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By way of backgroud, I follow local, state, and national politics fairly closely. I’m a California Republican Party member, and served on the San Diego Central Committee. I’m active in various political campaigns when they interest me. I consider myself a principled conservative. I’ve been to a Tea Party rally, and I thought Palin was a valuable addition to the ticket (I would have preferred Palin/McCain). I read the old ‘Red County San Diego’ daily, and enjoyed its combination of news and opinion.

So that’s all a pretty long way of me getting to the point – I’ve watched the development of the Republican Party and many of our candidates over the last decade here in San Diego. When I started, the Central Committee was pretty weak and the officials didn’t really care what we did. It’s pretty strong now, strong enough that there is lively discussion about the Central Committee’s influence in local politics.

The idea of my blog column is to take a long look at the Republican Central Committee here in San Diego, and to sort through the good and bad, the true and false. This isn’t a license for a free for all (I learned how to delete comments already), but rather a place for a broader discussion about the local GOP past and present, where it does and doesn’t do the job, and where it could improve.

Whether or not you, the reader, are involved in any way with the Republican Central Committee (maybe my next post should tell you what the Central Committee is!), or it’s affiliated Republican organizations, the Republican Party has a great deal of influence as the central organization of the right, and I think it is worth discussing.

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  1. Welcome! You’ve chosen a valuable topic. I look forward
    to reading your insights here.

    If you attend the monthly meetings, it would be very news-
    worthy to write about what happens in the public sessions,
    both the serious and the humorous.

  2. With all the rumor-mongering about the Republican Party here in San Diego, I hope that Criticus will NOT take one side or another, but look at what goes on over there coldly and rationally.

  3. Tommy Boy:

    Take a look at coverage of the OC Republican Party on the OC Blog. It is newsy and informative. The San Diego Republican Party
    need not fear public discussion.

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