I Guess Sticks and Stones Break Poizner’s Bones

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We all enjoy the fun and games of politics, like public safety workers coming to doors during an election in “costume uniforms” during the recent special election here in Oceanside, but I got a press release from the Poizner for Governor campaign today that makes me think that the Commissioner, or maybe his staff, have lost their collective minds. In short, Poizner’s campaign has reported the Whitman campaign to the FBI, the US Attorney, and the AG for “threats and intimidation.” For the sweet love of all that is holy, Poizner wants to be GOVERNOR and he doesn’t even know the old rhyme by children sing about sticks and stones?

This episode is embarrassing, and demonstrates a lack of judgement that is jaw dropping. I’m sitting here almost sputtering as I write because there is just so much material here… and this was such a bad idea. People who work in press take note – there is a time to reflect and talk to people not in the inner circle. I’ll let the readers judge for themselves. Here are the relevant excerpts:

Whitman campaign’s threats and intimidation cross the line; FBI, U.S. Attorney, and AG Brown are notified of the Whitman campaign’s attempts to cancel the election.

Republican candidate for governor Steve Poizner today revealed intimidation tactics from Meg Whitman in which her top political advisor threatened to spend $40 million “tearing up” Commissioner Poizner.  Last week, Meg Whitman’s trusted advisor Mike Murphy contacted multiple people connected to the Poizner campaign and attempted to intimidate Poizner out of the race.  In return for dropping out, Meg Whitman offered to deliver to Commissioner Poizner the Republican nomination for the 2012 U.S. Senate race against Dianne Feinstein.

“Meg Whitman can’t risk the chance that voters have a choice.  This is the Whitman campaign’s way to cancel the election and take away the fundamental right of voters,” said Commissioner Poizner.  “Instead of debating the issues with me or answering questions from the press, Meg Whitman chooses to hide behind threats and intimidation tactics to stop Republicans from having a choice in the primary.”

After the Whitman campaign’s Mike Murphy’s call to a high ranking member of the Poizner campaign proved to be unsuccessful in forcing Steve Poizner from the race, Murphy sent the following e-mail to a senior member of Steve Poizner’s team.  In the e-mail, Murphy threatens that the Whitman campaign “can spend $40M+ tearing up Steve if we must; bad for him…”

The Murphy e-mail has been sent to the proper authorities, including the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s office, and the Attorney General’s office for review of ethical violations.  Download the letter.

“This pattern of intimidation has unfolded like an episode from the Sopranos television show,” said Poizner Communications Director Jarrod Agen.  “First they ask you nicely to do their bidding.  When you refuse, they go to mutual friends to convince you of the errors of your ways and offer you rewards if you do as they say.  If you still refuse, they threaten to tear you up.”


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  1. Looking forward to being on Rick Amato Show, KCBQ AM 1170 tonite 10 pm hr w/guest host Bob Siegel: This, as well as Sac’s move on no free parking. Listen on web: http://www.kcbq.com. Call in 888-344-1170.

  2. So now Republicans are turning in Republicans to the FBI for normal campaign nonsense?

    Steve, this is childish and threatens us in November whoever wins the primary.

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