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Here’s how deceiving our unemployment figures can be:
1. The California unemployment rate in December dropped a dramatic .2% in one month — from 7.2% to 7.0%. That is an IMPRESSIVE improvement. Except . . .
2.Number of net jobs added in California that month — a state with over 38,800,000 people: 700. No, I didn’t leave out a zero or two — SEVEN HUNDRED.
Yes, a statistically insignificant 700 net jobs added, yet our state unemployment rate dropped a full two-tenths of a percent. How can this be?

You know the answer by now: Our lower unemployment rate for December is almost 100% due to people no longer looking for work, leaving the state, or retiring (a.k.a. the lower “labor force participation rate”) — even after counting the young adults entering the CA work force marketplace.

Here’s a nasty tax that Californians pay every year.  It’s a tax that you are probably completely unaware of — a tax that is charged in only 6 other states.
When you pay for your California homeowners policy, life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, business insurance, annuity — ANY insurance product except “tax qualified” plans (annuity retirement plans, primarily) — hidden inside your insurance bill is a 2.35% CA premium tax — essentially a sales tax.  It’s not broken out as a tax in your bill, nor discussed by your insurance companies when you buy their products.It’s a tax in lieu of the insurance companies paying a corporate income tax on NET profits — the way the vast majority of states choose to tax insurance corporations (if they have a state corporate income tax at all, of course).

I don’t know for sure exactly how we compare with other states overall on this tax, but I DID find the figures on how we rank with our 2.35% annuity premium tax — we are 2nd highest in the nation (Nevada beats us).  I suspect our state’s ranking is similar if not identical for the other forms of insurance, but can’t find a source verifying that such is the case.

Here’s a front page SAN DIEGO U-T “feel good” story about El Cajon police giving out $20 bills rather than citations for Christmas.  WONDERFUL publicity for the cops. Allow me to play the Grinch in this activity.

Here’s the shorter AP story that went out on the national wire.

Was this some altruistic outburst by cops on the beat? Nope. It was a calculated (and amazingly chintzy, when you look into it) ploy by their labor union.  It garnered the desired effect — terrific publicity by our gullible press. Unmentioned was the fact that we taxpayers paid for most of the total cost of the publicity stunt — as the cops were on the clock while giving out the money.

Politics Roundup for Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

What’s next in Chula Vista?…

Times of SD: Padilla Asks Recount After 2-Vote Loss in Chula Vista Council Race

Voice — Fact Check: Recounts Rarely Pay Off“Chula Vista City Councilman-Elect John McCann, who won by two votes, claimed the costly recount process validates the original winner 90 percent of the time.”

MUST Reads…

Rostra’s Vince Vasquez: California GOP: Competitive Statewide by 2020“What’s needed is a new approach to narrowing the voter gap with the Democratic Party.”

Politics Roundup for Veteran’s Day

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

Paying tribute to those that have served…

SDUT: The Conversation: Many people confuse Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Don’t.

KPBS: Veterans To Be Honored At Events In San Diego County

The last two post-election Roundups, with all the Peters-DeMaio links…

Rostra: Monday Politics Roundup

Rostra: Weekend Roundup: The House of Cards Issue

San Diego County and some State Miscellaneous…

Rostra: Vote count update: Monday night — CA 52 and a couple of close city contests in Imperial Beach and Oceanside

Fired DeMaio staffer told radio host about alleged hush money, but not the police?…

Politics Roundup for the Weekend: The House of Cards issue

Saturday, November 8, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

Peters wins, while significant post-election questions surface…

“If this were a House of Cards storyline, we’d find it really enjoyable, but we’d also be thinking how unrealistic the whole thing is.” –Barry Jantz, via Twitter

“Based on the … information I believe Todd Bosnich burglarized the Carl DeMaio campaign office…” –SDPD report, from the U-T San Diego article by Greg Moran linked below

“Bosnich responded and asked his mother to leave him alone because he was responsible for a ‘huge f–k up’ and had to be fired as the campaign’s policy director. –Wendy Fry, in the second NBC7 story linked below

It’s always puzzled me how these financial figures (see KPBS story below) are arrived at — inferring that we’d SAVE that amount if only people didn’t smoke. If these people had not died from smoking-related illnesses, would they have lived forever? Or perhaps simply one night died in their sleep without prior illness or treatment?

Yes, they likely would have lived longer if they didn’t smoke, but from a COST standpoint, where’s the savings? Indeed, assuming they were covered by pensions and/or social security, would not they have cost society quite a lot more if they lived 5-10 years longer? Perhaps many of these folks would have ended up with Alzheimer’s disease, with the care (and pain) such a disease causes?

U-T San Diego: The best choice for San Diego City Council

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

In case you missed it…

“The most important race on the San Diego ballot Nov. 4 is the campaign for City Council between political newcomers Chris Cate and Carol Kim to represent the communities from Clairemont and Kearny Mesa north through Mira Mesa.”

Read it all in the U-T.

SUMMARY:  Texas Governor Perry unwisely channeled $40 million of state aid to Toyota to move their HQ and 3,000 employees from California to Texas. New York Governor Cuomo just gave a solar company (a company with unproven technology that’s never netted a penny profit) over a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

Guess which governor the press castigated, and which one likely will be — if anything — praised by the MSM for his insightful expenditure of OPM.


SUMMATION:  Based on my updated research, the highest residential cost electrical utility in the nation by FAR is SEMPRA — a.k.a. SDG&E. Second is Pacific Gas&Electric. Third? Southern CA Edison. And all three lead the pack by a LOT.

California’s industrial electricity rates are FAR higher compared to other states — 85.4% higher than the national average as of July, 2014.  That’s a much worst difference than our average residential rates compared to other states. 

Still to come are the effects of California’s unique “cap and trade” tax, which could boost our costs another 30%.  Barring some dramatic change in policy, the disparity between electricity costs in California vs. the otherh states will only grow.

I’ve been harping on the high cost of electricity in California, a concern to us all — especially compared to other states — and ESPECIALLY compared to our hated rival Texas.  But that’s not the ONLY utility comparison that should concern us.

By chance I came across a residential water rate calculator for San Antonio – the most drought-stricken city in a field of 225.  I recently wrote a piece about their remarkable water improvement projects vs. parched Los Angeles, so this all ties together!

The good news is that, from March to June of this year, the California average residential electricity rate has DROPPED some compared to the other states — down to “only” 30.6% higher than the national average (from 33.7% higher in March).

But the California rates have SOARED in the two other major sectors. Commercial rates went from 27.0% higher than the national average in March to 53.8% higher in June. Industrial rates rose from 54.2% higher to 72.5% higher.

Further major “cap and trade” California electricity rate increases are expected in the next 12 months. And — for my regional readers — be advised that SDG&E and SoCal Edison are significantly higher than the CA statewide average.

Two Prominent Democratic Women Leaders Blast Scott Peters as a “Privileged Man”
Former Assemblywoman and Former Vice Chair of local Democratic Party

San Diego – Former state assemblywoman Lori Saldana took to twitter Friday afternoon to blast incumbent Congressman Scott Peters. It is not the first time a prominent democratic woman took Peters to task and Saldana’s criticisms echoed a scathing post by Martha Sullivan, former Vice Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party.

Saldana chided Peters for his role in the fiscal scandal that almost bankrupted San Diego by tweeting out a UT San Diego story on millions legal bills that Peters and other city politicians racked up to defend themselves against charges they committed “securities fraud.”

Comments Off

Here’s a fascinating contrast of how to handle a drought — comparing socialist California (specifically Los Angeles) with severely drought-stricken San Antonio, Texas.

Texas allows, even encourages public-private partnerships (a.k.a. privatization). California now prohibits such water projects.

So San Antonio has taken a much more innovative, effective approach than Los Angeles.  The bottom line is that by 2035 San Antonio will increase its water supply by 1,212 gallons/household/day vs. a paltry 41 gallons per day in Los Angeles.

Here’s the full article:

In fighting drought, San Antonio leaves L.A. in the dust

A stark demonstration of the uneven nature of our “recovery” from the longest recession since the Great Depression. Texas is carrying the nation!

Since 2007, employment in the state of Texas has increased by more than 1.3 million jobs (and by 12%), compared to a net deficit of more than 1.2 million jobs over that same period in the rest of the country.


Surprisingly, Canada is the BEST major country when it comes to total corporate tax burden — by a LOT.   Hence Burger King’s decision to relocate to the Frozen North.  See the short article and tax table below.  And keep in mind that total CALIFORNIA tax costs increase this tax differential substantially for our Golden State businesses.

Obama’s response to Burger King’s move (a move because of our punitively high U.S. tax structure) was predictable — further restrictions on American companies leaving.  It’s the usual thuggish response of a Chicago community organizer against those who do not bend to his will.

I’ve been a registered Republican for less than 10% of my life. For 35 years I was a registered Libertarian and active in the party. While my views never changed, in 2011 I decided to join the GOP as a more effective way to advance fiscal conservatism (not social) – the key issue that will decide the future of the Golden State.

One 2014 candidacy I’ve been watching with particular interest has been Republican Ron Nehring’s bid for Lt. Governor. While there is little chance of him winning in this solidly blue state, he has been doing an excellent job of hammering ruling Democrats on the failed fiscal policies that they have full responsibility for.

Heads up!  This November there will be scores of new local school bonds on the ballot in California, each raising property taxes.  We have seven such bonds in just San Diego County alone.  But this year most of the school bonds will be different – and not in a good way.

Anyone remember how Prop 30 was going to provide the needed funding for education?  Apparently it’s not enough. It’s NEVER enough.

Sadly, I predict that most such California bonds will not even have an opposition argument in the ballot books.  I’m doing what I can to get some arguments submitted in my county – fortunately our county GOP stands firmly with the taxpayers in this matter.

Speaking of Medical MJ…

Saturday, August 16, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

The San Diego County Registrar of Voters has apparently assigned the letter J to the La Mesa Medical Marijuana Initiative, which will appear on the November ballot. Thus, Prop J.

Some La Mesa insiders are hoping the campaign slogan will be “Pass that J.”

Nanny state pays visit to El Cajon

Thursday, July 24, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

Guest Commentary
by Eric Andersen

After a public hearing Tuesday, the El Cajon City Council, a supposedly conservative council of five Republicans, voted unanimously to crackdown on free markets again, this time prohibiting new electronic vapor inhalation businesses from entering the market place.

City Councilman Gary Kendrick said,  “This is a victory for the citizens and businesses in El Cajon,” and “This shows the public that we’re willing to protect them.”

Kendrick is right. This is a great victory and Christmas in July for Amir Khan,  the owner of the only hookah lounge in the city.


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