Rumors From the City Council Floor

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I read the earlier blog written by Mr. Murphy about Councilwoman Emerald. I find Murphy, or at least the old Murphy on Red County, to be a bit of the voice of the local GOP, and so take what he says with a grain of salt. So I did my own research. Isn’t that always better?

I called a few people I knew in or around the San Diego City Council. Some hadn’t heard of this. Some had. From those who had – Democrats included – they thought Emerald was foolish for putting out this kind of press release. The general consensus was that whatever community organization Emerald set up was probably a group of supporters rather than a legitimate cross section of community members. This is disappointing. It is as disappointing, to me, that Emerald would chose to keep the individuals she consults private. I don’t like backroom deals inside the GOP, or outside the GOP. I like making as much public as possible.

The best way for Emerald to clear this up is to release the names of the individuals she consulted on this matter, and to release when and how she met with them, and how they were selected.


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  1. I dont think I understand this. So Emerald says she supports a new library and city building but says she supports them because some group of people, presumably supports, said they support those projects?

    This doesnt even make any sense.


  2. I remember reading about that too. But, I also read this in the U-T:

    Committee sends library plan to council for vote
    By Craig Gustafson
    2:00 a.m. October 15, 2009
    “The new library in the East Village would be twice the size of the existing facility. The sixth and seventh floors would be used for a charter school serving about 400 students.
    To fund the project, the library is relying on $80 million in city redevelopment funds, $20 million from the San Diego Unified School District and a $20 million state grant. The state grant is contingent on the city seeking bids on the project by Nov. 15.”

    Maybe Emerald supports the library proposal because it makes sense. Besides, the money doesn’t come out of our tax dollars and the money mentioned can’t be used for anything else anyway. Why not build a new library? Creates jobs, stimulates the local economy…..and provides a unique partnership with a school.
    Sounds like a win-win to me.

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