San Diego Public Library Laptops Lifted

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Another illuminating story from the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Watchdog group: 10 out of 25 laptop computers available for use inside the San Diego Public Library have been stolen.

The laptops aren’t labeled with a magnetic security sticker, because the library thinks the stickers might damage the computers, according to the article. But the Watchdog reporter ran that claim past a supplier of the magnetic security systems. The company said the tags should not damage laptops.

The U-T’s Watchdog unit found out about the stolen laptops when it examined a list of delinquent library accounts and found some very high balances, up to $5,000. And some laptops appear begging to be stolen; one laptop checked out by the U-T carried no engravings identifying it as library property. It just had stickers.

Read the whole story for the details.

Good work by the U-T. Let’s hope the library learns how to better guard the taxpayers’ property. Given how tight the city’s budget is, that’s not a lot to ask for.


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