought up the ongoing ‘Advisory Council’ issue that Councilmember Emerald is embroiled in and he laughed. His thoughts, paraphrased:

Emerald really stepped in it this time, in her district and in the public eye generally. She’s stuck – if she doesn’t come clean with the names, she’s going to take heat from the newspaper and from real local community leaders who think this is a screwjob. If she does reveal the names and they are anything but legitimate community leaders she’s going to take as much heat from legit community leaders and the press. Either way this is another in a chain of actions which damages her ‘troubleshooter’ moniker — the ethics issue, the ethics committee appointment, the tapings the first time around. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. She’s going to have to wipe pretty hard to get this one off her shoe.”

Again, that is from memory, but I think I got most of the color in. Damned if she does, damned if she does not. Frankly I can’t believe she would try to get the City Attorney to tell her she doesn’t have to release the names to the public. You can’t call this a community advisory council and keep the members secret, particularly when you put out the existence of the group on a press release. It just doesn’t smell right.


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  1. Maybe I just don’t get it, but why would other community leaders be offended if Emerald has created her own group to get a feel for the district? What’s the problem here?

  2. I’ve been reading this blog on and off for a couple weeks (great job bloggers!). I’ve been interested in this whole Marti issue, and was thinking about it this morning. Maybe I can answer your question, John:

    Of course Marti has the right to create her own advisory groups to get the pulse of the community. In fact, she should create them so she can stay in close touch with what people here are thinking. Over the years I think we’ve all seen public officials set up these groups.

    This group is a little different though. First, the group is not public but via the press release she implies the group somehow represents the community on some pretty controversial issues. When this group gets to this level, rather than simply acting as a sounding board, the public has more of an expectation that they should know how the group is formed, who is on it, and when it meets. In essence, this group is becoming an arm of actual representation.

    I think Marti compounded the problem in the last day by consulting the city attorney to see if she had to reveal the members of the group rather than simply killing the story, and my interest, by providing the list. Now normal people who generally don’t like ‘gotcha’ politics see smoke, and suspect where there is smoke there is fire.

    In particular, the first thought that came into my head is that if she was not willing to reveal the members of her group, there must be a public relations problems with the members.

    Is this reasonable?

  3. There is a public information act request now ready to go.

    If there is no information forthcoming from Marti Emerald in short order, we will find out ourselves what exactly she is up to, with who, when, and make this information public.

    Frankly, one way or the other I’m thinking that we will request public information because at this point there is no reason for a delay unless she is attempting to change history.

  4. Dear Marti,

    The best part from my perspective is that you just can’t help doing things like this. Your sense of entitlement is so enormous that you really think you are above the rules you’ve preached about.

    Resign, and spare yourself the indignity of being recalled or humiliated over and over.

  5. I’m walking out of the office to get a beer, but before I went I have to say: thank the sweet lord for Rostra! Gives me something to look at a few times a day that is in turn serious, humorous, nice, and cruel.

    I like both the opinion parts and the updates from officials. Its the combination that works.

    “She’s going to have to wipe pretty hard to get that off her shoe” Priceless.

  6. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. This is a community-based council. I know this for a fact.

    Emerald is doing what representatives should do – get the pulse of the community through various avenues.The councilt is just one way. I applaud her involvement.

    I remember working to get Madaffer elected, and how disappointing he turned out to be. He was not strong and forthright like Judy was. It looks like this District produces strong women!

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