Ocasio-Cortez: I plan to agitate, not legislate

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Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez will probably be elected as a Member of the US House of Representatives and most Americans are not taking her seriously.  They laughingly say that she is dim-witted, has no understanding of what a House member does, and has no understanding of economics whatsoever.


Ocasio-Cortez has no interest in legislating; she is going to Congress to agitate:

“but, there are very few orgainizers in Congress and I do think that organizers operate differently.  It’s a different kind of strategy. And what it is, is really about organizing…and REALLY thinking about that word… ORGANIZING: segmenting people, being strategic in their actions, and really bringing together a cohesive strategic pressure ON the Chamber instead of only focusing on the pressure inside the Chamber.”

This is textbook Alinsky:  divide, deceive, agitate, win.

What can you expect from a Representative Ocasio-Cortez?  More mob harassment of elected officials.  More veiled threats of violence towards elected officials.  More politically-motivated assasination attempts.  More politically motivated assaults.  More discord.

Segmenting people and being strategic with their actions with the institution of Congress as its target.  That is her strategy when she wins her seat.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is her “progressive brother”; that is why she endorsed him.  As flawed as Duncan Hunter is, you gotta pull the lever for him in November.  Handing this seat over to Saul Alinsky is a HUGE mistake.  If Hunter is guilty, we can elect someone who reflects the values of the District but, without a doubt Campa-Najjar is the exact opposite of the values of that District.

Don’t underestimate Ocasio-Cortez and don’t underestimate Campa-Najjar.  They intend to agitate rather than legislate if they win seats in the House


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  1. This is a typical hit piece by Republican right wing extremists. If anyone epitimizes the evil n are political system, it’s these low life political stooges of corporate propaganda who will do anything, say anything, to get their way. It’s these fools who put a lying privaldged Drunken mysogynist on America’s Supreme Court – when they had 6 other – AS CONSERVATIVE – qualified people to choose from… all people who could have got confirmed without tearing our country apart. I use to be a Republican – but to the hypocrisy of this party makes me want to throw up. I can’t wait for 2020 when Bernie Sanders becomes president. He might not be my political cup oftee – but at least HE is ethical.

  2. Bernie Sanders?? Oh dear Lord, I think I shat myself laughing. Who is the “lying privaldged (sic) Drunken mysogynist (sic)? I couldn’t get past your terrible spelling to figure it out. Sanders is so clueless he might as well be campaigning with rainbow unicorn ponies. Sure, all the free stuff sounds great – but there’s never an answer to the tough question: “Who pays for it?”

  3. Who cares? If she proves to be incompetent, she gets voted out. Ammar can’t be MORE corrupt or inept than Hunter. If Ammar proves to be terrible, vote him out.

    Maybe stop trying to divide everyone and look at the big picture. The fearmongering only works for so long before the con is discovered. Hunter is literally a lame duck and there is no reason a “deep state” conspiracy would target him.

    Very telling that Paul Ryan chose to dump Hunter from his committee assignments if it’s all a deep state conspiracy.

    Let Ammar prove himself like we let Trump prove himself. You say it’s not the same? Well Trump was a New York Democrat for years. Clinton’s went to his Wedding. That didn’t stop Republicans from voting for him.

    This is all no big deal.

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