The Election File — Dianne Jacob reports $345,193 cash-on-hand — (2) Deputy DA PAC, helmed by Janay Kruger, shows $203,942

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Facing re-election next June, Supervisor Dianne Jacob’s  committee this week revealed raising $27,333 since Jan. 1st, giving them $325,193  COH as of June 30, 2011.  Her sole announced challenger to date is Democrat Rudy Reyes of Santee.  Jacob (GOP) defeated Reyes 77% – 22% in 2008.

In other news, the umbrella group of the SD Deputy DA’s Association, “San Diegans Against Crime,” disclosed $203,942 cash on hand,  and continued advice from strategist Janay Kruger. Ms. Kruger is a name little known to the general public, but well-regarded in political circles for her longtime success.

………The  County  Government Scorecard  2012

Other supervisors up for election in 2012 are Greg Cox (District 1, South Bay) and Pam Slater-Price (District 3).    Former state senator Denise Moreno Ducheny is often mentioned as a potential challenger to Cox, while Steve Danon is in Year 2  (!) of his well-planned bid in District 3.   All 5 current County Supervisors are Republicans.

……..Nobody Messes with the Deputy  DAs

“San Diegans Against Crime”  (i.e.  the Deputy DAs Association) was crucial to Bonnie Dumanis’ 2002 victory over incumbent District Attorney  Paul Pfingst. The group’s latest campaign report contains over 100 pages of donations, all made by Deputy District Attorneys, and mostly under $100 each.   Their longtime consultant is Janay Kruger, a formidable model of the ‘Inside Player’ style.


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