Valley Roadrunner: Carl DeMaio is the Reform Candidate for the 50th District

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Support from community papers…

Carl DeMaio is the Reform Candidate for the 50th District: “We need a fighter!”

Doesn’t the GOP fielding so many candidates threaten to hand the district to Ammar Campa-Najjar? DeMaio isn’t worried. He said, “I think there are lot of candidates who are running because they need a job. That’s not why you should get into politics. It’s why we have feckless ineffective Republican politicians who are part of the problem. The grassroots want a proven fighter and I think my record speaks for itself on that point.”



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  1. After reading that article, I wonder if DeMaio realizes he is running for federal office, not one in the California legislature.

  2. Justin,

    The Valley Roadrunner and Escondido Times-Advocate. The Roadrunner’s region covers about 25,000 citizens and the Times-Advocate obviously covers Escondido.

    David Ross is an award-winning reporter who’s philosophy is Libertarian and he gets along with both sides of the aisle. He’s hated by both many on both sides as well and – to me – that’s a good sign of a good reporter.

    Generally speaking, when you piss both sides off as a reporter that’s what I call objective reporting.

    Hypocrisy questioned – great question being asked by literally everyone I know.

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