Fletcher’s Meeting Yesterday with #2 Firefighter Boss Alan Arrollado: You Decide the Caption

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Fletcher and Alan Arrollado Meeting at Coffee Bean


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  1. Sending trackers after your opponents to their meetings 11 months out?

    This seems really creepy to me…

  2. Caption: “Nothing to see here.”

    This picture is much ado about nothing. Sure, Nathan just came out in support of the 401(k) reform, but I’m not sure that means he cannot or should not speak with those who may not necessarily agree with him on that issue.

  3. “Dude, I promise I’ll make it up to you with salary hikes and overtime. Besides, I’m hoping they won’t get the signatures to qualify the damn thing.”

    — Nathan Fletcher, “A New Generation of Leadership”


  4. How Orwellian. The only thing this post does is make Rostra look like a joke. Disappointing. I think we can all do better.

  5. Probably just discussing how great Coffee Bean’s summer themed blended ice frappucino’s taste.

  6. Hate to break it to you Barry, but this is the reason people read Rostra.

    Nathan Fletcher meeting with a labor leader the day he endorses pension reform… You think there is no reason to ask questions?

    If you want Rostra to be a news summary site, then don’t allow anonymous comments. If you want it to be the place to find right-leaning SD political insider gossip, then this is the type of content you should embrace… or expect readership to plummet.

  7. I am interested in the meeting with a labor leader. I’d like to read about it…maybe even see a photo of the meeting. This doesn’t appear to be one. I can’t remember the last time I had a genuine meeting with anyone where we grabbed coffees and stood up. But, that out of the way, I can fess up to initially overreacting. It’s a photo of two guys talking…or meeting. Fill in the caption, like Owen suggests. It is very Rostran, I admit.

  8. The real danger is when everyone just drinks their party’s Kool-aid and stops seeking facts so they can make educated decisions.

  9. This is really bad for Nathan. If the public finds out he was talking to someone with a different political agenda they may riot in the streets. Its awful, the horror of it all!!! Good thing Reagan never stoooped to talking to the opposition or look where we would be now.

    Personally, I refuse to speak with anyone who has not shown me a notarized copy of their last 3 absentee ballots and a list of their Facebook friends to verify their bonafides. No opposing opinions in my house. Conservative echo chamber only.

    But seriously, whoever took this photo is scared. Jus sayin…

  10. Barry… Don’t embarass yourself. You think this photo was the extent of the meeting? Like, Nathan literally happened to run into him while getting a cup of coffee? Really???

    You force me to ask a question… Have you ever asked for a contribution on behalf of Nathan for any of his races? Please be honest because I’d hate to catch you in a lie. In the interest of protecting the integrity of this blog, your readers have a right to know.

  11. Actually the bigger story here might be that a union firefighter is supporting non-union Coffee Bean. What would Lorena say? Maybe Bradley Fikes can ask her the next time he talks to her.

  12. My most recent (tongue in cheek) comment was wrong. The biggest story here is someone calling into question Barry Jantz’s integrity….seriously?

  13. I wasn’t aware that it was a secret that I worked for Nathan at one time. I have never tried to hide that fact (sorta part of the reason I post under my own name). I also contributed to his campaign.

    That being said, I would call out anybody for this tactic. Stalking your opponents and snapping fuzzy pictures of them then posting them on an online forum is creepy. It is also bizarre. But whatever floats your boat I suppose.

  14. Chill, dude, couldn’t you see I was being tongue in cheek with my last comment? Of course this photo is only a “snapshot”!

    I admitted I was overreacting. Take a lesson.

    Wow, I’ve got some anonymous commenter challenging me to not tell a lie? Asking if I’ve ever “asked for a contribution on behalf” of Fletcher. Not even asking me if I’ve ever donated to him directly, but whether I’ve asked anyone else. LOL! Why the nuance?

    Uh huh, the integrity of this blog is in question, unless we know the contribution history of every blogger and commenter. Let’s start with Owen Kellogg. Not.

  15. Thanks D7, I appreciate it. I feel like my integrity is intact.

    Great minds on the “tongue in cheek”-iness.

    You may be on to something with the non-union coffee house!

  16. Who says this was tracking or intentional? What if someone just happened to be waiting for people somewhere common, like a coffee house, and grabbed a shot of what looked to be a very out of the way meeting they happened upon by chance.

  17. You know the HOT weather is really here when some yahoo questions the Integrity of Barry Jantz. I’ve only known him for 20 years, but the NEXT false step Mr. Jantz takes will be the FIRST one he takes.

  18. You’re not fooling anyone, Draper. It’s obvious that you’re a lefty. Go back to Two Cathedrals.

  19. Kelly Davis challenged us on Twitter to spell Alan Arrollado’s name correctly, both the first and last name. We have corrected both for Mr. Kellogg. Thanks, Ms. Davis.

    Now, we need to know the spelling grade each blogger received in fifth grade. Tell the truth. The integrity of this blog is at stake.

  20. I got an “E” (Excellent) in spelling at Silvergate Elementary school that year!


  21. “So I’ve got bad news… later today I’m going to do something that’s probably going to piss you off (although I don’t know how pissed you can be with the pensions you guys are receiving). Just trust me on this… it’s a New Generation of Leadership.”

  22. So Nathan Fletcher sits down with a leader of the fire union and tells them he is supporting a reform that they don’t support TO HIS FACE. Sounds like a leader to me.

    But no, lets go with the guy who faux bullies everyone and throws his weight around with his personal wealth. And

    A leader or a bull dog? He can keep his stupid shirts.

  23. All things being said someone on this blog knows Fletcher well enough to ask, “What did you say to Arrollado? Come on tell me, so that I can one up the Rostrafarian competition.” After all what was said is what counts.

  24. The picture is silly, the conspiracy even more so…I have had coffee with Alan Arrollado multiple times and I am guessing my conversation was much the same as Nathan’s…”Sorry but I have to respectfully disagree” after listening to what the other side has to say. I would venture to say that no one is now going to claim that the Councilmember or myself are in league with Local 145 after hearing that fact.

    Got to tell you- that Alan is a nice guy too! So to the person who took the picture I will let you know the next time Alan and I have coffee so you can snap a pic of me. Just make sure you get my good side.

  25. Thanks, Jim! My fifth grade spelling was perfect, my comprehension not so much. For the record, I had a cup of fair trade java from WalMart this morning on the way to the office.

  26. Wow, 28 comments

    Let’s change the subject to the real $64,000 question. Where was Derrick Roach yesterday??? and where is he at this very moment? 🙂

  27. Guys, I took the picture. Relax. I was there by chance for a meeting and snapped the picture.

    I sent to a dozen people and it made it’s way here. No bad will, no tracking, no accusations. It was just funny.

    So all of you people with guilty consciences can relax.

    Telling the fire union promptly after informing CPR supporters is a classy thing to do.

    Coffeegate case shut and closed.

  28. I would hope that Nathan Fletcher is admonishing the union vice-boss on the bullying tactics being used to drive away signers of the CPR petition.

    Or perhaps Nathan is asking Arrollado what percentage of these apparently fit, large union thugs harassing passersby are firefighters.

    Maybe he’s asking what percent of Arrollado’s SDFD union firefighters even live in the city of San Diego — yet spend so much time trying to influence San Diego policies and taxes.

    Just sayin’ . . .

  29. The real scandal in all this is that Nathan is photogenic even in grainy cell phone pictures which for all of us who don’t even look good in professional pictures is very disturbing 🙂

  30. You have no class Richard Rider.

    Tying Fletcher to what the union members are doing is weak, and you know it.

  31. Let’s give Fletcher the same benefit of the doubt as we provided to Bob Ilko when someone posted his likeness at a Labor Council meeting on the Red County blog.

    So by that standard, let’s tar and feather him and run him out of the race on a rail to make way for Carl DeMaio ….

  32. Richard Rider always puts his name to his facts and
    his opinions.

    So who REALLY has some class on this dispute?
    I say, Richard Rider.

  33. Anonymous Rider, I in NO WAY indicated Fletcher approved of these reprehensible union tactics. I’m quite sure he doesn’t.

    But CLEARLY Nathan is good friends with the firefighters. No one is in a better position to tell them to back off these intimidating tactics.

    I hope that’s what he is doing. Probably is, don’t you think?

    Indeed, DO you think he should? Whoever you are.

    My real effort here is to point out that our beloved city firefighters are likely in the forefront of this union thuggery. Maybe not, but no other city employees have the amount of time off for such activity, and are as fit. Not even our cops.

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