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As I’ve noted before, the progressives have latched on the fact that California is the 7th (or 8th) largest economy in the world.  It’s a “so there” rebuttal, intended to prove that all the bad economic policies in our Golden State have had little or no negative effect.  But of course, this grand assertion is accompanied by zero analysis.

I’ve ripped this this misleading fact apart before — adjusting our state’s GDP for population and COL in other states.  But now we have new, updated GDP state figures (mid-2014) to consider:

Again and again we hear the usual laments from the uninformed gun haters about concealed carry — how it would transform — DOES transform — a civilized society into the Wild West. You know  the mantra — shootouts at fender-benders, bars ablaze with gunfights, etc.

It’s always fun to inject a dose of reality into such gun haters — it’s toxic to their wellbeing.  Here’s a sharp needle-full of facts for your favorite anti-gun friends. They never actually check the empirical results of people legally carrying firearms — that just arrogantly assume that they know what the results are.  

…he called out the wrong Mexicans.

Donald Trump, famous real estate developer and television star is seeking the Republican Presidential nomination for 2016. He created quite a stir when he recently said in his campaign announcement that Mexicans entering America illegally were “drug dealers and rapists.” Trump is absolutely wrong and is blaming the victims — the Mexican nationals who are entering America illegally are more aptly described as economic refugees. If Republican candidates want to address the illegal immigration crisis in America, they would do well to focus on the Mexican emigration problem.

Below is a pretty good summation of the major potential California tax increases now being proposed by Sacramento politicians.  Here’s a link to even more proposed CA state taxes.  And there’s a link below to “Californians AGAINST Higher Taxes” — seeking funds, of course.

While my grassroots taxpayer group San Diego Tax Fighters has joined their coalition opposing this potential avalanche of higher taxes, we take no position on this taxpayer group’s effort vs. other fine tax fighting outfits in our state.   This is not a fundraising pitch.

Uber Ruling Illustrates How Government Ruins Good Things

Friday, June 19, 2015
posted by Steve Rider

With the recent ruling from the California Labor Commission declaring that Uber’s drivers must be treated as W-2 employees, California residents will have front-row seats to watch government ruin innovation and a thriving market. While many costs created by government go unnoticed, the inevitable hike in prices and decline in services will be an eye-opening experience for millions of Uber customers.

Uber’s rise in popularity is a textbook example of how free markets can improve society. For decades, citizens simply assumed expensive and elusive taxis were an inevitable way of life. This paradigm shifted in 2008 when two gentlemen, frustrated by a cab ride in Paris, envisioned something better. Fast forward to today and their idea is now one of the world’s most successful startups with valuations as high as $50 Billion.

Historically Japanese executives and their companies has been much more comfortable concentrating in California on the Pacific Rim rather than the “inland” and East Coast states.  We have a small but successful Japanese population dating back generations.  CA is not considered a prejudiced state for Asians.  The Japanese have surely felt particularly out of place in the South.

Apparently that undeniable Golden State preference has given way to economic reality.  Texas (among other states) is FAR better for a company’s bottom line than Taxifornia.

EXCERPT: “At least 175 Japanese projects have translated into $19 billion in direct investments in Texas since 2003, according to the Texas governor’s office. Some recent investments include:

The Brookings, South Dakota volunteer fire department

(“Click” photo to enlarge)

California’s overpaid, overpensioned firefighters love to claim they merit their astronomical compensation packages because of the risks they take.  They have no answer when I point out that the average California firefighter is paid 60% more than paid firefighters in other 49 states. Meanwhile the CA 2011 median household income (including government workers) is only 13.4% above the national average.

I rarely find myself at odds with my colleagues on the El Cajon City Council, but this week I was. The issue was on writing a letter of support for SB 151, a bill which would raise the legal age to smoke from 18 to 21. All of the members of my council are conservative in their ideology, but I felt they had missed the mark on this issue. I was the only vote against sending a letter.

Abed may announce supervisor bid

Saturday, June 6, 2015
posted by Thor's Assistant

From KPBS…

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed is expected to announce Monday that he’ll run next year for San Diego County SupervisorDave Roberts’ seat.

Here’s the KPBS story.

Earlier this week I addressed the troubling revelation that the Convention Center defaulted on a $13 million deal that would allow for the expansion space we need to keep events like Comic-Con.

This is a BIG deal.

I covered this on my radio show on Monday, and then started getting numerous calls that the situation is even worse. So I penned the commentary below that is running in the Voice of San Diego.

Read the commentary and listen to the interview – and if you are also concerned, now is the time to raise your voice to city leaders!

When the dramatic drop in oil prices occurred starting in mid 2014, liberals were conflicted.  They hated the fact that low oil and gas prices increased the attractiveness and use of fossil fuels. But they took solace in the fact that at least the irritating Texas economic boom was finally reversed — that a hick state’s economy built on their lucky abundance of natural resources would now be the Lone Star State’s undoing.  The progressives were actually gloating about the resulting economic bust the hated Texans would experience.

Only one problem for liberals. It didn’t happen.  Texas is still chugging along, with hardly a hiccup from the plunge in petroleum prices.

This ain’t our grandparents’ Texas.  No-sir-re-bob.

Daily Video Blog – Last Thought with Carl

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
posted by Carl DeMaio

I’m having a blast with the radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO. We’re launching a new video feature called “Last Thought with Carl.” Here’s our first one – on the crisis in teachers’ pensions and our confrontation with the media rep for CalSTRs. Video Link

Keep sending in your news tips and we may use them on a show soon!Final Thought with Carl – Teachers\' Pensions

I’ve posted on this topic before. But the numbers have been updated, with the vaunted post-recession “housing building boom” in California fizzling out.  It’s a sobering graphic.



Chart of the Day. More permits for single-family homes have been issued in Houston than in the entire state of California both: a) this year through March (9,184 in Houston vs. 9,081 in California) and b) from 2011 through March 2015 (133,462 vs. 132,915).

Related: The one-way rental rate for a 26-foot U-Haul truck from Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX in mid-May is $2,371, which is about 3 times the $806 rental rate going in the opposite direction from Houston to LA.

Recently I spoke to Pacific Beach Realtors about the benefits of Prop 13.  Well received, of course. I’m seeking more such speaking engagements.

But for me the most interesting aspect was a private discussion I had with a knowledgeable lobbyist for the CA apartment industry.  The rep made the solid observation that their clients — real estate trusts — LOVE to invest in California apartments (and other commercial property) because they can count on the state and local governments to do everything they can to keep out future competition. The resulting scarcity drives up rents, and increases the resale value of such properties.

Assemblyman Brian Jones Accepting Nominations for 2015 Veteran of the Year

Thursday, April 23, 2015
posted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

SANTEE, CA– Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) is seeking nominations for 2015 Veteran of the Year. He invites you to submit a nomination to honor a veteran who lives within the 71st Assembly District. The award will recognize a veteran who has demonstrated exemplary military service, community engagement and support for veterans at a celebration in Sacramento on June 24th, 2015.

The nominee must be active duty or a retired veteran of one of the five Armed Forces of the United States, including Reserve or National Guard, or the United States Merchant Marines. To nominate a veteran, individuals can fill out a nomination form online, or fill out a hard copy and mail it to the district office, 10152 Mission Gorge Road, Santee, CA 92071 by no later than Friday, May 22nd by 5 p.m.

A common misconception is that California homes always been much more expensive than U.S. houses.  More expensive, yes — but until relatively recently not nearly as much as people think.

Until, that is, the CA state legislature became solidly Democrat, and the progressive policies started to take hold.  The legislature swung Democrat in the 1960′s.  Both houses have remained solidly Democrat since 1970 (with an odd 2 year State Assembly exception in the 1990′s).

Consider prices for average median value homes:

1960 —  California homes 27.0% higher than national median

2000 —  California homes 76.8% higher than national median

It’s amazing that three CA cities — San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose — are worse cities for renters than uber-expensive Manhattan, which is ranked #4. I’m sure most would conclude that these CA cities are isolated islands of madness in the Golden State.

But perhaps even more amazing is that LA and San Diego are ranked just behind Manhattan at 5th and 6th respectively.  Orange County holds the 9th worst slot.

This is the result of our liberal state’s mentality — making building both scarce and expensive in our state.  Progressive professed compassion is trumped by our state’s anti-human progressive POLICIES.

Why I’m supporting Randy Voepel for Assembly

Thursday, April 16, 2015
posted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

I am proud to endorse Santee Mayor Randy Voepel for the 71st Assembly District.

As someone invested in this community, it matters a great deal to me that residents in East San Diego and Southern Riverside Counties have a conservative voice representing them in the Assembly.

Randy’s 15 years as Mayor has allowed him to build a record that reveals a simple truth: conservative policies work! As Mayor, he accomplished the following:

Here’s my just-updated, dreary fact sheet — comparing CA with the other states.  It’s an annotated compendium of 35 economic criteria collected to accurate depict where the Golden State stands vs. its domestic competitors. It’s not getting better.

A wonky Word file version (suitable for one page, two-sided printing) is available upon request.

As promised, my new talk show will feature investigative reports to expose the problems with runaway government. First up: Outrageous salaries for government workers – starting with our very own City Hall.

Release is below, but listen to the podcast online at or click here:

San Diego, CA – The City of San Diego taxpayers are on the hook to pay some outrageous salaries to city employees, according to an investigative report being released today during the DeMaio-Sullivan Report on News Radio 600 KOGO. The most surprising revelation: an entry-level firefighter took home an astonishing $266,714 in 2014! What else? A standard-classification police officer and lifeguard raked in over $164,000 each.

Yes, that’s correct. A daily talk show focused on San Diego issues – combining investigative journalism with an insider view on politics.

This should be fun!

Tune in Thursday, 1pm! (And send me some hot tips!!)

Read the full story

DeMaio on KUSI – Pension Reform and Chargers

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
posted by Carl DeMaio

I appeared on KUSI yesterday to talk about my partnership with former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (D) on a possible state-wide pension reform initiative.

Here’s that clip:

On the way out, Steve Bosh asked me about how to protect taxpayers in any possible stadium deal with the Chargers.

Here’s that clip:

For decades the population of California was growing faster than Texas. It roared passed the population of Texas in 1934 and never looked back.

But by 1992 that trend had changed.  Here’s the comparative figures in millions:

STATE              1992              2014          Difference

California           30.97             38.80        7.83 million growth

Texas                   17.76             26.96        9.20 million growth

Progressives dismiss Texas as a land of minimum wage workers — that their job growth is at the expense of a “living wage.”  Of course, they ignore the dramatically lower cost of living in Texas, where a comparable home costs less than half what it does in California.

But let’s put the COL differential aside, and consider the difference between working in “Deliverance” Dallas and vibrant Los Angeles.  What’s the average wage in each city?

Turns out, the average weekly wage in Dallas is HIGHER than Los Angeles, BEFORE the COL is factored in.

All Private Sector Workers:

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Here’s a recent survey of states, ranking them as to how bad it has been for the middle class though this recession. Sadly, California is ranked worst.

And not by a small amount. We are 17% worse than the 2nd worst state (Vermont).

Every year since 1992, California has had a net annual OUTFLOW of “domestic migration” (migration between states). EVERY year.

Cumulatively since 1992 we’ve lost an astonishing net 3.8 million people to other states. I say again — NET!

That’s hard for us geezers to grasp, as we almost ALL came TO California from other states. The reversal of migration flow has been stunning.

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