Supervisor Jim Desmond – An Uncommon Man

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uncommon adjective

un-com-mon  | \ en-‘ka-men

Definition of uncommon

1: not ordinarily encountered:unusual

2: remarkable, exceptional

Supervisors shoot down Desmond’s Proposal to Stop Enforcing State Reopening Plan

Those opposing Desmond? Mayor Steve Vaus’s allies, “Republican” Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Kristin Gaspar.

In a courageous and uncommon 1-4 vote Supervisor Desmond upheld what is sorely lacking in government — the core philosophy of the Republican Party. Desmond ‘conserved’ the ideas constituted at our founding. Limited Government. Free Markets. Individual Liberty.

Desmond’s action matched his rhetoric.

The actions of Gaspar and Jacobs did not.

It should now be plain that it is not the BLM protestors in jeans who have caused the most damage to our families and businesses. It is legislators wearing suits and dresses. I care not from where oppression comes, whether suits or jeans. Both are immoral. Both violate the transcendent ideas that inspired our nation. 

I did not endorse Gaspar nor do I expect her to remain long in our party. Her operating system is best described as majoritarian. Governed by popular opinion. A negation of natural rights. A rejection of that which is inalienable. As Rousseau believed and Gaspar exemplified, rights are privileges granted by the state.

Desmond did what is uncommon. In a nod towards Locke and our Framers he agreed with “the laws of nature and Nature’s God.” Gaspar — in a nod toward ‘Divine Right’ — placed herself above the natural rights of those she represents. She opposed what was once self-evident. God given. One should not be surprised if Gaspar introduces legislation requiring triangles be four sided.

Desmond understands what Gaspar does not. One is only conservative to the extent one is conserving principle instead of the status quo. A true patriot exemplifies fidelity to our founding ideals, not just the flag. We are not Republican by name but by action.

Bravo Supervisor Desmond. Remarkable. Your 1-4 vote made me stop and stare. Uncommon among our electeds. You need a principled ally and one is coming.  Our county looks forward to seeing Joel Anderson at your side.

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Eric Andersen is an elected member of the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party, former 71st Assembly District Caucus Chair, Co-Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego County and He is a former Rock Church Citizen of the Year.


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  1. Kudos to you Mr. Desmond. I expect the Republican party to form a never-Desmond wing and kick you out soon. Consider it a badge of honor.

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