Congressman Hunter Associates Sen. Rand Paul with Nancy Pelosi

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For those who missed last night’s meeting of the San Diego County Republican Party at the Town & Country:

A foolish comment from Congressman Duncan Hunter as he used the podium of our party to publicly denigrate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) by associating him with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

For those inspired by the ideals of constitutionally limited government, free markets and individual rights, I offer the Congressman’s voting record for context.

In 1959, in The Rise and Fall of Societies, American thinker and member of the Old Right, Frank Chodorov, challenged conservatism and conservatives by saying we had stopped debating non-government solutions and are now focusing on getting the right guy in office.

I do not believe this type of public comment by one of our elected leaders moves our nation or our party in a positive direction.

I did find the talk which preceded the Congressman, by El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, on his city’s limited government and free markets approach to be excellent.


Eric Andersen is a member of the San Diego County Republican Central Committee and former Chair of the 71st Assembly District. In 2012 he was the Rock Church Citizen of the Year. He is the current Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Liberty Caucus.


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  1. In response to the above question posed on Twitter, Eric Andersen indicates, “The Congressman had just stated he didn’t have a preference in the upcoming Presidential Primary and hoped we would stand together, but then went negative by grouping Senator Rand with Pelosi” as he discussed foreign affairs.

    Maybe someone else in attendance may be able to add their thoughts.

  2. I loved the energy from Mayor Wells, Congressmen Issa and Hunter. I can see how someone like Duncan who served in the military doesn’t share the same views on Foreign Affairs as Senator Paul, but was surprised to hear the jab at Senator Cruz…

    For the record, I am a fan of the 5 above mentioned elected officials as well as Eric & Thor’s Assistant

  3. Hector is such a diplomat. Secretary of State may be in his future. Hector, do you have a private email server? 😉 Thanks!

  4. Duncan Hunter Jr. makes a strong case — for term limits. His conservative record and rating has been steadily dropping since he took office. This is a common pattern, as incumbents decide the Constitution is an inconvenience to their governing us all. He is becoming bad fit for his conservative district, but incumbency makes one largely immune to removal.

    Check out Hunter’s history:

    The irony is that it is HUNTER who each year moves closer to Pelosi’s camp — not Rand Paul.

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