SD 36 Watch: Hunter, Jarvis Taxpayers Endorse Anderson; Stone Asks for Debates

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Excerpts from the Anderson Campaign…

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Endorses Anderson for Senate
Leading taxpayer advocate gave Anderson a perfect rating in 2009 due to his vote against Proposition 1A.

SACRAMENTO – California ‘s leading taxpayer advocate, The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA), has endorsed Assemblyman Joel Anderson in his bid to become the next State Senator from the 36th Senate District. Anderson’s service in the state legislature is what earned him the HJTA endorsement, which is considered the endorsement gold-standard in California Republican primaries. “Joel’s steadfast opposition to higher taxes earned him our highest rating,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal.

Anderson earned straight A’s on the HJTA’s legislative report card since first assuming office in 2006, and was one of two legislators that earned a perfect score in 2009. In that year, Anderson was a key vote against putting Proposition 1A on the May special election ballot. Proposition 1A was a  $16 billion tax-hike on Californians which HJTA adamantly opposed.

“I’m honored to have the endorsement of California ‘s most tireless taxpayer advocates, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association,” Anderson said. “I look forward to fighting alongside them once I am in the Senate to protect California citizens from Sacramento liberals who think we can tax our way to prosperity,” he said.

Congressman Duncan Hunter Endorses Joel Anderson for State Senate
East County Conservative Icon Represents 59.7% of Senate District 36.

EL CAJON – In a clear signal to the voters of the 36th Senate district as to who the real conservative candidate is in the race to replace State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, Congressman Duncan Hunter announced today he had endorsed Assemblyman Joel Anderson for State Senate.

“Assemblyman Anderson is a great conservative leader who has fought to strengthen the economy by supporting tax credits to encourage new hiring and by eliminating excessive regulations on businesses. He’s fought to stop the irresponsible spending in Sacramento, tie the hands of politicians by enacting a spending cap and put an end to deficit budgets.” That’s why he’s my choice for State Senate,” said Hunter.

Congressman Hunter’s endorsement was seen as crucial in this race as he represents 59.7% of the seat’s voters. Congressman Hunter’s father also served East County in Congress for 28 years. Hunter, a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, is a leading conservative voice in Washington.

And, from the Stone campaign…

Stone Invites Anderson to a Series of Open Debates
Wants to Show Voters Democracy the Way It Is Meant to Work

SAN DIEGO, CA – Conservative Republican Jeff Stone calls upon Assemblyman Joel Anderson to participate in a series of open public debates.

“I’m proposing a series of spirited debates throughout the 36th Senate District between now and election day, giving voters the opportunity to see and hear the Republican candidates the way we really are – in our own words, unvarnished and unfiltered,” Stone said.

Stone set no preconditions for the debate. They can be held anywhere, anytime. The only thing Stone wants is for them to be open to the public. “Voters deserve more than sound bites and 30 second TV commercials,” Stone added. “The debates will show them democracy the way it was meant to work.”

As a statewide anti-tax warrior, Jeff chaired the NoWay1A campaign to help defeat Proposition 1A in last years special election – an initiative that would have increased taxes on families by $16 billion and done nothing to stop runaway government spending. Stone is also the chairman of Reclaim California, a group fighting government waste, fraud and abuse.


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  1. Joel Anderson has regularly scored 100% on the Howard
    Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. scorecard of key votes taken in the
    State Assembly over the years.

    This is a well-deserved endorsement based on a
    proven record of defending the public.

  2. Anderson? Seriously? Many of us in East County know of his laundering tactics and wouldn’t vote for him for anything. Jeff Stone is the only way to go. Took me a long time to come to this conclusion but after researching Anderson’s donor list, I am convinced. Anderson is as shady as a 200 year old oak on the Carl’s Jr. Parking lot in Alpine before they got chopped down. No thanks!

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