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As a conservative and staunch supporter of the state of Israel (if you do not know or cannot tell, I’m Jewish), I feel it is imperative that Americans fight for Israel’s existence and being. Being a productive entity in this world, full of culture, and also a big supporter and ally of the U.S. (well, Obama is not exactly advocating for this great nation), Israel is very important in world affairs. It is constantly being threatened by those who hate its existence, deny the Holocaust and its devastation in the world, and those who wish for the death of Western Civilization.

So, if you would like to show your continual support for Israel and are at UCSD on February 10th, 2010, come here to hear and see Israeli Ambassador to U.S., Michael Oren speak about the importance I enumerated above. He will be a remarkable speaker and presence on campus, so come out!

Event Details Below, according to Tritons for Israel Michael Oren event page on facebook:


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  1. Sometimes we Christians are accused of befriending Israel and Jews to “convert them”. Israel as a nation from Abraham, and the rest of the Patriarchs until today have had a unique position in world history. In the middle of a Pagan culture they were a people that held fast to their convictions of a monotheistic God, and as we Christians believe, were chosen by God as a people to reflect that world view to the world around them, to be a “light to the nations” so to speak. My Christian faith is anchored firmly in the Old Testament. The way God dealt with Israel over 3000 years of history reveals the heart of Our God. A lot to learn from Israel’s history in regards to how I live my life, be it by David, a man after God’s own heart who had serious moral failings in his life (Trust me, it has kept me from making his mistakes) and the teachings of the prophets as to where we are headed in the short term (Ezekiel 38-39). As a Christian, to abandon Israel would be the same as abandoning my own faith. Israel is the apple of God’s eye as shared in the Old Testament and also in the New Testament thanks to the passion in the Apostle Paul’s writings. The fact that Israel even exists as a nation (the history behind that is too long for a post), let alone the Jewish people is a miracle. The destruction 70 AD by Rome and the dispersion, and later the Holocaust is unexplainable save for Divine purpose and intervention. Everything culminating around the end of History focuses on Israel. Darkness hates light. The world has always hated Israel and Jews. Israel is and always has been a light. We as Christians deal with the same issues Israel does as a personal issue every day in our lives. If we don’t then we need to reflect on our own hearts as to why we are or are not light. Will keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem.


    Dr. Gary

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