Kavanaugh hearing reminds of the character assassination of Phil Graham — and bad behavior by his Republican opponents

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I am watching and listening to the Judge Brett Kavanaugh “gang rape” hearing today. It seems to be a simple decision — you believe Kavanuagh’s denial or believe Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s Eleventh Hour uncorroborated accusation of attempted rape. Many of my conservative friends are annoyed with the way the Democrats have played politics with something that should have been addressed in August.

On May 21, 2018, The Coast News reported that Republican-endorsed Assembly candidate Phil Graham was being investigated for sexual assault. Eight days later, the same paper reported that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office cleared Graham of all accusations. Two weeks ago, the same paper reported that the San Diego County District Attorney filed charges against Graham’s accuser for filing a false report.

Like Kavanaugh’s hearing, the Graham accusation was made at the Eleventh Hour, three weeks before Election Day. Labor unions used that refuted allegation up until Election Day, in order to discredit Graham, suppress voter turnout, and sway the election. It worked; two Democrats advanced to the November run off.

I expected the Democrats and labor unions to traffic in false information to win an election. Graham’s election, and this Kavanaugh hearing, cement my belief (shared by Senator Lindsey Graham) that Democrats will do and say anything to get power. What I wasn’t prepared for in the Graham election, was the extent to which Republican vanity candidates would stoop to advance their failed campaigns.

Republican candidates, none of whom could raise more than $100,000, spent the nine days of the investigation trying to whip votes to pull Graham’s endorsement by the Republican Party of San Diego County. They campaigned in front of North County Republican groups and sowed seeds of doubt against our endorsed candidate. More telling to me is the behavior of all of the Republican candidates after that election was lost. Graham has been at every meeting, fundraiser, and volunteer event while the rest of the field are back to their individual pursuits. 

I hope the debacle of this Kavanaugh Hearing motivates Republican voters to show up in November and punish the bad behavior of the opposition party. More importantly, as an alternate member of the Republican Party of San Diego County Central Committee, I hope my colleagues have a long memory about the June election. If you participated in the character assassination of our endorsed candidate, you should think long and hard about how wrong you really were. If you supported Graham, you should never forget those Republicans who who parroted that refuted allegation. Don’t reward those Republicans for their bad behavior…

…Never. Support. Them. Again.


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  1. Good analysis Brian. None of those other local Republican candidates had a snow balls chance in Hades but torpedoed Phil Graham out of ego, selfishness, and spite. We should all let them know our anger when we see them. They’ll show up eventually.

  2. Brian,

    Tell your friends that they don’t get to support what was done to MerrIck Garland, and then bemoan the politicization of the Supreme Court nomination process.

    It’s karmic irony that the Ken Starr investigator who insisted on asking a sitting president under oath if he completed a legal sex act in the mouth of a consenting adult is now reduced to tears of rage at “search and destroy” politics.

    Some of us called foul back then. We thought it was probably a bad idea to put the details of every private life under a microscope. But we lost that argument, and we are now simply following the precedent set by a young Brett Kavanaugh.

    It’s important to note that President Clinton wasn’t impeached for an affair, but rather for lying under oath.

    To that end, I wonder if the FBI is asking Judge K’s friends if they remember a drinking game called “Devil’s Triangle,” if they ever recall a time when Mr. Kavanaugh blacked out, if they recall him being known to have a “weak stomach,” if they remember what was meant by the word “boof,” and whether they recall the meaning of “Renate Alumni.”

  3. Come on Encinitas Dad. Can you at least be honest and admit that it’s all about keeping judges out of the SC who believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution? You couldn’t win the Presidential election, so you want to preserve judicial activism so you have a chance to force issues like Obamacare and Homosexual Marriage down the throats of Americans who never wanted it. You know that strict Constitutional SC judges would never have approved issues like this. By the way, to my knowledge, no President in his last year has ever appointed a SC judge. How about Juanita Broderick? Was she a consenting adult? Why don’t you press to investigate that rape allegation? I hope Trump and the Senate stay the course on Kavanaugh. Then we have a great chance of Making America Great Again.

  4. @Ken Stone of Times of San Diego:

    With all due respect, the question you attempted to post as a “challenge to the group” has nothing to do with the article above. We’re not going to play the game of allowing you to go off topic with an unrelated challenge, then have you write somewhere that “Rostra readers had no response” about a serious question that most may not even see.

    This is not a “group.” It is a blog, with writers and readers of differing opinions. We have no doubt that plenty of them have concerns about the ad you reference. We’d suggest you ask your contacts directly.

    Thank you.

  5. Daniel,

    There are plenty of other qualified candidates who share a judicial philosophy who have not lied under oath. Judge Gorsuch didn’t have much of a problem. As a strict textualist yourself, I wonder if you can point us to the clause that empowers the executive branch to create a Space Force. Or for that matter an Air Force. No where in the Constitution do the framers talk about national defense in a general sense. They talk specifically about forming and funding an Army on the land, and a Navy on the seas. A true strict constructionist should insist that the Air Force be immediately disbanded until such time as a Constitutional Amendment can be passed to allow such an institution.

    As for your statement that “to (your) knowledge, no President in his last year has ever nominated a SC judge.” I have wonderful news for you. You no longer have to live within the constraints of your limited personal knowledge. We have the internet, which makes it possible to quickly and easily expand your knowledge with a tool called “search.” To wit, here is a list of SC nominees who were either confirmed, withdrawn, or declined by a vote of the Senate in the last year of a presidency:

    John Jay, Declined
    John Marshall, Confirmed
    William Smith, Declined
    John Catron, Confirmed
    Peter V. Daniel, Confirmed
    Reuben Walworth, Withdrawn
    John C. Spencer, Withdrawn
    Edward King, Withdrawn
    Samuel Nelson, Confirmed
    George E. Badger, Withdrawn
    Jeremiah S. Black, Declined
    William B. Woods, Confirmed
    Melville Fuller, Confirmed
    George Shiras Jr., Confirmed
    Benjamin N. Cardozo, Confirmed
    Abe Fortas, Withdrawn
    Homer Thornberry, Withdrawn

  6. Post
  7. No amount of sour grapes will keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed. No smoking guns discovered in the many FBI interviews. Better luck next time. Your comments are a perfect example of why the American people elected Trump and not the elitist Hillary. Like a typical leftist, you talk down to people on a regular basis because you think you’re better than them. You leftist elitists think your education and position gives you the moral authority to force policies and views on Americans. No more. It’s a new day ED and Trump is restoring American values that made America the greatest country on earth. We are MAGA. SC Justice Kavanaugh will make sure that there is no more making up the law to advance leftist extremist views. Issues before the SC will be decided on an originallist interpretation of the Constitution. Trump and the American people win again.

  8. Daniel,

    Before these allegations and the second hearing, I firmly believed Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed. He is obviously qualified and he received the highest rating possible by the ABA. I also didn’t believe that the allegations, even if true, were necessarily disqualifying; I am more concerned with what a person has done with his life recently, not one-off bad decisions made more than 30 years ago.

    After saying all the above, I would today vote against confirmation for one reason and one reason only: Judge Kavanaugh demonstrably lied under oath at the hearings and frankly, lied about matters that may have been personally embarrassing, but were otherwise trivial.

    The Congress impeached a President for lying under oath; Why do you think it is ok to confirm a Supreme Court Justice who did the same?

  9. If Brett was so clean why did the White House limit what the FBI could do and who specifically they could question? My problem with him is that he has a history of being a hard core operative for the Republican party. That’s different than having a left or right bias. Please welcome the new Joe the Plumber(Watergate ref.) to the court.

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