Lincoln Club Execs: Big Development in SD Politics

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Here’s a letter from Mike Turk inviting San Diegans to an event being hosted by many of the board executives of the San Diego County Lincoln Club:

To: Friends of Freedom and Prosperity

From: Mike Turk

Subject: A Big Development in San Diego Politics

Date: August 25, 2019

Tom Sudberry, Steve Quinn, myself and others were talking the other day and we posed a question: Can you think of the last time the business community was on the offense in San Diego? Our answers each related back to one guy: Carl DeMaio.

When Carl left politics and took to the airwaves, a void opened in San Diego politics that never was really filled. Last week Carl announced he’s back and running for US Congress. Let me tell you why you need to get behind Carl’s campaign.

First, Carl’s got strong polling and momentum to win his seat. Sure, there are good names floating around for this seat, but you and I both know Carl is more than a good name. Carl is a leader and a fighter. No one agrees with someone 100% of the time, but with Carl we get someone who can be a game changer in San Diego politics. We need that.

Second, Carl is a fundraising and grassroots machine. Carl has pledged to help groups like the Lincoln Club raise money, help our candidates with their campaigns, and be a vocal leader to counter-balance the unions and Left. Carl will be a good partner for us in the coming years in ways we haven’t seen from a politician in a long time.

That’s why I need you to step forward and support him. A number of Lincoln Club leaders are hosting an event at my restaurant in Pacific Beach on September 4 at 5:30pm.

Can you attend? If not, can you contribute today so we can count your support to my/our event? Here’s the link:

I’m serious. Carl’s entry in the race for Congress isn’t just about that seat, it is a game-changer for all of us. Please help!


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  1. @Alistair Campbell
    You’re clearly a troll. Your comments will not be posted if you stick to name calling and personalities instead of issues. Anyone who uses
    ‘’ as an email must have real issues. Take them someplace else if you don’t like our rules of decorum.

  2. Carl DeMaio knows that I have complete respect for him and his team but California needs him more than America..
    If Carl and his team were successful, San Diego County would be turning red, not getting more blue every day.
    I believe that this 600,000+ army with Carl at the helm working every district in CA helping people change their minds to vote Republican would be a much greater benefit to California than trying to change our state at the Federal level.
    BTW – who attends the Republican meetings? I made and handed out 30 reprints of an article (below) at the Republican meeting last month. Only Republican leaders or a few people who knew me (like Darrell Issa),got a copy along with instructions to email me with their impression of the article.
    So far, I have only gotten response from one attendee who said the article was brilliant. Other than he, no one else emailed me. If those Republican leaders represent the CA-GOP, we are truly in trouble.
    A Democrat got a hold of my article but stopped reading it at the 1st fact(out of 8 total)

  3. Shocking news…business, rich, elitists endorsing Carl. It’s not like he ever received their endorsement before. Game changer…

  4. “Can you think of the last time the business community was on the offense in San Diego?”

    The business community is ALWAYS “on offense” for better quality, lower prices, satisfying existing customers, finding new customers– that’s how business is done.

    When the “business community” is “on offense” in politics, it is basically a bunch of rent seekers…. just like public employees’ unions.

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