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It appears the pot initiative in Encinitas is going down in flames as it did in Solana Beach and Del Mar two years ago:

PROP F City of Encinitas – Regulate Med. Marijuana Dispensaries

Precincts: 48
Counted: 22
Percentage: 45.8%



The pro pot / anti Sheriffs Dept. Mayoral candidate “Alex Fidel” is also flaming out running dead last:

Precincts: 48
Counted: 23
Percentage: 47.9%

Vote for: 1


And congrats to Encinitas’ first ever elected Mayor, Ms. Kristin Gaspar!!!!


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  1. I doubt that was “anti-pot” as much as it was NIMBY-ism.

    By the way, I’m pro-Liberty which means I don’t care if you smoke weed, drink soda, or eat hamburgers

  2. Pro Liberty is a fine policy perspective Mr. Brady, but I think the city voters recognized there are currently many ways to obtain medical marijuana without creating a retail place for potheads to congregate.

  3. The Encinitas mayor’s race was a good one for Encinitas, at least this time around, there wasn’t a lot of rude or misleading mailers.It shows what type of people were running for Mayor. I just hope the council can keep up their good job, and work hard with the people in Encinitas. Congratulations to Kristin, Tony will still do a great job for the council for the next 2 years.

  4. Medical marijuana has great parallels to Handicapped parking spaces. The fraud trumps the legitimate use by 100 to 1.

    I am tired of seeing golfers at my club abuse the HPS. I have been to several disabled Veteran events there, where double amputees had to park out on the road because people who scam the system park close and then go play a round of golf.

  5. “think the city voters recognized there are currently many ways to obtain medical marijuana without creating a retail place for potheads to congregate.”

    I”m not “pro-pot”, Mayor Stocks but I don’t really care if potheads congregate anywhere. I”m not looking to be disputatious but am really curious. Do you care if potheads congregate on someone’s property if said property owner isn’t violating property rights of others?

    Essentially, I think the residents of our respective cities rejected the propositions because of a fear that said property owners wouldn’t properly police themselves.

    I ask for your comment only out of curiosity

  6. Headlines I missed: “La Mesa voters reject medicinal marijuana, while giving mayor some harsh medicine.”

  7. Post

    Mr. Brady, As you know we are not perfect people behaving perfectly in a perfect world.
    There are categories of Land uses referred to as LULU (locally undesirable land uses).
    While not the classic definition, Pot shops and Porn shops tend to be viewed in this manner. The reason is that the folks who would tend to congregate there would be there to be with folks of of like mind and values, likely with similar ideas about what behavior is acceptable. Mind you, porn and pot are readily available on the internet and can be delivered privately to the privacy of your home or business. And the general public typically is concerned about said behavior of a group of like-minded potheads (or porn consumers) or the folks who may want to do business with them. It’s a different crowd of folks vs. say a group of Rotarians or church members congregating near residences or schools.
    I’m not judging, just stating what my experience and municipal education tells me.

  8. That’s a fair answer (and a good one). I remember the brouhaha about F street some 8-10 years ago.

    That drove me nuts because it seemed that the community thought that the property owners wouldn’t properly police said properties.

    …and I’m not “pro-porn” 🙂 There’s gotta be a better way.

  9. Jerome, it makes me think why after you put the pot heads and porn viewers together and then you put the Rotarians and Church Members together. Question Jerome what’s the difference between Pot Heads and the last 40 years of Child abuse and Rape from all the Church (Members, Church Authority, and Priests.) Why is one better then the other. Jerome just reading your post on this seems to put Pot Heads and Porn Viewers very low compared to your post that put Rotarians and Church Members on a high standard. If so did you forget about the last 40 years, or maybe it was a slip of the tongue. Waiting to hear your response. Joe

  10. Joe,
    While Rotarian individuals as well as church goers/officials can individually do wrong, and their shameful acts can be devastating to their victims, My comments are directed to the macro rather than the micro and the public perception of such uses rather than the actual experiences of individuals.
    Sorry you missed the point, but I hope this explanation clears things up for you.

  11. Thanks Jerome thanks for explaining, Since we live close to each other I would love to meet for a beer and.shake hands and get this bad taste for you out of my mouth. Truthfully I would love to drop all this and would like to meet face to.face to express my thoughts and to say I’m sorry for my.bad feelings, but it takes 2 to shake hands. We could ask Mark to come along, I shook hands with him 2 years ago. If you agree after your response I’ll give you my number.

  12. Rostra Beer Summit! Seriously, some of the most politically diverse people have met and talked as a result of this blog!

  13. Well it’s an offer, we live close and I really hate going to bed disliking someone.I know a lit of this is my fault, but it’s better to talk about it and let it go.

  14. Mr Stocks, it takes a MAN to except this offer after all the shit I’ve given you. The only thing I can say is thank you for excepting the offer, and hope we can make it work. Joe Corder

  15. A successful handshake summit occurred. One day Joe and I may work together for some constructive mutual goal, rather than being antagonists.

  16. No Thor, no full report needed or no more dirt needed on this subject. Jerome Stocks being the man he is, accepted a get together so I could apologize for what I call too much said. After talking to Jerome this morning and listening to his words, I wish I would have known more about Jerome before I kept it going. As a strong Catholic and a person that hates to hurt anybody, what I did and say ended up really hurting somebody for a long time. For that I’m sorry. So thank you Jerome for the meeting and thanks for explaining your views. Story ENDED. JOE

  17. Actually, it wasn’t dirt we were seeking. That’s exactly the kind of report we meant. That’s really something. And awesome. As noted earlier, a number of bloggers and commenters here have met and walked away with a better understanding of each other, if not agreement on all issues. Great end here. We were serious about the selfie. Next time!

  18. This highlights the direct democracy issue in land use planning. I think local control is a good thing, but propositions remove the town hall community discourse that could counter the NIMBY mindset. I love direct democracy in that it allows us to pursue issues not taken up by unresponsive representatives who are too immersed in political power to look after the needs of their constituents, but I would like to see a some sort of caucus at the local level where neighbors hashed out the real impacts instead of relying on paid campaigns or media for information. In this case, they might have seen the reality of pot use being far less prone to association with crime than alcohol. I too am not pro-pot in my own life, but I deeply believe that government has no business preventing others from deciding that for themselves, or preventing the marketplace from deciding where and how many pot shops there should be. Laws already exist to deal with the perceived possible negative impacts and in an era where crime rates have dropped to the lowest in decades, there should be no problem with law enforcement managing bad behavior that might be a result of a pot shop…unless they are too busy fighting a losing battle in the drug wars.

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