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I recently received an email requesting monetary or other donation to the Young Republicans Christmas party. I like the Young Republicans and have previously donated to their cause, which is likely why I was on the email distribution list.

What made this request irritating if not brain-dead stupid is that the name under the ask was one “Joe Sheffo”, V.P. 

Well heck, Joe isn’t particularly young, but I guess he’s registered as a Republican, and we’ve been courteous to one another over the years in a friendly but guarded sort of way… and then he decided to run for the Encinitas City Council in 2008, the same race in which I was seeking my third term. In a City that has never granted a third term to any Council Member not named James Bond.

Please understand, I have no problem with others running for office when I am, in fact my motto is “everyone in the pool!!”  But this guy Sheffo made a whole campaign out of bashing me and good Republican James Bond while simultaneously praising Democrat incumbent candidate Maggie Houlihan and Democrat candidate Collier. It was creepy.

Many in my camp thought he was being paid by the other side to do it, but I rejected that as campaign paranoia… Maybe I was wrong… Never the less, the good voters of Encinitas re-elected me as well as James Bond and rejected Mr. Sheffo.

In fact, after walking precincts for himself as well as the Republican party, and sending mailers, Mr. Sheffo resonated with the voters of Encinitas so strongly that they granted him a mere 2,020 (2.78%) more votes than an environmentally oriented lady named Betsy who quit the race before it got started and had no campaign, but quit after it was allowable to remove her name from the list! Good old Joe didn’t come in dead last, but he gave it a good try…

The bottom line is that if you want to call me names while promoting a Democrat candidate for office, great, but don’t cloak yourself in Republican red and ask me for money later. An elephant never forgets, you donkey.

As we live in a beach community, the phrase “go pound sand” comes to mind.

The YRs may want to look into the campaign activities of their VP, but other than that,

a Merry Christmas to all.


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  1. I don’t live in Encinitas and I don’t know this Mr. Stocks. But, I have meet Joe Sheffo at a few young republican events. It is my understanding that Joe is unemployed, lives at home, and in fact did support some Democrats over good Republicans. What seems very strange to me, is not the party loyalty, but that Joe is in his forty’s and dresses like he’s in his sixty’s. Joe, I’m ok with you being unemployed and being supported by my young tax dollars, living at home, supporting non-republicans, BUT, OMG, quit letting your mom dress you and buy some new outfits. You have violated the young reblican dress code!

  2. Its a charity fundraiser. Pick your fight when Toys for Tots isn’t the looser.

    Its no wonder that the county is going blue with leaders like you in place. Petty, inter-party scorched earth political crap is what is ruining us. Why don’t you help the YR’s rather than telling the world to avoid their events because somebody ran a campaign against you.

    Wasn’t your dominant victory over an unknown candidate enough to make you feel good about yourself?

    Put the bottle down and grow up, your not a Young Republican any more, act like it.

  3. Good point!
    The YR’s have chosen as leadership a jerk who was praising Democrat incumbent candidate Maggie Houlihan and Democrat candidate Collier who supported a needle exchange program for junkies over James Bond and Jerome Stocks who are solid fiscally responsible Republicans!
    The YR’s need to get themselves straightened out!

  4. A little clarification: I am the VP, Internal of the SDYR’s and am in charge of the whole Christmas party. Joe is our VP, External which means his job is to do fundraising for our events so I don’t have to do every part of the event. The party is a lot of work and delegating tasks is important. I am sorry if you are offended by him asking you for a donation for our Christmas Charity Event. If I had known your history, I would have sent the donation letter myself. As for Joe’s age, he is 39 which is the cutoff for our membership. Members of our group must be between the ages of 18 and 39.

  5. Thanks for the explananation Erin.

    Who knew the grown up in the room would be a 20’s something YR.

    Where can I RSVP and buy a ticket?

  6. Poor, poor Jerome. His skin is getting thinner by the second. He must be going through MAN-O-PAUSE.

  7. If discretion is the better part of valor, it seems that the Councilman from Encinitas is lacking both. On its face this unfortunately public tantrum demonstrates more about Mr. Stocks’ character and his predilection for taking things way too personal. Perhaps the good people of Encinitas and the SDGOP are comforted by this display unnecessary partisan purity by one of their leaders. It only seems childish to me.

  8. Mr. Stocks, a Republican elected official, has “flamed” a private citizen online—a Republican volunteer, no less. How embarrassing for our party, and how embarrassing for Mr. Stocks.

    I have no personal knowledge of that campaign, but Mr. Stocks’ behavior more closely resembles that of a college Republican than a city councilman. Sad.

  9. Jerome Stocks is the quintessential example of a RINO in GOP clothing. North County is Republican country, so if you want to get elected, you get a leg up by declaring yourself Republican when running for office. Once elected, too often the GOP establishment mindlessly backs such ersatz Republican incumbents for reelection.

    Indeed, it’s been my experience with local city councils north of San Diego, too often it’s simply impossible to tell the difference between most elected Dems and most Republicans. WAY too often they vote together, and almost always for bigger government, more regulation, more land grabbing and higher taxes.

    There are notable exceptions, but they STAND OUT as notable exceptions — such as Jim Gibson in Vista. This trend by Republicans to support RINOs is truly sad.

  10. Sorry “Ryan”,
    But Mr. Stocks “flamed” a candidate for public office, not a private citizen. Once you put yourself out there, you’re open to taking hits for your behavior.
    I will agree the piece was a bit harsh, but was it deserved? Who knows…

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