“For god’s sake, you guys make us relevant with your bias.”

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From SD City Beat’s Spin Cycle, by John Lamb…

Fighting ‘bias’ with ‘by us’
Local GOP deploys its own “news” website

A few weeks back, Spin Cycle was speaking to Brian Brady, a county Republican Party contrarian and occasional critic of party Chairman Tony Krvaric. We were discussing Carl DeMaio’s entry into the 50th Congressional District race when the conversation turned to San Diego News Desk, a new, Krvaric-created media outlet in town.

Brady recounted an online spat he’d had with an anonymous commenter on the conservative blog San Diego Rostra, but then Spin reminded him that at least Rostra allowed comments on postings, whereas Krvaric’s newfangled San Diego News Desk does not.

Read it all here.


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    How disappointing, John. You cherry-picked text comments I made and omitted tons of context from our phone conversations. I was warned that this would happen one day but, well…foolish me.

    I’ll set the record straight here but, based on CityBeat’s history of moderating my comments, I doubt they will make it through so I’ll cross post my comments on SDRostra.

    I made the remark about a dozen people reading SDND because I thought your obsession with Tony Krvaric was borderline creepy. You omitted the part where I said “C’mon John! There are more important topics than this. There are like a dozen people reading that site.”

    I stipulated that the Republican Party is dying in California (in a conversation about another topic). I challenged you to leave Tony alone with this quote: “He’s the chairman of a committee of a dying party.” You omitted the part where I said “…so I don’t understand your obsession with him.”

    You also conveniently omitted the heaps of criticism I had for Cook, the “award winning investigative journalist” who did a Woodward and Bernstein on the Republican Party blog site. In fact, 2/3 of our time on the phone was asking you why SHE was obsessed with Tony Krvaric. I challenged you to do one of your photoshop jobs with her file photo and speculated you wouldn’t because she was a … (wait for it with hushed tones..)


    John, you walked into this story with a predetermined objective to continue your obsession with bashing Tony Krvaric and I mistakenly trusted you to write a balanced story. I am sorry I ever spoke with you.

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