Which East County Candidates Want To Keep America Great?

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2016 Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump wasn’t an easy pill to swallow for a substantial number of Republicans.  I, like many others, was a #NeverTrumper until soon after the 2016 RNC Convention. Even when he won, I was cautiously optimistic (with the key word being ‘cautiously‘ ).

President Trump’s first year in office changed all of that. Justice Gorsuch, tax reform, and the drastic cut in regulations had me clicking to Amazon to buy a #KeepAmericaGreat red cap. I remarked at the beginning of 2018 that Reagan may be the “greatest” President in my lifetime, but Trump will absolutely be the most effective.

I didn’t realize that 2016 really was “The Flight 93 Election“– America was under attack and we (and I was foolishly among the ‘we’ ) sounded like a bunch of effete academics while the opposition was marching in the streets for Marxist policies.

I warmed to Trump in early 2018 but the reality that electoral politics was truly going to be a street fight became apparent to me in June of 2018. A fighting conservative Assembly candidate was taken down by a lie while narcissistic Republican opponents stood by, hoping to profit off the false attacks. The result? A formerly Republican Assembly District had eliminated the chance of a Republican Assemblyman.

I get it now. I’m watching the same thing happen in East County in the 2020 election. #NeverTrumpers are attacking a fighting conservative Supervisor candidate because he committed the sin of endorsing President Trump in April of 2016. It won’t work.  East County voted for Trump by a 15 point margin in 2016 and for Trump-endorsed John Cox for Governor by 15 points in 2018.

East County is Trump country (thankfully). If you live in East County, and look at the candidates for Congress, Assembly, and Supervisor, wouldn’t you like to know which candidates share your values? Heck, I’d be asking which City Council and School Board candidates supported the President’s re-election in 2020.

You can do that right here, in the comments section.


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  1. I was proud to introduce President Trump at the Republican Convention three years ago and I’m still supporting him today. More people are employed now than in the last twenty years – that’s a good thing!

  2. @Ken Stone,
    All due respect, but as a reporter that posts articles and subsequently updates them when other commenters get back to you (which we understand as a new norm with online content), we thought you’d be a little more understanding of the fact that an article posted one afternoon may not have immediate responses until people see it and are able to comment. There is no deadline for the question posed by Brady. Politicos can answer. Or they don’t have to if uncomfortable.

  3. Post


    The post went up at 5PM yesterday, Ken. You pay me far too much of a compliment to think that all the Congressional candidates, Supervisor candidates, and Assembly candidates check to see what I wrote as soon as they wake up.

    Give it a week and we’ll see which East County candidates/elected officials support the President’s re-election

  4. I do not now, nor have ever supported President Trump. He is a disgrace to our Country and the legacy of conservatism. Anyone who would support such a man does not deserve to call themselves a conservative.

  5. As a Veteran I cannot thank President Trump enough on a variety of fronts. He has given more attention and support to our Military than has been seen in over a decade and the VA is clearly on his radar with more positive movement towards much need corrections than seen in decades.

    As a retired Navy SEAL, I’ve worked out of half a dozen Embassy’s world wide and out of dozens of different countries always with the hope we would one day have a President who would effectively put fear in out enemies’ hearts, strength is our allies, and bolster respect for the United States from the rest. President Trump has done exactly that and much more. He has accomplished more in foreign policy in two years than we have see by any President in over 50-years. He has: Opened doors with North Korea never imagined, Has NATO allies making good on their pledges of military spending (2% of their GDP), and moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem without incident. We’ve witnessed the destruction of ISIS and brought thousands of troops home for much needed rest and recovery from 17+ years of combat. We’ve seen China take steps back completely foreign to our latest generation of Americans, has stopped the incessant harassment of US Vessels by Chinese military and actually has China supporting sanctions on North Korea (critical of bringing Kim to the Nuclear bargaining table). This is the first President to effectively utilize all of our elements of National Power in concert and in a more balanced approach since Reagan. President Trump has the most effective foreign Policy in my lifetime.

    As a Congressional Candidate I have watched our President be more effective in de-regulation than any President in history, bolster our economy, while placing clear visibility on deep state corruption at all levels of government. What I have also realized about the most effective President in our Country is the Democrat Leadership has declared war on our election process and have refused to support our duly elected President. ALL of us need to rally around President Trump at all levels of government and stop the free flow of the lawless and socialist agendas of the far left. If you consider yourself a true “Conservative”, and in this I mean “Conserving our Constitution”, President Trump is a clear and easy choice for all Americans. You might not like President Trump but you should respect him; after all he’s done more for every single American than any President in my lifetime.

  6. If you believe that being a conservative is “conserving the Constitution” you’ve a lot to learn about conservatism, it goes way beyond that. Human decency being prior to and transcending in importance the Constitution.

  7. I wholeheartedly endorse the idea that all Republicans nationwide in 2020 run as a referendum on Donald Trump—especially in California.

  8. As a Trump delegate to the convention in Cleveland, I remember looking down the row and seeing Joel sitting next to me on the convention floor. Jim Brulte (CA Senator) made a comment at the CA delegate meeting in LA before we headed back east. He said “Elections are never between a perfect candidate and an imperfect candidate, they are always between two imperfect candidates”. Trump was not a perfect candidate, nor is he a perfect president, nor for that matter a perfect man. He has (and continues to be) good for the country and it’s citizens. This is especially true when compared to Clinton and/or the majority in CA. More important, and more local (“all politics are local”), Joel has stood up, effectively l might add, for his constituents. I cannot say the same for the person being termed out, and by association, her annointed endorsee.

    I don’t know many of you commenting on this post but I do know my own conservative credentials and the principles I believe in and live by; from being a retired USMC officer/aviator, to being a lifetime Republican, to being the father of a Down Syndrome daughter to being married nearly 30 years to my first and only spouse. I won’t tolerate someone else telling me I’m not a conservative, nor that Trump (with all his flaws) hasn’t been head and shoulders above what Clinton would have been for conservatives nor that another besides Joel would be a better Supervisor.

    BTW, I’m 67, my undergraduate degree is in Political Science, my graduate work is in history. Compared to some of the people we’ve had in the oval office in my lifetime, not to mention on the County Supervisor dias, Trump and Joel will most certainly “do right” by conservatives.

  9. President Trump may not be a Conservative, but he has governed more Conservatively than most Republicans… As a former #NeverTrump Ted Cruz guy, I have to admit Donald J Trump has been the most pleasant surprise ever!
    -Loved Gorsuch! not a fan of Kavanaugh because he leans liberal just like Roberts
    -The Economy is soaring again with another 3%+ GDP
    -We’re not in TPP, Paris Climate Accord, Iran Deal, NAFTA
    -So Proud to see American muscle again as DJT has gotten our NATO so-called partners to pony up and pay their share.
    -Can you imagine how successful he would have been the first 2 years if he didn’t have the opposition within? So glad voters cleaned the House & got rid of the useless RINOs, lets get some real Conservative Republicans.


    PS I have no clue why a Republican is trying to do running vs. Joel Anderson, didn’t Mark Kersey try the same? Where is he now?

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