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Wyoming Native and San Diego Treasure Pete Kanelos Returns Home

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
posted by Ryan Purdy

The first time I met Pete Kanelos was a few years back at a political function. Within the first several seconds of meeting him I was at first startled, then cracking up, and quickly thereafter thinking to myself, “This guy is a real breath of fresh air.” Everything with Pete is vivid, so it’s fitting I remember our first encounter clearly.

Me: Hi, I am Ryan Purdy.

Pete: What? You’re a real person?

Me: (startled) Um, yeah, I’m a real person.

Pete: You’re that guy who writes for Rostra.

Me: (smile emerging) Yeah, I am.


Bad news for California.   Other states are dropping their state income tax rates for the well-to-do, making those states ever more attractive for wealthy folks — compared to the money-grabbing Golden State.

In 2015, CA was “only” 21% higher than the 2nd highest state — Hawaii.  But starting in 2016 Hawaii has dramatically cut their top rate from 11% to 8.25%. A very liberal state, Hawaii’s politicians nevertheless figured out that it should welcome rich people rather than drive them away.


I had a lot of fun being the HOST of a debate rather than being a candidate in one!  During the US Senate debate last night, one of the three candidates (Rocky Chavez) drops out!

Watch it here


This article is a reminder to all pro athletes why they don’t want to make California their home, and why they don’t want to play for a California team.  Indeed, from a tax standpoint, they’d be wise not to play in a western conference — given that many of the games will be with California teams.  Cam Newton is learning this lesson the hard way — and doubtless is thanking his lucky stars he plays in an east coast NFL conference.



You can tell fiscal reform mindset is long gone at City Hall by checking out the 82-page set of Regulations issued by the City governing the use of its new logo and imposing absurd mandates on things such as e-mail formatting and “Bias-Free Language.” Oh, and spending $48,000 in taxpayer funds on a logo design.

Read more


Join our studio audience for the debate – ticket information below! – Carl

Republican US Senate Candidates to Debate Feb. 8 on the DeMaio Report

Monday, February 8

Rocky Chavez
Tom Del Beccaro
Duf Sundheim

Moderated by Carl DeMaio and Cliff Albert

With the retirement of US Senator Barbara Boxer (D), California will see a hotly contested US Senate race in 2016. Three Republican candidates are vying to consolidate the support of GOP voters to secure a spot in the November runoff to face either Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D) or State Attorney General Kamala Harris (D). At this point political observers consider the race wide open.


Block gives up in face of Atkins challenge

Friday, January 29, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

Is there anything else to say?

Of course, what’s in it for Block is yet to be announced, although we’re sure it’s been determined.

Here’s the SacBee story.


National Review: Conservatives against Trump

Saturday, January 23, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

In a National Review Symposium, prominent conservatives take on Donald Trump…

And this…

The Donald Trump Deception: 17 reasons he’s a domineering, big government crony


With Bill Clinton climbing back into the public eye, touting his wife Eva Peron (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton) for President, it’s time I finally told the secret story of how I stuck it to him in 1993 — shortly after he was elected Sex Offender in Chief (okay, okay, that’s just a churlish aside — my bad).  The best part was that I got to embarrass President Clinton on national TV, and then let another person take all the media backlash (which was monumental) while I remained in the shadows.

Shortly after being elected President, Clinton scheduled a “Town Hall Meeting” with a TV station in San Diego (KGTV-10), allowing the station to gather a small, selected audience. Unlike the heavily scripted propaganda town halls politicians stage today, this one was a bit more open to challenging questions.


In a stunning example of hypocrisy and double standards, Ryan Lentz of the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that extremist groups only exist on the right side of the political spectrum and that groups on the left are simply “grassroots” groups.

KOGO logo

After authoring a report that claimed that “extremist groups on the rise in America,” Lentz was asked to come on the DeMaio Report to defend his research and claims.

Lentz had to admit that he only considers groups on the right to be “extremists” and only examined and counted groups on the right. As for groups on the left like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street, Lentz believes those groups are “the good guys.”


In 2012 San Diego voters overwhelmingly voted to approve Prop B – the landmark Pension Reform Initiative that is credited with helping turn around the city’s financial crisis. Under Prop B, city employees would no longer receive bloated six-figure pensions – and instead would receive more affordable 401-K retirement accounts.

Unfortunately, the government union bosses refuse to accept the will of the voters. In fact, the union bosses are colluding with Sacramento politicians to invalidate the election results. In short, they falsely claim the voters do not have the right to use a ballot measure to reform pay and benefits of their members.


The San Diego Union-Tribune is all about PC. The newspaper’s feature below allows you to scroll through the recent “Most Wanted” criminals — one criminal highlighted per week.

A woman was recently highlighted as “Most Wanted” (scroll to find her). Her horrible crime? Using drugs and low level drug selling. Also petty theft.

Really? THIS constitutes San Diego’s “Most Wanted” criminal of the week? Ludicrous.

It’s pretty obvious she was selected for diversification purposes. Look back on the “Most Wanted” criminals the paper highlights, and you’ll find a “healthy” mix of criminals representing every race and gender. Some of the crimes are serious, others, perhaps MOST, not so much.


“Imagine my surprise when I realized that you Trump fans are not supporting him ironically. You’ve taken to him like a hipster takes to vinyl – with a stubborn and mindless affinity that inexplicably disregards all facts and evidence in favor of a predetermined, and wrong, conclusion.”

Read it all here.


Good news!  One of California’s tech giants is expanding!  The bad news? Awww, shucks — you’re way ahead of me.

Yup, the expansion is NOT in California. It’s in Austin, Texas.  No surprise, as Oracle already had set up an operation down there in recent years.  See the “Business Relocation Coach” article below and the link to the full Austin article.


Once again, I find insightful observations (with statistical underpinnings) on Professor Mark Perry’s “Carpe Diem” blog. Here’s a common sense explanation of at least part of the recent years’ decline in U.S. household income.

Not surprisingly, as a greater percentage of people retire and/or go on “disability” (an increasingly abused government/court perk), the average/median household income declines.

Some demographic trends that might explain the stagnation and decline in US household income




My nasty updated fact for the day — from my “CA vs. the Other States” fact sheet:

NOTE:  This online version of my fact sheet is never quite up to date (hard to change with each update).  If you crave the latest dreary version of this fact sheet as a 2 page Word file, I can send it as an attachment.

CA residential electricity costs an average of 40.7% more per kWh than the national average. CA commercial rates are 66.5% higher.  For industrial use, CA electricity is an astonishing 94.4% higher than the national average (September, 2015).


The left keeps lamenting the shrinking middle class.  And the middle class IS shrinking as a percentage of Americans.  But here’s the the catch:  Turns out that 2/3 of the middle class losses are because they moved to “rich”! 

Kudos to the REASON Foundation and Professor Mark Perry (who assembled the updated piece below) for sharing this insight.



The latest one year California population figures have been published (through 1 July, 2015).  Some trends and facts are worth noting.

California’s population is now about 39,100,000 million, an increase of 350,000 people — about a 0.9% increase for the 12 months.

The number of births was 507,000.  We peaked at about 612,000 births in 1990, and have been gradually trending downward ever since — a trend all the more notable given that our state population was a tad under 30,000,000 in 1990.


How overpaid is the Escondido City Attorney?  You decide.

The Escondido City Attorney employs 7 attorneys (counting himself) and 6 staff.
page 14

The San Diego City Attorney has 155 attorneys working under his management, and 355 employees total.

San Diego runs a big misdemeanor department, handling FAR more issues and cases than the backwater Escondido City Attorney’s department. The county handles Escondido’s misdemeanor load.

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith’s 2014 salary was $202,000.


“Because of Prop 13, our property taxes are low in California.”
Well, at least that’s the mantra of the MSM and the CA progressives.  Facts say otherwise.

According to recent figures graciously provided me by RealtyTrac — a highly respected national firm — the 2014 average CA single-family residence (SFR) property tax is the 8th highest state in the nation.  Our average tax is $4,211.  The national average is $3,188.

Here’s the link to the average SFR property tax for all 50 states in spreadsheet form, courtesy of RealtyTrac.  In addition, another “tab” in the spreadsheet workbook gives the average tax by county across the nation — check out your area.


My attention was drawn to a recent Kiplinger study purporting to compare the attractiveness of states for retirees.  It took five minutes for me to verify the report constitutes sloppy work.  I’m genuinely puzzled how and why a supposedly reputable financial advisory firm would distribute such a slipshod analysis.

But, as I point out below, at least Kiplinger got California right.  Yup, we rank as the worst state. Again.  That matches the Fidelity retiree study done in 2014.


El Cajon State of the City Address

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
posted by Bill Wells

El-Cajon-Downtown (1)Please come to the El Cajon State of the City Address this coming Tuesday, Dec 8th at 2:00 pm, in the City Council Chambers.  I will be detailing the accomplishments of El Cajon over the past year, as well as the vision for the future.  There will be a reception immediately after the address at the Public Safety Center. I hope to see you there.


The MSM enthusiastically distributes the annual AFL-CIO study comparing big company CEO pay with all workers — informally the “400 to 1” comparison. But the dishonesty of the labor union report is obvious, breathtaking — and completely ignored.  Below is a detailed debunking of this “study.”


FLASH!!  Here’s a super-secret memo (admittedly it’s so secret that I made it up) I imagine I just received from a whistleblower — an internal communique circulating at Amazon:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We at Amazon have much to be thankful for this Turkey Day.


Last night I took my wife and our two young grandchildren to Applebee’s.  It went great — our 4 and 2 year old charges were more decorous than half the patrons.

But I digress.  Here’s what caught my attention: Applebee’s is testing a new ordering policy — using the technology that is rapidly becoming prominent in fast food restaurants.  Every table had an online electronic tablet, with the menu, ordering and payment process built in.  One can place the order and have the busboy bring your food.


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