Wells Endorsed By California Medical Association

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California Medical Association Endorses Bill Wells for State Assembly

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 19, 2010 CONTACT: Eddie Sprecco 619-889-1348

(El Cajon) The Bill Wells for Assembly Campaign is continuing to build momentum towards the June 8th primary and announces another major endorsement in the California Medical Association (CMA). Founded in 1856, the CMA now represents more than 35,000 members in all modes of practice and specialties.

El Cajon Mayor Pro Tem Bill Wells has an established career as a Mental Health Professional and in hospital administration. His understanding of the interworking of hospitals and the broader field of healthcare delivery makes Bill an ideal candidate to speak on healthcare issues.

“San Diego’s physicians are proud to support Bill Wells in his campaign for the State Assembly. His proven record of outstanding public service combined with his professional background and experience will make him a strong advocate for the health care needs of the citizens of the 77th Assembly District” says Robert Hertzka, MD, a prominent contributor to healthcare policy and politics.

In response to the endorsement Bill Wells noted the prominence of the CMA. “The California Medical Association is a major participant in the shaping of our healthcare policies in the state. I look forward to working with the CMA to craft healthcare reform solutions that work for Californians.”

The 77th Assembly district includes: Alpine, Borrego Springs, Bostonia, Casa de Oro – Mount Helix, Crest, El Cajon, Granite Hills, Harbison Canyon, Jamul, La Mesa, Lakeside, Ramona, Rancho San Diego, San Diego, San Diego Country Estates, Santee and Winter Gardens.



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  1. Now that the Doctors have endorsed Mr Wells, perhaps he will answer my question from last week. I have looked at the state boards and Mr. Wells is a Licensed RN but I am reposting the question so he can answer it himself as he may not have seen it. Perhaps now that the Doctors have endorsed an RN, he will take the question a little more seriously…

    Mike says:
    April 15, 2010 at 2:01 pm
    Mr. Wells,
    What is it that you do, are you a licensed psychiatrist?

    I looked on your website and it says you have been “…working in local psychiatric hospital administration as Vice President of Business Development and Outpatient Services and in the clinical role of Director of Psychiatric Assessment. My primary clinical focus has been on the severely mentally ill.” What license do you hold that you evaluate criminals?


  2. Dear Mr. Wells,
    This comment addresses your statement that you have been endorsed by the California Medical Association in the 77th District Assembly race. Is that statement accurate? It is my understanding that the local medical society voted to endorse you on April 15th but that the California Medical Association PAC has not yet voted or issued an endorsement, as of this post. Can you please clarify? Also, are you a member of the local medical society in any capacity and, if so, how long have you been a member? Finally, have you agreed to adopt any positions on any issues facing the medical community in order to gain this endorsement and, if so, could you briefly outline the positions you have adopted? Thank you.

  3. SD Rostra contacted Dr. Roberts Hertzka and determined this:

    -The San Diego County Medical Society voted to recommend endorsement of Bill Wells to the CMA on April 15th.

    -The CMA PAC ratification of the endorsement of Wells took place the next day, April 16. “Done” in Hertzka’s words.

    -Mr. Wells’ press release noting his support by the CMA was posted three days later.

    In other words, no issue.

    We at SD Rostra notice from time to time what could be construed as an attempt by some commenters to use this blog to post questions that are meant to call into question the integrity of certain candidates. To be clear, we are not saying this was or is the case here. Yet, it is to note that this will be monitored closely and addressed accordingly if so warranted.

    Who will determine if it is warranted? We will.

    Also, we would like to believe that candidates who post blogs or guest columns here would also be monitoring the blog for any questions, especially reasonable inquiries. Yet, we are also smart enough to know that in the hyper-arena of a campaign, time spent here may be taking away from time spent walking precincts and fundraising.

    Unlike an email to a campaign or via a candidate’s website, there is no method for a candidate to know exactly when a question has been posed on SD Rostra, unless they monitor the blog all the time. Even we would say that is not likely time well spent.

    However, in the case of a question posed to a candidate via their email or website, it would be up to them how they monitor their own communication tools, as well as how and if they answer.

    Thus, we would encourage all readers to also consider using a candidate’s provided website or contact info to ask questions, maybe letting them know that the question has also been posed in this venue, so they may be aware of the opportunity to answer directly, as well as publicly on the blog.

    Thank you!


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