Open Government and Marti Emerald

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While I don’t have the endless sources that Mr. Murphy does, I did get an interesting email from one of my friends in Grantville last night. It sounds like the local community groups in the 7th Council District are still none too happy with Emerald’s Advisory Councils. The email:

“Brian Peterson who is the President of the GAG (Grantville Action Group) then asked Pearsen (presumably Chris Pearson, staff member to Councilwoman Emerald) about the Advisory Council, sounding none too pleased that he hadn’t been notified about the group. Pearsen said that in the future the meetings would be noticed with time, date, location, but that the agenda would be set by the Advisory Council which didn’t make sense to me. He also said they would be open to the public, which should be a gas. When I went home I went over to the computer and went to Emerald’s government website and no calender is up so who knows! The best thing about this (NAME EDITED FOR PRIVACY) finally agrees Emerald is a walking disaster. Who would have thought!!!!”


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