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The article below on the KNSD TV San Diego website recently was presumably presented as a major TV news story by our local NBC affiliate. It claims that CA teachers are woefully underpaid compared to educators in other states — the truth is that CA teachers are the second/third highest paid teachers of all the states. The story is based on a biased progressive source (a bias not mentioned in the story — a bias that WOULD have been mentioned if it were a CONSERVATIVE source), but — even more important — it demonstrates the remarkable inability of this reporter to even copy numbers down correctly — let alone understand what they represent — or analyze them.

Nanny state pays visit to El Cajon

Thursday, July 24, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

Guest Commentary
by Eric Andersen

After a public hearing Tuesday, the El Cajon City Council, a supposedly conservative council of five Republicans, voted unanimously to crackdown on free markets again, this time prohibiting new electronic vapor inhalation businesses from entering the market place.

City Councilman Gary Kendrick said,  “This is a victory for the citizens and businesses in El Cajon,” and “This shows the public that we’re willing to protect them.”

Kendrick is right. This is a great victory and Christmas in July for Amir Khan,  the owner of the only hookah lounge in the city.


Survey has DeMaio leading

Sunday, June 15, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

From 10News…

SAN DIEGO – In an election for U.S. House of Representatives from California’s 52nd Congressional District, Republican challenger Carl DeMaio has a narrow advantage over 1st-term incumbent Democrat Scott Peters, according to a 10News/U-T San Diego poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

DeMaio 51%, Peters 44%. That’s the headline at this hour, 6 months till votes are counted, pointing to a possible Republican takeaway of this congressional seat.

Read it at 10News.

BREAKING: CA52 “Leans Republican”

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Just in from The Nooner — CA-52′s rating changed from “Toss Up” to “Leans Republican”…

Thank you for your support

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
posted by Councilwoman Lorie Zapf

After a long and very personal campaign, I am so happy and humbled to have been elected to the District 2 seat on the City Council.

Thank you for your support, and a special thanks to everyone who volunteered and helped out on the campaign. We knew it would be difficult to win in June with four people on the ballot, and each and every one of you helped make last night’s victory possible.

I will miss serving the people of District 6, but I am excited for the new challenges and opportunities of representing the “Beach and Bay” district when I am sworn in this December.

Let’s Unite and Win Back the 52nd District

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Last night I called both Kirk Jorgensen and Fred Simon to congratulate them on running their campaigns and offering solutions to our country’s pressing problems.

Now it is time for us to unite. Ronald Reagan said it best: If you and I disagree on 15% of things, you are not my 15% enemy, you are my 85% friend.

Republicans agree that our country must return to a respect of the Constitution. We believe government is taking too much of our hard-earned money and has wasted our money on bureaucracies that don’t deliver results.

As my readers will attest, I’m no fan of California tax policy.  But there is one area where the Golden State is tied for the BEST tax policy — we have ZERO estate and inheritance taxes.  Don’t be too impressed — we are tied with 30 other states that now have no such tax — and that number is growing.  Check out the map at the bottom of my article from the Tax Foundation.

San Diego – Today, Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio calls for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, citing the Secretary’s inability to maintain an environment in which our nation’s veterans can have confidence in the health care the VA provides.

DeMaio’s statement follows:

“It’s evident that Secretary Shinseki does not possess the ability to lead the VA in such a way that any member of the military or their family members can have confidence that they will be treated. The idea that even one veteran – let alone 40 – may have died as a result of having to wait inappropriate lengths to receive treatment is abhorrent and should not be tolerated or excused.

San Diego – Carl DeMaio today accepted the endorsements of San Diego’s two leading infrastructure groups – the Associated General Contractors and the Associated Builders and Contractors. DeMaio marked the occasion by releasing his Infrastructure Plan to rebuild our roads, highways, bridges, and other transportation assets.

“Politicians like Scott Peters have neglected our infrastructure – spending our precious money instead on big government bureaucracies instead of road repairs or needed projects,” said Carl DeMaio.

Any Californian who says “I can’t find a good job (or ANY job)” is thinking small. They need to broaden their job search. There ARE good job openings in the right fields, and/or in the right states. And not just in the oil fracking industry/states. Here’s the latest rankings of unemployment by state:

The best state is North Dakota, a big fracking operation (with ancillary employment needs) with an astoundingly low 2.6% unemployment rate. But most of the rest of the top ten states are NOT fracking states. The 10th state has an unemployment rate of 4.5% — a bit over half of the California unemployment rate (8.1% — fourth highest in the nation).

Just got a survey call for the 52nd, claiming it was paid for by the Democrat Party. I don’t doubt it, just sayin’ I can’t be sure the recording was truthful.

Questions were simple:

Gonna vote?

Peters, DeMaio, or “totally undecided”?

Then the usual demographic stuff.

Point is, they aren’t even surveying the voters who are going to vote for Kirk Jorgensen or Fred Simon.

They DIDN’T say “if the vote were held tomorrow and the only two choices were Peters and DeMaio . . .” They simply asked which of the TWO candidates the voter will cast their ballot for.

Last night, the Republican Party of San Diego County endorsed Navy veteran Larry A. Wilske for Congress in the 53rd Congressional District race against incumbent Susan Davis.  A super majority of 2/3 of the voting members was required for endorsement.  The endorsement permits Wilske to go on the Republican voter guide, designed to communicate with registered-Republican voters the county organization’s recommendations.

Wilske was first endorsed by Combat Veterans for Congress and then secured the endorsement from the Latino American Political Association of San Diego.  Both non-partisan organizations chose Wilske over Davis for the upcoming election.  Securing the Republican endorsement gives Wilske the opportunity to focus his efforts on independent voters and registered Democrats, a move which is essential for victory in this District.  The District registration is 43% Democrat, 29% Republican, and 29% decline-to-state.

Zane leaving Lincoln Club; Clumpner takes reins

Monday, February 24, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

From T.J. Zane…

Dear Lincoln Club Members and Supporters,

Today, I am announcing that after more than seven years with the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, I will be leaving the Club effective July 1 to pursue new business opportunities and to lead two nonprofits I recently helped establish: the San Diego County Prosperity Institute and the San Diego County Prosperity Foundation.

The San Diego County Prosperity Institute will be committed to supporting the San Diego community through the promotion of reforms relating to local government financial accountability and regional economic prosperity. The goal of the San Diego County Prosperity Institute will be to help keep the public informed on public policy matters affecting all areas of San Diego County.

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UT: Gore won’t appeal CCW ruling

Saturday, February 22, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

As noted yesterday on SD Rostra, Sheriff Bill Gore has conceded on concealed carry gun permits.

From UT San Diego…

SAN DIEGO — Law-abiding Californians have come another step closer to being able to carry guns in public.

Sheriff Bill Gore said Friday that he will not fight an opinion by a federal appeals court that ruled against the county’s restrictive policy on carrying concealed weapons.

Read it here.

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Trolls: If the shoe fits…

Monday, February 17, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

From The Blaze…

“Narcissists, psychopaths, sadists or Machiavellian? When it comes to online trolls, you can take your pick: Researchers say habitual electronic provocateurs have several of these serious personality issues.”

Interesting. Read it here…

Bad news for trolls

How can we force Members of Congress to vote to reform their own benefits and closed way of doing business?

Good old fashioned public pressure!

That’s why I’m spending 13 hours this weekend at events throughout San Diego planned in support of my FIX CONGRESS FIRST Initiative.

Join me at one and sign our petition!

Locations listed here:

We also have an online petition to sign and share with your friends, not only living in the 52nd Congressional District but across the nation. Visit that site at

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Obama endorses Alvarez for mayor

Saturday, February 8, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

From the Alvarez campaign…

“As a native San Diegan, David Alvarez has been a fierce advocate for his city, and on the Council, has led efforts to build a strong middle class, put neighborhoods first and expand opportunities for kids in and out of school.  Today, with the city’s economy and neighborhoods poised to make progress there is no question that David is the right choice to be San Diego’s next mayor and I am excited to support him.” –President Barack Obama

San Diego’s economy is rolling along — as county unemployment percentage improves dramatically!

Well, actually — not.

Here’s the story by the numbers:

  • The San Diego County unemployment percentage PLUMMETED in December.  It dropped from (the revised) 6.9% unemployed in November to December’s 6.4% — a full half percent drop in only one month!!! Yea.
  • Only 600 net new jobs were created.  That’s a pathetic number in an area bigger than the state of Rhode Island — a county of over 3.1 million people.
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SUMMATION:  Updated data from reputable (even pro-labor union) sources show that the mortality risk for police and firefighters is lower than most people think.  It’s even significantly lower than I found in previous research just a few years ago — when the police and firefighter mortality figures were both about 16-17 deaths per hundred thousand — vs. the (current) national all-occupation average mortality rate of 3.5 per 100K.

Today the national mortality figure for full-time paid firefighters is about 11.1 per 100K.  Certainly more dangerous than most people’s work, but now roughly on a par with “Athletes, Coaches and Umpires” (see chart below).

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A moratorium on everything

Sunday, January 19, 2014
posted by Greg Larkin

Read below the letter from a constituent to his council members, then consider the ramifications.

Linkage fees are already in play. Next, let’s also “throttle back on construction permits” to address the water crisis.

In fact, let’s do all we can to ensure owners can’t use their property and businesses can’t expand. That will save water, moreso as businesses locate elsewhere.

What’s more, why not a government moratorium on anyone moving to the state until water resources are no longer a problem?


Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014

Subject: The Drought Emergency

The hilariously mislabeled “Golden State” USED to be ranked “only” number two.  But no more. The new Kiplinger study is out. 

California is now ranked as the worst state to retire in. Easily the lowest percentage of people over age 65. We “beat” ’em all – NY, NJ, etc.

If you’re feeling upbeat about tomorrow’s Charger game in Denver, let me bring you back to earth.  Regardless of whether or not “we” win or lose, you’ll still be saddled with California’s problems.  Can anyone IMAGINE what CA would be like without the good weather?

Here’s a new link to my latest and greatest “CA vs. the Other States” fact sheet.  This just-updated version is MUCH better formatted and organized than my clunky effort — posted up by the California Public Policy Center.  I’m told that yesterday on the CPPC Facebook post on this got 3,000 reads in two hours.

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If I had to select a single criteria as the basis for how one should vote, I would rely most on public employee labor union endorsements.

Unions do great work researching the candidates, and making their selections. For them, making the right endorsements is perhaps their highest priority.

Let the unions do all your legwork for elections.  Whoever the unions endorse, you can’t go wrong — voting for the OTHER candidate.

As the pundit H. L. Mencken put it, “elections are sort of an advance auction of stolen property.” Union endorsements tell us who was the highest bidder.

Here’s an unsettling article from Spectrum Location Solutions, discussing California’s unswerving commitment to driving away businesses from the Golden State. In the last couple decades, the CA legislative anti-business campaign focused on manufacturing firms — “dirty businesses” (all manufacturing is dirty, by CA political standards). But today the new targets seem to be the cash generating, clean, high-tech companies.  Brilliant.

CA will continue as a start-up business center, I suspect, but maturing firms are doing their expansions in more business-friendly states.  And the more they do that, the more business management will note the contrast in the bottom line for such facilities.  Google and Apple are two that have shifted new operations to other states.

UPDATE: The American Tort Reform Association ranks California the “worst judicial hellhole” in U.S. for 2nd year in a row – extremely anti-business.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks CA higher – “only” the 4th worst state (unfortunately, sliding from 7th worst in 2008).

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