Not Today. Not in November. #NeverTrump

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The established Republicans are pushing back on a Trump nomination. Note that I haven’t said “Republican Establishment” because it would be destroyed if it took sides. That’s fine. If “The Establishment” won’t provide leadership (and it can’t), movement conservatives and established Republicans can (and are).

As many as one out of five Republican voters have said they will not support Trump in the general election. Spurred on by a Twitter Hashtag, blogger Erick Erickson, National Review, and an electrifying letter from Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a grassroots revolt is underway by the reliable Republican base. Schoolteachers, military officers, Kiwanis Club Presidents, cops, business owners, weekly church worshipers, etc are all saying one thing:

Nominate Trump and you elect Hillary President ‘cuz we will sit the November election out.

This is a serious threat. Those of us who joined the Party of Lincoln and Reagan have no interest in the Party of David Duke and Donald Trump. Those of us who advanced conservative principles in our churches, in our communities, who organized tea party events, and donated money to movement conservatives are simply not interested in our decades of hard work being unraveled by a Republican Progressive. If the populists (who have a right to to be angry with Republicans in Congress) want to “take a flamethrower to the GOP,” by introducing a big government bozo with a history of working against us, take that flamethrower to a burning building, because we ain’t playing that game.

We will sit this election out and let a Democratic progressive fall on her face rather than let a Republican progressive destroy the conservative movement.

I won’t support Trump ever and there are tens of millions like me right now. It would be nice to hear some local electeds do the same. It may cost you your political career but if you care about the future of the conservative movement, you will soundly reject this charlatan by name, communicate your intent to abstain in November clearly, and show some damned leadership. If you don’t, I understand but don’t ask me for any favors locally. 

Without movement conservatives and “established Republican” voters, Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton. Heck, he is polling to a loss against her now.

#NeverTrump Not Today. Not in November. Your move.


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  1. I think the biggest reason a lot of conservative organizations are pissed off at Trump is because the money isn’t flowing into their organizations like it normally does at this point.

  2. If Trump wins the GOP nomination, I’ll vote for the Libertarian. Period. I’d support any other Republican running for the office — but then, Trump is not a Republican. He’s the guy who gives RINO’s a bad name.

    BTW, in California (indeed, in MOST states), it doesn’t matter WHO you vote for President. Most states are strongly red or blue, and most states have the “winner take all” Electoral College vote result — even if it’s a plurality. The only issue is who gets the nomination for each party.

    In CA, the Democrat wins, even if it’s Uncle Joe Stalin. Game over.

    So I can vote for the Libertarian in November, knowing full well my vote doesn’t matter. The next morning, I won’t cringe when I look at that haggard voter in my mirror.

    BTW, we limited government throwbacks in California should put our efforts into the initiatives and propositions — and nonpartisan races. Oddly enough, while the GOP has alienated CA minority voters, we have common ground when it comes to most tax increases. THAT’s where we can make a difference.

    CA state and federal district legislative races are mostly Gerrymandered, and the statewide offices are almost always going to be won by Democrats (going forward) — DMV pushing low-information voters to register will widen the Dem edge in such partisan races.

  3. I speak to a lot of Donald Trump supporters every day. I know that one way to burn them out of the Republican party is to call them racists. Personally I don’t like it when liberals call Republicans racists and I don’t like it when Republicans call each other racists.

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    That Slate article is a direct attack on movement conservatism. I’m not ready to cede the Reagan Revolution to the Republican Party of Reed Smoot and Willis Harley

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    @Kristine Alessio I think you are the first elected Republican official, in San Diego County, to say #NeverTrump

    Bravo ma’am. Bravo for your leadership

  6. That’s why I posted the Slate article. Its basically saying that the GOP, as led by Trump, is no longer the party of Reagan. The Reagan coalition that built the party have now been pushed out by the Southerners and Populists that they once brought into the fold.

  7. Wow. Was Founding Father correct in his comments? I held my nose and voted for John McCain, a leftist RINO who is totally against my values. I did it because I would never do anything that elects a Democrat. You need to do the same.

    So all of you would rather elect Hillary who will be final nail in the coffin of America? You need to do some serious soul-searching.

    You can thank our elected Republican officials in the House and Senate for Donald Trump as our candidate. The middle class and the working class have been devastated under Obama. The majority House and majority Senate Republicans showed no courage and didn’t fight against Obama for them. Obama got everything he wanted. No wonder the average Republican is disgusted with traditional Republican candidates and turned to Trump.

    You need to vote for the Republican candidate who will probably be Trump.

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    “Want racism? Trump’s on a roll.”

    I don’t think he’s a racist, I think he is worse. I think he calculatingly plays to them.

    The man is a caricature of how the far-left media like to portray all Republican candidates– they will have a field day if he is the nominee.

    #NeverTrump is not just a principled stance; it’s good politics. A President Trump would destroy the conservative movement .

    I am stopping short of endorsing Granny Hillary–she is a disaster of a different kind but I will vote for Gary Johnson if Trump is the nominee

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    “You need to do the same. ”

    No Dan, I don’t and frankly, as an Executive Board member of the local party, I’d appreciate a little leadership rather than your plea for me (and millions of more like me) to support yet another Republican progressive.

    Let me be clear Dan; this is no empty threat. Nominate Trump and YOU hand the election to Hillary Clinton. Your move

  10. I see a lot of people who proudly pronounce they will stay true to their values and daringly vote against their party’s eventual nominee. Well bravo. How bold of you. At least Richard Rider is intellectually honest enough to say that he lives in California where his voice won’t matter.

  11. I see your point, Brian, but disagree.

    To play that cynically with issue is, in itself, racist. Only someone with little or no respect for race or ethnicity of another would do what Trump’s done.

    I keep thinking about the emphasis conservatives once (rightly) placed on “character.” Now they’re enthusiastically cheering on one of the country’s highest profile lowlifes.

    What a difference a generation makes.

  12. I’m a Cruz guy so you can relax. Go have a beer and calm down. I don’t question your leadership, so don’t question mine.

    Weren’t you the one that pleaded with me to support CD in the general election even though you knew he was against my values? So what did I do? I showed loyalty to the Republican party. Maybe in a couple of months, you will too.

    I don’t think you understand the depth of the anger of the average American at the establishment of both parties? In the extensive reading I’ve done, they don’t want what the establishment Republicans and Democrats are giving them. They see America in decline and don’t like it.

    They don’t want more illegal foreigners. They want secure borders, and they want these jobs for Americans. They don’t want more Muslim immigration. They want security. San Bernadino and Fort Hood spoke volumes to them. They want to play hard ball with China. They want to bring back jobs to America by cutting off China’s one-sided trade policies. They hate the cuts to the military and want a strong America.

    The average American is being ignored. The country is in the beginning stages of a revolution but no one wants to acknowledge it.

  13. Brian, et al-

    I again fundamentally agree…elect Trump, destroy the Conservative movement…elect Hillary, destroy the nation…I think we can reconstitiute the movement before we could reconstitute the nation…don’t get me is a b*tch of a dilemma…one where the Dem’s popcorn taste a little better watching the party struggle so…but this is varsity ball time…and I am sticking with the #NeverHillary position..again, we’ll see if that converts to a Trump vote or not. We have several months to witness and watch the sundry camps craft the latest narrative.

  14. #NeverTrumpers…I feel your pain, believe me, I do!

    The cold, hard reality-

    #NeverTrump vs. #AssureHillary2016….smart and savvy pols on this site disagree whether a Trump nomination is the death nail for the party…however, regardless of one’s view of Trump, a non-vote for any GOP candidate is the death nail for the Nation…Hillary WILL be the next POTUS. Folks….these are the Clintons…be prepared for disinformation and offensive information operations ensuring chaos, confusion, tension, discontent within the GOP ranks, memes of “racist” “misogynist” etc…being from NY, Trump will be accused of the 9/11 attacks before too long.

    So it’s pretty rudimentary…Republicans, by touting the #NeverTrump narrative actually will be the one’s assuring HRC as the 46th POTUS. Just like the Perot crowd in 92’ splitting the GOP vote…any vote, either for any other candidate, 3rd party, Gary Johnson, or Superman, or a “no” vote” is a vote FOR Hillary.

    We as Republicans are faced with a very sh*tty choice; in the end, we must ask ourselves; are we conservatives first or Americans first? I would love to remain both..but if forced into a corner, my choice between faction or nation is pretty clear. If HRC is elected, we put the Nation at jeopardy…with Trump, that’s yet to be seen. There’s time…

  15. I like John Kasich because he is the one Hilliary fears the most, and he has a solid resume as governor and as a congressman. But this fight between Rubio and Cruz vs Trump is appallingly petty. It makes it harder for to sell the party on a conversational level with acquaintances. This party preaches and holds its core principles of personal accountability. It is the law and order party. But the national narrative appears to be the establishment throwing a tantrum for not getting its way. It makes the “standing up for principles” argument appear hollow.

  16. It’s our job to oppose our nation when she’s wrong.

    “Stand with anyone that is right; stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.” –Lincoln

    Needless to say, with Trump Americans–America–are about to make a deadly wrong turn.

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    “So it’s pretty rudimentary…Republicans, by touting the #NeverTrump narrative actually will be the one’s assuring HRC as the 46th POTUS.”

    I disagree, FF. If it gets loud enough, fast enough, March will be a decidedly different month and the delegate count will look much different in 30 days

  19. The next question is. Would or can the local San Diego Republican Party or state Party divorce itself from the RNC if/when Trump is the nominee? Attaching his name as the standard bearer to any competitive race would surely mean defeat at the polls in November.

  20. If the average American loves him and the RINO’s and Dem’s hate him, that’s my guy.

    The Republicans and Democrats no longer represent the “We the People”, they only care about their own money and power and how to stay in office.
    Trump represents the end of their rein.

    What have you republicans done for San Diego or California.

    Screw you guys, I hope Trump stomps on all of you.

  21. BB-

    “If it gets loud enough, fast enough, March will be a decidedly different month and the delegate count will look much different in 30 days”

    The present day GOP hasn’t done much of anything loud enough or fast enough to affect viable change in years now. That is one of the many reasons Trump has such great, albeit perhaps misplaced, appeal nationally evidently with Rs, Ds, and Is. What makes a pretty sharp cookie like you believe for an instant that is going to change in 30 days?

    “Two La Mesa Council members: Bill Baber and Kristine Alessio” are confirmed “#NeverTrump-ers”

    Whew… That’s a relief. I was wondering where the local #AssureHillary Victory Party was going to be held… La Mesa!!!… Got it. 🙂

    Trump is brash, clownish, egotistical, shrewd, ignorant on key issues, arrogant, crass, gauche, petty, imprudent, opportunistic.

    But he isn’t Hillary.

  22. Harold

    Well I hope this Republican mayor keeps the Chargers in town so I can focus on more things like who will they pick in the draft. Who can replace Malcolm Floyd. Why Spanos needs to get on his knees and beg Weddell to stay. Ya know, important stuff.

  23. Watching Mitt Romney’s speech….u-n-b-e-l-I-e-v-a-b-l-e!

    “Duplicitous Asshat” comes to mind….. He didn’t seem so critical when he had Trump introduce him, praising his business acumen and hard stance on China, and took his money…disgusting.

    It isn’t that I am a Trump-guy..far from it…but the crass power play and disingenuous way the Establishment with loser Mitt carrying the guidon is a move that millions will NEVER forget.

    If he and the GOP had only displayed this concerted fortitude against Barack Obama…but when it came to blows, Mitt choked,,,and is a prime reason we are where we are.

    This is a grand power struggle unfolding..pure and simple. The Establishement, and the consultant and K street cabal is freaking out….Thanks Mitt, just like in 2012, you have once again guaranteed a Democrat in the WH.

  24. Harold: I understand your frustration. At least in San Diego, we have a Republican mayor we can be proud of, Kevin Faulconer. Kevin kept his promise to repair roads and the infrastructure. He promised to support Prop B restoring sanity to public employee pensions which he did. Kevin promised to oppose the minimum wage craziness that is driving businesses out of Seattle and he did.

    Kevin is in touch with what the citizens of San Diego want. That’s why he’s a great mayor and will be re-elected in a landslide.

    Our elected Republican House members in the area should take a cue from Kevin.

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    “This is a grand power struggle unfolding..pure and simple. The Establishement, and the consultant and K street cabal is freaking out”

    It goes deeper than that. I suspected this civil war would come but had no idea I’d be finding myself aligned with Romney (yeah, I still think the RNC and Romney railroaded Ron Paul).

    In my opinion, there are multiple fronts:

    1- grass roots v, GOPe
    2- long-time R voters v former R voters
    3- New R voters v. old, stuffy voters
    3- burn the house down v. try to maintain SOME infrastructure
    4- Trump v. the world
    5- ABC v ABT
    6- Surrender Caucus v. Fight like a Democrat
    7- South v. North
    8- Blue collar v. Superzip Rs
    9- Civility v. Decency
    10- Platform voters v Win At All Costs voters
    11- This election is our last chance v. The Republic will survive

    Frank, the amazing thing is you and I could literally be on any of the sides, on any given day, of all of those factions (except #5).

    Without knowing you, I would think you are willing to sell the soul to the GOP to a fascist with no character and you would think I’m secretly working to get Democrats elected and enslave your children.

    This civil war isn’t between two “armies” on a neatly defined battlefield. It’s between 15-20 gangs in a street fight, over one corner in the hood. I hope we all make it out alive.

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    “Screw you guys, I hope Trump stomps on all of you.”

    That’s a great comment. It kind of represents what’s happening. I am both encouraged and horrified that you made it

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    “Our elected Republican House members in the area should take a cue from Kevin.”

    Agreed. Ask him where he comes down on this. I don’t think he will say #NeverTrump nor do I think he will say he will back the Republican nominee.

    What you should understand is that if Trump is the nominee, 1 out of 5 reliable Republicans will stay home in November and figure that into your equation before you handicap the primary

  28. Of course we’ll let Harold’s comment stand. Why would we try to reign him in?

  29. Brian

    You make some very valid points on the “us versus them.”

    In this election the paradigm has shifted. Republicans typically fall in line where Democrats fall in love. Now it appears to be reversed. Democrats are falling in line behind Hilliary and Republicans are falling in love with Trump.

    The Democrats are bottom to top oriented. Many of those support Bernie. The Republicans who support those other than Trump are top to bottom oriented.

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  31. The anger of Republican conservatives expressed in their own words. No explanation needed. Issa, are you paying attention?

    The Nation Responds to Romney
    March 03, 2016

    RUSH: So you think this was done on behalf of Rubio? You think they sent Romney out there on behalf of Rubio, and this is making you want Trump even more because you’re so ticked off at what they’re doing? That’s probably gonna be a pretty common reaction here. Trumpists out there are gonna feel like the establishment’s trying to manipulate ’em, sucker ’em, and they’re just gonna dig in deeper. That’s why I said when I opened the program, “I cannot believe they still do not get what’s happening out there.” By that I mean the establishment Republicans in Washington.

    And maybe everybody, establishment Democrats, too.

    Anyway, it’s great to have you back here, folks, Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Telephone number, 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. And, as I said, we’re gonna start with phones here. We’re gonna go to Kathy in Sun City, Arizona, ’cause people are lined up and loaded for bear on this. Kathy, I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you here. Hello.

    CALLER: Well, thank you so much, and I’m really honored to be on your show.

    RUSH: Well, I tell you, this is a special day, because we never take calls in the monologue section. So you people on the phones: You really, really rate today.

    CALLER: Okay. Well, I’m probably gonna go on a roll, okay?

    RUSH: Yeah.

    CALLER: I am absolutely livid by the Romney speech. He is condescending. He sounded like a fricking Democrat the whole time. And first off, I’m a Cruz supporter. I support Cruz. But if he does not get the nomination, I will support Trump. I am so sick and tired of being lied to. The establishment said, “We have to have the House in 2010 to fight Obama.” We gave it to ’em. “We have to have the Senate in 2014 to fight Obama.” We gave it to ’em. And what did they do? Absolutely nothing. They’ve done nothing but lie.

    They support the Dems.

    They support Obama.

    Romney wouldn’t even fight Obama when he was debating him on the debates on Benghazi! For crying out loud, we’ve got people dying in Benghazi because of Obama and Hillary, and Romney didn’t do a damn thing about it. And then we’ve got Rubio and McCain with the Gang of Eight, betraying “we, the people.” Now Rubio is attacking the ICE and the Border Patrol agents as liars. Then you jump on the KKK, and he’s talking to Trump that he won’t denounce the KKK, which he has over and over and over. Why isn’t Romney talking about the Democrats formed the KKK?

    Why doesn’t Romney and the establishment talk about Byrd and McGovern and all the policies of the Democrats where they’ve just decimated the black community? I’m just absolutely livid. I’m tired of being attacked; I’m tired of being lied to. They have absolutely no integrity at all. No honor, no integrity. They demand Trump sign the agreement not to run third party, and what are they doing? Now they’re threatening to possibly bring Romney up for a third party, if the rumor is true. And they slam Trump every five seconds. It’s like, if they don’t want their cake and they don’t want us to toe the line and put the… the… UGH! I’m just so upset. But anyhow —

    RUSH: I know how you feel. They tried beating Trump. They tried it with Jeb and they tried it with Christie and they’ve tried it with others, and they haven’t found anybody. So now they’re out there making speeches, and the air and the attitude of the speech is, “Hey, you idiots! You may not know how dangerous this guy is. But I’m here — we of the establishment, we’re here — to tell you what a big mistake you’re about to make.” And you hear it that way and you feel condescended to.

    CALLER: Well, also they’re lying to us about the unemployment. You know, Trump’s talking about bringing jobs and bringing the wages back up by getting the illegals out of this country. They’re the ones bringing the wages down. But all the establishment Republicans, they live in the cushy little houses back in Washington, DC. They don’t have to worry about any of this. My gosh, they don’t even work a 40-hour week! It’s just frustrating, and I’m just tired of it. And for Romney to come out, a loser — and then you’ve got McCain will come out, and he’s a loser.

    You know, and they don’t push conservatism. They say they’re conservative. That’s what’s so frustrating, too. They run and say they’re conservative, and they do absolutely nothing. Look at the Paul Ryan budget. Oh, my gosh, they just crap… They don’t care. They… It’s all about themselves and their money and their money and their power. And then we’re supposed to work like slaves, get taxed to heck, and just come begging for the crumbs that they give us. Well, once you start accepting government handouts, you are now a slave to the government. Period.

    RUSH: For those of you in the establishment listening to this, I want to remind you of one thing: Nobody had to tell her what she thinks. She thinks that, obviously, and feels what she feels on her own. This is not the product of listening to the radio. It’s not the product of propaganda that’s persuaded her. This is what Kathy thinks, independent of anybody else. Simply because of what she’s able to see, remember, observe, this what she thinks. It’s real, is my point.

    CALLER: Right. And I’m 58 years old, and I love this country. And I’ve seen this country just fall, fall, fall, and it is so frustrating. And I worry about my children and my grandchildren. It really bothers me.

    RUSH: Okay, I have to ask you. I have to ask you one question, Kathy. You mentioned in all of this that you are a Cruz supporter.

    CALLER: Yes.

    RUSH: Now, what if Romney’s speech would damage Trump. Would that not benefit you in your quest to have Cruz elected?

    CALLER: Well, I would suppose yes. But like I said: If Cruz for some reason had to drop out before the Arizona primary March 22nd — which I don’t think he is — I would support Trump. I absolutely will not support Rubio, Kasich. Cruz and Trump are the only two. And the reason for Cruz is because he’s doing just what Trump is doing. Maybe not so boisterous, but he has fought the establishment. He has called Mitch McConnell out as a liar because he is. He called Boehner out as a liar because he is. And, yeah, I’ll call ’em liars because that’s what they are. They lie about everything. They tell Obama, “We’re not gonna fight you. We’re not gonna fight you!” So Obama does whatever he wants! I mean, the Constitution? He’s shredding it every day, and they’ve done nothing.

    RUSH: Exactly.

    CALLER: Nothing!

    RUSH: They’ve done nothing to stop it and they come out and act like the problem is in their own party, but not them. It’s Trump on it’s Cruz or whatever. I hear what you’re saying. You’re a Cruz supporter, but your fallback is Trump, and you don’t want them succeeding in destroying the only two candidates you see with a legitimate chance to stop the direction we’re headed.

    CALLER: Exactly! Because they’re the only ones who are gonna call Hillary out. Where is the Republican Party calling out Hillary Clinton? They’re responsible for the deaths of four Marines, four brave people in Benghazi. The crisis in Libya, the disaster of Syria, the ISIS, and then here in Arizona we’ve got McCain running ads, “I’ll protect you from ISIS.” Well, hello, McCain? ISIS is coming across the Arizona southern border and you’ve done absolutely nothing that you promised to do for six years to shut the border down. You’ve done nothing. In fact, you did the opposite and became Gang of Eight. It’s just frustrating, the lying, the lying, the lying. And we see it. And we’re awake. And “we, the people” have had it, and “we, the people” are going to fight and we’re going to take back our country.

    RUSH: Kathy, you have done just a fabulous job of appearing as a caller in the monologue segment of the program. It’s not very many people who could carry that load, but you have done so, and you’ve done so phenomenally well. I would like to offer you — I don’t want to call it a “prize” — a gift, if you would like it. You don’t have to take it. If you don’t want one, don’t feel obligated, but I’ve got an iPad Pro here. If you don’t want it for yourself, you give it to somebody, if you know somebody who wants it. But I would love to give you something here because you’ve been so good. You didn’t stumble; you didn’t stutter. Obviously you’re speaking from your heart with profound passion, and it was great.

    CALLER: Well, I really thank you, but I would rather you give… (chokes up) Since you support the military so much, and the fallen officers — ’cause my husband’s retired PD. I would rather have you give it to one of the families in need. You know, the Fisher House Foundation or one of the military families or something like that, because I really don’t need it, and I would rather you do something like that. Give it to something like that.

    RUSH: That’s awesome. That is so, so touching, and you can be guaranteed that I will.

    CALLER: Okay.

    RUSH: And I’ll do it in your name, Kathy from Sun City, Arizona. I appreciate that. Thank you so much, Kathy. Well done. Superb.

    Steve in Temecula, California, you’re up. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

    CALLER: Hi, Rush. Pleasure to talk to you.

    RUSH: Thank you, sir.

    CALLER: I just got a quick reaction. I heard part of Mitt’s speech on the way in to work this morning and it made me mad. Because I heard him say we understand your anger. And the implied message in that is we understand your anger, but you’re just gonna have to get over it. And I got a little message for Mitt. The Republican electorate is not a bunch of completely ignorant fools. We know who Donald Trump is, and we’re gonna use Donald Trump to either take over the GOP or blow it up. And we understand, Mitt, that might make you a little angry, but you’re just gonna have to get over it.

    RUSH: You mean to say that you understand Trump’s flaws. You understand he’s not perfect. You understand the contradictions and maybe some of the hypocrisy, but so what, because it’s bigger than Trump. Is that what you’re saying?

    CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. And what the establishment should understand is that when you set everything up so that you get everything and leave the bill for somebody else, finally you leave ’em with nothing to lose.

    RUSH: Well, you realize there’s some Republicans out there, and I hope to hear from them, who think Romney’s speech was great. There’s some Republicans that think Trump is an absolute disaster, that we’re guaranteed to lose, and we’re gonna lose 25 years now. We’re gonna have the Supreme Court be total lib and everything. Not every Republican is of the frame of mind that you and our first caller, Kathy, are. Many of you are, but it’s still a fractured party.

    CALLER: Well, it may be a fractured party, but the fracture is between the Republican electorate and the GOP establishment. And it was only within about the last year, after being a Republican for decades, that I finally realized — and, you know, I feel stupid for not figuring it out sooner — that these people don’t really want the same things I want.

    RUSH: I know what you mean, not having figured it out sooner. You can’t be blamed. They’re Republicans, they campaign as though we’re all on the same team. They campaign using your language, they —

    CALLER: Yeah.

    RUSH: — get your support claiming that they’re going to actually implement your interests and represent you. It just doesn’t happen very much.

    CALLER: Exactly. And if they were serious, if they were serious about wanting to stop Donald Trump, all they gotta do is go to Kasich and Rubio and tell ’em, “Hey, guys, pull out, we’re gonna unify behind Cruz.” But they won’t do that. You know why? Because then they would have to give up their agenda. You know, they understand you’re angry —

    RUSH: Let me jump in. That is actually a profound point. If you look at the delegate count, we went through this a little bit today, but Cruz is, for all the talk of Trump having swept the field — and he has — Trump only leads Cruz by a hundred or so delegates. It’s 336 to 220, something like that. It is not an overwhelming lead. And I know Trumpists don’t like to hear this, but it’s still relevant. If you look at the vote in the Republican primaries that Trump is getting — and it’s large, 30, 35% — it still means that there are more Republicans voting for other candidates who are not Trump. And if you add them together, it’s a greater number than Trump supporters are.

    Now, don’t think the establishment doesn’t see that, too. The establishment is out there telling themselves that there is more anti-Trump support in the Republican Party, they want it to coalesce. But what they forget to calculate is exactly what old Steve here pointed out. You cannot include the Cruz vote in the anti-Trump vote. Well, most Cruz people will tell you they don’t like Trump and they wouldn’t vote for him, but I think at the end of the day I think they will because there is a strain of commonality.

    I guarantee you the Cruz people aren’t going Rubio and the Cruz people are not gonna go Kasich, and Carson has effectively pulled himself out. So the establishment and their hope to coalesce all the anti-Trump support has a lot of holes in it. And if they would try to coalesce behind Cruz instead of Rubio, they would have a much better chance of stopping Trump, but they won’t do it. And Steve is right, the reason they won’t do it, and we have stated it before on this program, they have maybe more fear of Cruz than they do Trump. They’re angrier at Trump, but they might fear Cruz a little bit more because he is a known quantity, and they know that they’re not going to be able to bully or muscle or finesse or any other tactic they might use to talk Cruz out of what he believes.

    So they’re kind of caught. They’re kind of caught. They don’t want Trump, there is a way, but they don’t want that way, so now they are reduced to first it was supporting Jeb Bush, who never had more than five points in the polls. Now they’re trying to coalesce behind Rubio who hasn’t won but one state, Minnesota, which is kind of an oddity and is down by 20 in his own state of Florida. It looks hopeless for him. The evidence is all around them that the direction they want to go is nowhere near the majority of the party. And, see, they know this.

    Folks, when you boil it all down, it’s the same thing the Democrats know. I state here that liberal Democrats are a minority in this country but yet we’re being governed by them. We’re being governed by a real minority, and the Republican establishment, the same thing. The Republican establishment way of thinking is actually a minority of thought within the party, and they don’t want to ever put that to a vote. They would end up losing the vote. That’s what this is really all about. That’s why they’re trying to thwart the vote per se ’cause they are in the minority, but they control all the levers just as Obama and the Democrats do.

    And don’t think that your average Republican voter doesn’t instinctively know that. Your average Republican voter knows that he is in the majority of the way most people in this country think. They know, the average Republican voter knows that all of these political forces are arrayed against them by people who really represent a numerical minority. And that just adds to the frustration. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. This is a democracy, representative republic, what have you. So that just adds to the frustration as well.


    RUSH: Here’s Beth in Santa Ana, California, head back to the phones. Thank you for calling. Nice to have you here.

    CALLER: Oh, it’s a blessing to be with you, Rush. It’s so wonderful to speak with you.

    RUSH: Thank you.

    CALLER: Kathy before you just articulated basically everything I wanted to say, except she’s mad and I’m just about on the verge of tears. I do not see any dignity or honor in any of these men. What on earth are they thinking that all we want to hear is them insult each other? I mean, it’s so childlike and ridiculous. I’m just so mad. This country is hanging by a thread, and it’s like P. T. Barnum’s circus.

    RUSH: Let me tell you what you’re hearing. You are listening, in the case of Romney or anybody else that would go out, you are listening to abject personal fear.

    CALLER: At our expense. What about this country?

    RUSH: That’s what I mean. They’re worried about losing what they’ve got. They’re worried about losing their power or their positions or whatever else. You are focused on saving the country. They don’t think the country’s in crisis, Beth. They don’t think there’s a crisis. Obama’s just the latest Democrat in a long line of Democrats. There’s nothing specifically dangerous going on out there. We want to win ’cause it’s our turn to get back in power, but you people that think Obama is posing a great threat, come on, grow up, you’re a bunch of kooks. That’s what they think.

    CALLER: Oh, that breaks my heart. It just breaks my heart in two.

    RUSH: They don’t think it’s a crisis. This is the thing that has always — and there are many of these things that have amazed me, but that one, there’s nothing particularly different here, Obama, LBJ, JFK, Bill Clinton, it’s just another Democrat that we’ve gotta beat, and they don’t see any crisis at all here.


    RUSH: Tony in Denver. You’re next. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

    CALLER: Hey. So if they succeed in destroying Trump, then they’re gonna turn right around and have to do the same thing to Cruz, right?

    RUSH: Bingo! Bingo! You got it. Exactly. That would be the next phase. If they do… If they were able to do any damage to Trump they would then set their eye… They may set their eyes on Cruz, anyway. I would, in fact, tell you that they have already been targeting Cruz, subtly. They haven’t gone after Cruz yet the way they did Trump. But, no, you’re exactly right. Bottom line: You’re exactly right. Cruz would be the next target.

    CALLER: So then my question is: What happens if Trump and/or Cruz survive and they try to hijack the convention? What do we do? It seems hopeless.

    RUSH: Well, let’s walk through that. What would hijacking the convention mean? There’s only one way it could happen. Well, look, let’s pretend everybody plays by the rules. There’s only one way it could happen, and that would be neither Trump nor Cruz gets 1,237 delegates. The way the thing is structured, whoever wins the delegates, those delegates are… During the primaries, during these elections, those delegates are pledged to that candidate on the first ballot at the convention.

    So if Trump gets 1,237, by convention and party rule, those delegates have to vote for Trump. Now, what you’re suggesting is, “Well, the establishment may say, ‘Screw that!’ They’ll get backroom meetings with some of these delegates and offer them who knows what or threaten them or blackmail them or whatever. Get ’em to abandon Trump.” In other words, break the rules. If anything like that is tried, you know what’ll happen, Tony?

    CALLER: No.

    RUSH: Trump will lead a walkout of all of his delegates, and let’s figure… Let’s just pretend here. (I’m not predicting. I’m constructing a hypothetical to answer his question.) Let’s say Trump shows up with 1,100 delegates in Cleveland. Let’s say whatever happens here, he doesn’t get the 1,237. And then they make a move here. After the first ballot, Tony, it’s wide open. Anybody can vote for anybody after that. The first ballot is the only ballot where they’re pledged to vote for whoever won their delegates in the state primaries.

    Trump would lead a walkout if they attempt to deny his voters a chance to vote for him, his delegates. Can you imagine a thousand, 1,100 people walking out of there in protest? It would be… It would not work. The establishment wouldn’t win anything. They wouldn’t end up winning the White House with this. They would call Republicans to either go vote for Hillary or stay home or what have you. There’s no way a Republican establishment candidate will be elected president if they try this. Now, you’re probably gonna come back and say, “Well, they don’t care about that. They don’t want Trump to become president,” or they don’t want —

    CALLER: Exactly.

    RUSH: — Cruz to become president.

    CALLER: That’s what I would say.

    RUSH: Yeah.

    CALLER: They win either way.

    RUSH: Well, yeah. So you’re worried that if they try these games, that we’re kind of stuck and have no recourse, if the people that run the convention decide to make their own rules as they go and deny what the voters expressed in the primaries, right?

    CALLER: Right.

    RUSH: I think if something like that happens, the sentiment, the will of the people — ’cause it will have spoken in volumes by then. Those would be very dicey times for the establishment. That would be more than just making sure that Cruz or Trump didn’t get the nomination. That could actually end up being the end them as well because it might be the end of the party. ‘Cause everybody’s gonna be reminding ’em, “Hey, you’re the guys…” And, folks, this is a salient point.

    Now, remember, every four years when they nominate McCain, what do they tell us? “We must unify.” They come to us and they tell us it’s up to us to be good losers. Our guy didn’t win. “But we must — for the sake of party unity and for dealing with the Democrats — come together. We must unify! We must support the establishment candidate.” Notice now, when the situation might be reversed, there’s no talk of them biting the bullet and unifying around a candidate that’s not theirs. That ends up being a one-way street. And people are gonna remind ’em of that.

    “Hey, you guys remember those last elections, McCain and then Romney, and we knew we didn’t have a prayer of winning? You told us we had to unify behind your candidate, and we did for the sake of party unity. Well, shoe’s on the other foot. Your turn.” That will be thrown at them. The media would love this, by the way. The media would love this kind of convention, disorder thrown in, too. That would be called brokered or backroom deals or what have you. But not being able to predict the future, I don’t know. I think everything is set to backfire on the establishment this year. So far, it has not. Time will tell. It’s interesting question.


    RUSH: John, San Diego. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

    CALLER: Thanks for taking my call. Yeah, Kathy, she set the bar pretty high. I hope I can achieve that.

    RUSH: Oh, I’m sure you can.

    CALLER: I’m a recently converted Trumpite. I said a few months back I’d vote for Hillary over Trump, but I changed my mind within the last week, and I’ll tell you why. It has to do with the ChiComs warning us American voters to get our minds right. And when I heard that, I thought to myself, “Oh, really?” It’s funny how within the week we got Romney coming out, we got McCain coming out, we got all these people come out of the woodwork attacking Trump and I’m thinking to myself, well, you know what? I’m gonna vote for Trump. I think what the establishment wants is Trump to go third party, you know, a la Ross Perot and that will split the vote, and Hillary gets in.

    RUSH: Let me ask you something here, John. You said that you have become a Trumpist by abandoning Hillary?

    CALLER: Trumpite. Yeah, I’m new to the cause. ‘Cause I said I’m gonna vote for Hillary over Trump, no way I’d vote for Trump. I’m a Cruz supporter, you know, deep down, but they want to do the Ross Perot deal where it splits the vote. Trump’s gonna go third party because the establishment is attacking him so —

    RUSH: So you think that they are abandoning their pledge to support the nominee if it’s Trump and that —

    CALLER: Right.

    RUSH: — hopefully, then, would force Trump to go third party?

    CALLER: Yeah. I thought it was written down on paper and they signed it. Maybe he could take ’em to court, Trump could take ’em to court for, you know, violating the contract —

    RUSH: Trump takes people to court for drinking water the wrong way, so it doesn’t need to be written down.

    CALLER: Yeah. So I think he could just, you know, the agreement’s null and void. I’m gonna go third party, take my delegates or do whatever, and that’s what they’re hoping for.

    RUSH: I don’t think that’s what’s gonna happen. Trump, I think, is smart enough to know third party is not gonna win anything. I don’t think that’s what is going to motivate Trump now. Did you hear Trump at the press conference on Tuesday night? He was talking about Republican unity. He was talking about growing the party. That’s the last thing the party wants. And I think, given all this stuff going down today, I think the last thing Trump would do is go third party. I think he’s going to be totally, totally invested in taking over the Republican Party, after this. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  32. That’s great Dan. Do the math. With 20% of the reliable Republican base, in the Bahamas on election day, HRC is President.

    Good grief! STOP LISTENiNG TO RUSH in election years- you’ll only hear what you want to hear

  33. Dan

    Do you really think the 8 people paying attention to this blog read that whole diatribe. Keep your comments short and pithy.

  34. I keep hearing #NeverTrump…why not #NeverHillary?

    I don’t think the Romney-led “tell it loud enough, long enough” tactic is going to resonate…in fact, it has probably exacerbated the rift as underscored in Dan’s Rush transcript. …NO ONE wants to be told how they are to vote..our microcosm here in the 52CD illustrated that.

    I am still #NeverHillary…I didn’t change…but apparently those with something to lose, influence, fear of the “movement” losing appeal have.. How did the establishment decide so quickly and move so concertedly to block the GOP nomination leader? They couldn’t do that with the budget or immigration, or going after Hillary…Its as crass as a wounded Bush dynasty and JEB rang the superpac dinner bell and the consultant class, which siphoned off millions of donor money on his debacle campaign, sees the teat drying up and influence diminished under an outsider candidacy.

    My, how the tables have turned.

  35. Chris: I meant to post a link, my bad.

    Brian: I didn’t care what Rush had to say. I don’t listen to him on a regular basis. I do care what the people said. Do you give any validity to what they said? Stop pontificating and try to understand the mood of the electorate. FF is right. They listened to people like you and elected Republicans to control the House and Senate. It got them NOTHING. They’re NOT listening to you anymore.

    5 million Republicans who voted for McCain stayed home and didn’t vote for Romney. That should have been a clear signal that the base was rejecting RINO’s and wanted a person who would fight for them. I don’t think Trump can do any worse and will probably do far better since he’s attracting blue dog Democrats and working class decline to states.

    I’d love for Cruz to win. Maybe if the Republican House and Senate Republicans would endorse him instead of constantly trying to destroy him, he’d have a chance.

  36. @Dan:

    1) Please give us the link, so we can take down the lengthy comment.

    2) “They listened to people like you and elected Republicans to control the House and Senate. It got them NOTHING. They’re NOT listening to you anymore.”

    If you think Brian Brady doesn’t understand the mood of the electorate and has been advocating for the establishment, it is you who isn’t paying attention.

  37. We know it may appear that only 8 people are reading this blog, but the counts the last few days have largely been driven by this very conversation…

    Screen Shot

  38. Post

    I’m not gonna snark back, Dan but I can’t resist this:

    “Did you see that chart? My read count is yuge. I am winning so much that I am tired of winning.”

    Yeah, I hate me too for saying that.

  39. Post

    “Do you give any validity to what they said?”

    Not really. Do you know why? They are pre-screened callers on a Rush Limbaugh show. If you call in, the producers ask you what you want to discuss. If you say, “I want to thank Romney” the producer says, “Okay, hold on, you’re #27”. If you say, “I am a Cruz supporter but I might just switch to Trump because of Romney” the producer says, “Rush, caller from Sun City AZ up next”

    Show business. Echo chamber.

    “Stop pontificating and try to understand the mood of the electorate”

    You just don’t get that on the Rush Limbaugh show, Hannity, Mark Levin, or even (as much as I love him) Mike Slater.

    You get that at RISE San Diego breakfasts, REALTOR networking meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, by reading San Diego Free Press and OB Rag instead of just SDRostra, on the UCSD campus, high school basketball games or surf contests, the Lenten Fish Fry at church, and a 50th birthday party for your buddy’s wife and….as hard as it is to stomach, on MSNBC

  40. So you don’t think Trump can win. I get that. So let’s agree on getting behind Ted Cruz and stop Trump in California. Ted is a Constitutional conservative that has a real chance to stop Trump…and he’s a fighter.

    Yes, I get that about Rush, Hannity, and Slater. Don’t insinuate that they are my only source of information. You spend so much time writing articles on SD Rostra, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you’re TA.

    You can get a real good feeling for the mood of the people by talking to people who used to be Republicans but are now decline to state to find out what happened. I called many Republicans in the last couple of years from my extensive AD 78 walk lists dating back to 2008 who are now decline to state. I talked to many fed up conservatives Republicans like Consiglio, Bittner, and Moran. I talk to upset conservatives at the Rock Church, many people at restaurants downtown everyday, stores and shops all over San Diego, my many friends in the Republican women’s groups, people I meet riding my bike to work and back every day.

    They tell me the same thing. Issa and Hunter don’t listen any better than Scott Peters or Susan Davis and they can hardly tell the difference. They seem to vote the same in most instances. Many SD Republicans are fed up with them and that’s reflected in the rapidly increasing DTS voters.

  41. “You spend so much time writing articles on SD Rostra, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you’re TA.”

    That’s very insulting. To Brian Brady.

  42. You’re right Dan. I think you proved my point , Donald Trump is too liberal and too extreme for the a big portion of the reliable Republican voters.

    You’re right. Our base is leaving us because we’re sacrificing principles for short-term gain. Now you understand the #nevertrump movement


    Thor’s Assistant for numerous posts

  43. Brian, while a dapper gent, you don’t look anything like the God of Thunder… 🙂

    So, #NeverTrump/AssureHillary folks- Will you vote for #FeelTheBern if Shrillary is indicted, wearing an orange jump suit with chain-jewelry accessories? Or will you abstain there too?

    So, perhaps #NeverTrump becomes “#AssureBernie…politics does make interesting bedfellows?

  44. Post

    I am #NeverTrump and so are millions like me, Frank. I assure you that there is a better chance of Trump supporters backing Cruz than there is asking movement conservatives to back Senor Ricardo Grande

  45. Brian…Perhaps.

    But as a #NeverHillary guy, I’m prepared for whoever is the GOP nominee over Senora Bruja Malvada…even Mitt…Sadly, to assure Hillary is not elected, I may have to eat the Trump Steak..I don’t want to eat the Trump steak, but I’ll power through it so I never ever have to hear Shrillary give a SOTU Address…ever!

    I guess its an unstoppable force (Trump) against the unmovable object..(Establishment/#NeverTrump).


  46. If Trump comes to San Diego, I plan to join any group with signs saying “Principles Before Party” or something to that effect. Would love to see this small 77 year old lady being manhandled by one of his thugs.

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