CityBeat editor let go as new owners step in

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Despite clear-cut philosophical differences, it’s never good to see this sort of thing. (Here’s the Times of San Diego story.)

In the past, especially when Dave Rolland, Kelly Davis and Dave Maass were with SD CityBeat, we at SD Rostra had a cordial and sometimes even fun relationship amidst fierce political differences. On occasion we would join CityBeat as co-hosts of a “tweet up” event of writers, bloggers and politicos from all local walks — with the differences of opinion playing out over cocktails.

Change is often difficult, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Clearly, the owners of an enterprise get to call the shots. We’ll see what the future holds for the weekly that for several years many have viewed as the alt-left publication of record in San Diego.


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  1. This is the model for dignified and humane reaction to job loss, but not enough on your side will emulate it.

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