Women Can Get Rich In California!

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Fabulous news, ladies!  Governor Brown signed Toni Atkins’ bill which requires California-based, publicly-traded companies to have at least 33% women on their Boards of Directors.

Think you don’t have the experience to serve on a Board of Directors? The education? Gravitas in the business world? None of that matters — the only relevant requirement is your gender. Here’s the best part — you don’t have to offer an opinion to the Chairman of the Board or the CEO. You only have to be a woman.

Here’s your prospecting list. Get busy because the average compensation for a Director at a publicly-traded company is $50,000 to $200,000.

PS — As the husband to a woman, and father of a woman, I am excited about this bill and hope to get rich off of it.


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  1. This is excellent news.

    Women earn more associates degrees than men. More women graduate with bachelors degrees (ahem) than men. Every day, more women than men receive a Masters degree or PhD. And women graduate at all levels of higher education with higher average grades than their male peers.

    There are more than enough qualified women candidates for board positions. The ONLY valid explanation for the sustained gender disparity on boards is the dismissive retrograde attitude Brian has just demonstrated so well.

    I can tell you from first hand experience that corporate boards work better with women represented. At most companies, roughly half of sales are made to women. Oversight of business plans and marketing strategy benefits from a board reflective of the customers the company serves.

    I used to work for a great American company with a market cap over 40B. It was a part of my job to bring in Directors here to San Diego to spend a day touring and reviewing our business unit operations and results. We had two women on the board, and I noticed a big difference. The male board members were too quiet. They had egos that held them back from asking questions that may reveal a lack of knowledge about our business. They spoke only on matters where they were confident. We knew they didn’t understand certain things about our business—that’s why we invited them to tour. The two women were very different. They asked questions early and often. The early questions were shocking in their simplicity and demonstrated a disturbing lack of understanding of how a large chunk of the company worked. The follow up questions were smarter. The third wave of questions were very sharp, and by the fourth wave of questions they were beginning to make us uncomfortable by asking pointed questions about complex challenges we still hadn’t solved. The questions, the dialog, and the ramp of understanding were stunning. No male board member did that.

    Maybe it’s a small sample size, but my personal experience sold me on the value of women on the BOD.

  2. From the SB 826 bill text:

    (f) For purposes of this section, the following definitions apply:
    (1) “Female” means an individual who self-identifies her gender as a woman, without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth.
    (2) “Publicly held corporation” means a corporation with outstanding shares listed on a major United States stock exchange.

  3. Post

    “The ONLY valid explanation for the sustained gender disparity on boards is the dismissive retrograde attitude Brian has just demonstrated so well.”

    You should read my PS.

  4. The hate and discrimination against white men in America was on display for all of America to see in the Kavanaugh hearings. It’s bad enough that white men can’t get into schools that they deserve to get into, and can’t get jobs and promotions that they’ve earned. A professor at SDSU gleefully told me that 65 percent of the undergrads were women. Every other minority group gets a free pass to things they didn’t earn and don’t deserve. You’re witnessing the systematic marginalizing and destruction of white men. This is not America. We expect that an extremist lesbian politician like Toni Atkins would champion discriminatory legislation against men. But the lack of outrage by the men posting on this issue is disgusting. It has been reported that white American men were widely angered by the treatment of Kavanaugh and white men in general. I’m glad it happened so white men will wake up and fight for our rights to what we have rightfully earned.

  5. Daniel,

    As a White American Male myself, I know that we have been discriminated against throughout history and it has been made increasingly difficult for us to succeed in this country.

    The only other demographic that I can think of that has it tougher that the White American Male is EVERY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC IN THE WORLD.

  6. Post
  7. Hypocrisy, who cares who has it tougher? It’s not the governments job to equalize outcomes in life. If a person wants something, work for it and earn it. Even Asians, a minority group ,are furious that spots they have rightfully earned in Harvard, are denied entry to Harvard to give a spot to a woman or some other person in a group who hasn’t earned and doesn’t deserve to get in Harvard. Diversity is another name for blatant discrimination against white men. I hope there is enough anger and action on the part of white men to take back what they have earned. The prizes in life should go to those who earn them . Anything else is against the American way.

  8. Brian,

    Absolutely correct. I was just responding to Daniel’s comment about “White American Men.”

    I also should point out that as an individual, you have probably had more advantages than most other individuals in the world. Just guessing.

  9. Post

    “you have probably had more advantages than most other individuals in the world.”

    Absolutely. I have the distinct advantage of living in THE society which has produced the greatest amount of wealth, for the greatest amount of people, while maximixing the greatest amount of individual liberty, in the history of humankind.

    I know what works. That’s why I fight so hard against the creeping collectivism which would ruin opportunities for the next generation

  10. Brian,

    Actually you have the advantage of BEING BORN in the greatest country the world has ever know. Add to that being born white and being born male and you hit the trifecta!

  11. America, white, and male, a trifecta? What a joke. A huge disadvantage recently. This is everything the Democrat Party hates and demonizes. The personal destruction of Brett Kavanaugh by the Democrat Party because he is a white, conservative male tells America everything they need to know about what the Democrats are. Now the Democrat Party ‘s real face of hate, intolerance, and destruction of white men is on display for all America to see. Normal people don’t like this. This is a blessing in disguise because it has energized Republicans in the Midterms to work hard to get out the vote.

  12. Daniel,

    Percentage of female Presidents (all-time) – 0%
    Current percentage of female Senators – 21%
    Current percentage of female House Representatives – 19.4%
    Current Percentage of female CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies – 5.4%
    Current Percentage of female Fortune 500 Company Board Members – 22.2%

    Is being a man really a disadvantage?

    Percentage of “Minority” Presidents (all-time) – 2.2%
    Current percentage of “Minority” Senators – 10%
    Current percentage of”Minority” House Representatives – 21.6%
    Current Percentage of African American* CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies – 0.6%
    Current Percentage of “Minority” Fortune 500 Company Board Members – 14.5%

    Is being White really a disadvantage?

    *Data for “Minority” CEO’s was not readily available.

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