Will California’s Voters Set A New Record for Apathy?

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How low can they go? California’s voters set a record low of 51 percent voter turnout in 2002. Political pollster John Nienstedt, president of Competitive Edge Research & Communication, made his final voter turnout prediction for Tuesday’s midterm election at the witching hour on Election Eve. Read his prediction here, then weigh in on whether he’s high, low, or right on target.


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  1. As I sit in my second hour at the dmv, most people here lack an “I voted” sticker. I am convinced everybody here would spring out of their chairs to vote knowing the democrats want to double their wait by allowing uninsured illegals to get drivers licenses. “Republicans want short lines at the dmv. Democrats don’t.” There is your appathy killer

  2. Chris Jordan: Just because people are not wearing an “I voted” sticker does not mean they didn’t vote. And the rest of your apathy killer doesn’t work either. Let’s wait until late this evening and see how apathetic voters really are? Why do so many people always think they have all the answers? And if the Republicans win it all, I will personally go down to any DMV and see how your party has changed things. I’m afraid I already know. Nothing will change.

  3. Seriously would it be that difficult to pass a bill or use executive order to upgrade all dmvs with multiple wall outlets for cell phones. so we the people can make an apointment from our phones, go back to work and comeback. Or watch a 3 hour movie from our tablets while we wait. Jesus if califonia cant do something as simple as upgrade the dmv. No wonder people think you all are useless.

  4. Chris jordan: I am not sure who you are saying when you say “you are all useless”. So, since the Republicans took the Senate and the House yesterday, I am sure the DMV will be better controlled and the wait time will be much less. I’ll check it after the first of the year and report back.

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