“Demon Sheep”

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Has anyone else seen the “Demon Sheep” Youtube video released by the Fiorina for United States campaign attacking Tom Campbell, also running for the seat. The video is a pretty good example of how over-the-top political advertising rarely works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo7HiQRM7BA

Campaign Money in Assembly 77 Race

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The Republican candidates for Assembly 77 were required to report their campaign fundraising last night. I’d guess none of them was in a giant hurry to do so, given the lackluster numbers. Coming in on top was conservative Brian Jones with 21k. Next was Councilman Bill Wells with 13k. Moderate Christine Rubin didn’t even have to electronically file, which means …

Shame on the Poizner Campaign

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I think we all can agree that political campaigns hardly bring out the best in people. Quite often they bring out the worst. Over the last few days some readers may have followed the story where an anonymous blogger from the Red County blogs, similar center right blogs to our own dear SD Rostra, was booted off the blogroll for …

Thuggish Behavior from Local Labor

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Readers probably have figured out I’m no great fan of people or of organizations who use their power to beat others into submission, or humiliate others, or threaten others. That’s why I was disgusted by an email I got last night informing me that the local labor council had blackballed a local business owner, Bob Glaser. Glaser, upon further investigation, …

Reaching Across Party Lines… The Right Way

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Good job to the San Diego Lincoln Club for inviting San Diego City Councilman Tony Young to address the organization. Yes, it is true, Tony Young is a Democrat. Yes, it is true, Tony also votes with labor some of the time from what I can tell. But at the Lincoln Club Tony was very clear that he didn’t want …

Results of San Diego GOP Straw Poll

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As the evening wore on last night, several hundred people ended up coming over to the Annual San Diego GOP Straw Poll to vote. I’m in a bit of a rush today so I will only cover the top of the ticket… maybe someone else can pick up the ball and report everything else. Whitman came in at 67%, with …

GOP Straw Poll

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Tonight is the local Republican Straw Poll and an election for an officer that had to resign because she left or is leaving town. Lower turnout than I would have hoped for an event like this.

Open Government and Marti Emerald

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While I don’t have the endless sources that Mr. Murphy does, I did get an interesting email from one of my friends in Grantville last night. It sounds like the local community groups in the 7th Council District are still none too happy with Emerald’s Advisory Councils. The email: “Brian Peterson who is the President of the GAG (Grantville Action …

Whitman on the Rise, Poizner Collapse

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There is a long way between now and the June primary, but it looks to me from comparing the numbers that Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is on the rise, candidate Steve Poizner in Collapse. There was a Field poll over a month ago that had it 22 Whitman, 20 Campbell, 9 Poizner. This week a Probolsky Research poll found it …

Great Reader Post

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I just logged in and read a great reader post on this Emerald Community Group issue. Great job, Thinking Man! Here is most of it, look it up below if you want the rest: Of course Marti has the right to create her own advisory groups to get the pulse of the community. In fact, she should create them so …

Rumors From the City Council Floor

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I read the earlier blog written by Mr. Murphy about Councilwoman Emerald. I find Murphy, or at least the old Murphy on Red County, to be a bit of the voice of the local GOP, and so take what he says with a grain of salt. So I did my own research. Isn’t that always better? I called a few …

Issa Hits It Right On the Mark

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An article was circulating today where Republican Congressman Darrell Issa pointed out that it was the grassroots, rather than the ‘leaders’ of the GOP driving the Party right now. Kudos to him for observing this. Some parts worth reading “The twin successes (ACORN and Jones) highlight the biggest differences between today’s GOP and that of a few years ago when …

Why I’m Writing

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By way of backgroud, I follow local, state, and national politics fairly closely. I’m a California Republican Party member, and served on the San Diego Central Committee. I’m active in various political campaigns when they interest me. I consider myself a principled conservative. I’ve been to a Tea Party rally, and I thought Palin was a valuable addition to the …