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San Diego Campaign Fundraising Roundup: 1/1 – 4/23

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Mason Herron

Please see the attached links for an overview of campaign fundraising throughout San Diego County for the period of 1/1/2016 – 4/23/2016. Included here are only competitive races for Supervisor District 3, City of San Diego races, and Chula Vista District 4. Enjoy!

PDF version

Excel version


Rather than waiting for the new California $15 state minimum wage law to be phased in over five years, UC Berkeley decided to accelerate its own minimum wage to $15, starting this coming September (2016).

Naturally the Progressives celebrated. Shortly after making that decision, the administration announced the layoff of 500 workers, as the school now has a $150 million deficit to contend with. 

Can someone explain to me how a organization bleeding a $150 million annual deficit planned to pay for a 50% minimum wage increase? Do they teach Economics 101 at Berkeley?


Here’s an upbeat (if rather bizarre) story from a California jail.  When faced with an inmate security problem in the Santa Clara County jail, there was the $20,000,000, two year government solution, and then there was the $761.24, one week Costco solution.  Kudos to the sheriff for making the right call, and putting it on her own credit card!

But sadly, this story has a dark side.  The prison guard union president decried the sheriff’s “unilateral” purchase because “it hurts morale.”  Not clear why.  Never mind that the guards recently had beaten to death a mentally ill inmate under questionable circumstances and away from cameras.


“Equal Pay Day” — the day in April when women supposedly have to work before reaching parity with men’s pay — is perhaps the biggest hoax in progressive economics.  And that’s saying something!

Yet the press seldom looks at the bogus math behind the claim that women make only 77% of what a man makes doing the same job.  Even President Obama’s official White House website repeats the same canard, and it seems the press never questions the administration about this false claim.


Republican John Renison Announces 39th Senate District Run

Monday, April 11, 2016
posted by Press Releases - Media Advisories

John Renison of Coronado today announced his candidacy for California state Senate. The Republican will square off against Democrat Assemblywoman Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) in the 39th Senate District. The incumbent, Senator Marty Block (D-San Diego), has dropped out of the race.

An entrepreneur and family man, the start-up whiz revolutionized shipping with Piggyback Technologies. Piggyback connects people to goods by combining crowd-shipping technology with traditional courier based model services. In just seven months, the service has spread to five cities.

John Renison


ESCONDIDO — A massive investment proposed by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has little support among the City Council.

During its regular meeting Wednesday, Mayor Sam Abed shredded the aggressive plan to invest $18.2 billion as part of San Diego Forward, a regional transportation initiative looking toward 2050.

Read it all.


The five reasons why San Diego pro sports teams are perennial losers — in the past, present and particularly in the future.  Taxes play a big part in this tradition.

San Diego is a great place to play outdoor sports — terrific weather, low humidity, little rain (let alone snow) and no wind.  But for a star professional athlete making big bucks, economically San Diego is a bad choice.   And recently it’s been getting worse.


Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz did an interview with Carl DeMaio on NewsRadio 600 KOGO where he talks about his campaign and several issues important to San Diegans.

Listen to the interview here.


Despite the spin from the Chargers (and some really bad reporting by several outlets), there are 8 big problems with the stadium proposal. Read all about it – and spread the news!


I spend much time fighting against ever-higher California taxes. But ask any business person what is worst about California, and “taxes” will NOT be at the top of the list.  I conjecture that California LAWS and MANDATES take the top spot, with our LITIGATION climate in 2nd place, vying with our high COST OF LIVING for that runner-up spot.

Included in that top spot is the new $15 minimum wage, a cost that is far, FAR greater for most businesses than any tax increase.  Especially so when one remembers that social security contributions and workers’ comp premiums are calculated in part on the amount of the employee pay.


Here’s a crucial misconception by the public. It’s a misunderstanding that leads to calls for government mandates such as a $15 minimum wage — with the cost supposedly paid out of “greedy business” profits.

A poll asked: “Just a rough guess, what percent profit on each dollar of sales do you think the average company makes after taxes?”  

The average response – 36%. That’s about FIVE TIMES the actual figure. Other polls give similar results.

The latest average profit margin of 212 industries was 7.5%. The median profit margin was 6.5%.


RIP, Justice Scalia.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

Hoh boy.

It appears that the California state legislature, the governor and the labor unions have “struck a deal” that will raise the state’s minimum wage to $15.  No stinkin’ proposition will be required to enact this requirement into law, with a simple (Democrat) legislative majority easily attainable.

The minimum wage (now $10 an hour) will rise in stages, hitting the cherished $15 mark in 2022, and rising to match inflation after that.  Very small businesses will have an extra year to comply.


Central Committee Ballot Order

Friday, March 18, 2016
posted by Mason Herron

With the candidates qualifying for the Republican Central Committee being final, and with the Secretary of State releasing the randomized alphabet lottery results, I went ahead and put together the list of candidates for Central Committee, based on that alphabet. This would be seemingly important, as popular opinion seems to be that ballot order is strongly correlative to electoral success when it comes to Central Committee. Of course, popular opinion isn’t always right, and there are definitely other factors that have a contribution (such as incumbency, name recognition, ballot title, etc.)

Nonetheless, since there are many folks running who would be interested, it seemed worth putting together.


Every so often the California Policy Center takes my turgid, wonky, POORLY formatted “California Is Doomed” fact sheet and converts it into a thing of beauty — reformatted and posted online. The ONLY advantage for my tiny print, narrow-margin Word file is that is squeezed onto a two page handout — a handout that few can bring themselves to read.

THIS CPC online version IS readable.  Not a FUN read, but very readable.  And “shareable.”

It’s been I think a year since CPC has done this with my constantly updating fact sheet, but last week they put up the latest version (see below). Enjoy.


It’s a story too common to even make the news in California anymore:  Pegasus Foods, a Los Angeles firm, announced it is building a new food plant in Texas, employing 325 people.  It’s unclear if the company’s CA HQ will also move — but it seems likely, based on the CEO’s positive comments:

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be here in Texas,” said Jim Zaferis, principal of the Los Angeles-based company that supplies food for restaurants such as Chili’s, Panda Express and Cinnabon.


Graham out too: His full statement

Thursday, March 10, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

The full statement from Phil Graham…


I declared my intent to run for California Assembly last summer because I got tired of California entrepreneurs looking to Texas or Nevada as friendlier places to do business. I’d seen one too many comparisons of California’s once-great education system to that of Mississippi. The California Dream had become something to reminisce about, rather than something to aspire to.


Carl’s Jr. IS a California company. Always has been. But now it’s a nationwide business, and there’s millions and millions of reasons for the company to move its HQ out of the uber-anti-business Golden State. Tennessee won the HQ sweepstakes — and Carl’s Jr. is only their latest business acquisition.

The HQ’s employ only about 150 people. But many if not most of those positions pay six figure incomes. A handful might earn seven figure compensation. There are no burger flippers in Carl’s HQ.

Tennessee has no “earned income” tax. They tax only dividends and interest. But there are many other positive aspects, especially compared to high-priced CA.


The Tea Party movement was a remarkable happening.  It was started in February 2009 with a rant by a Chicago bond trader.  But what remains of this movement today largely backs the OPPOSITE of the reforms that drove the 2009 Tea Party phenomenon.

Today’s Tea Party (what’s left of it) has little interest in the Constitution, or the safeguards incorporated in this fine document.  Today the Tea Party movement is deader than a door nail.

The idea of a new Tea Party was started by Congressman Ron Paul in the end 2007, during his remarkable, Quixotic run for President.  It was less a movement than a vehicle for Dr. Paul’s campaign, with the expected limited government themes.


Lightner’s husband said to “appropriate” Ellis website

Saturday, March 5, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

From the Ray Ellis campaign…

Nuf said

Friday, February 26, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant



This old sign tells the story of how broken our immigration system has become.

It tells my family’s story – check out my commentary here



Breaking News: Joel Anderson discontinues his bid for Supervisor in 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

Senator Joel Anderson tonight told an East County meeting of the Lincoln Club that he’s dropping his campaign for San Diego County Supervisor this year, instead focusing his attention on the race in 2020 when current Supervisor Dianne Jacob is term-limited from office.

Anderson confirmed the decision with Rostra and will release an official announcement soon. (See update below.)

Jacob said, “This is a victory for my constituents and all the people who have worked so hard over the last year to build a strong campaign. It’s not over until June so I will continue to build support over the next few months. I look forward to serving taxpayers and my communities for another four years.”


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