75th AD Watch: Hayes continues to edge up on Juza

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In the ballot counting race to determine whether Kevin Juza or Andrew Hayes will face Carl DeMaio in November’s general election for the 75th Assembly District seat, Hayes continues to pull closer, now 789 votes behind Juza.

Nick Allman provides detailed analysis in a YouTube video as to why he believes Hayes will close the gap on Juza.

Mason Herron is also working his magic, with detailed ballot trending in all races including the DeMaio-Juza-Hayes contest.

The 75th AD race is being closely watched, as a Republican vs. Democrat runoff in this strong GOP district — the case with DeMaio and Juza — virtually ensures a victory for DeMaio in November. (OK, it does more than just virtually ensure it.)

Two Republicans, however, creates a far different scenario in the minds of many politicos, even with DeMaio’s impressive showing in the primary. The strong name ID that drove him to a big first place finish, works for him with many Republican voters, but likely does the opposite among Democrats.

In today’s Voice of San Diego Politics Report, Scott Lewis notes that if Hayes makes it to the runoff, “…it will be a very big and ugly battle and a rare one for state legislative positions.”

The Registrar of Voters staff continues to tally ballots, with another update slated for 5 pm Saturday.


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