Enquirer: Lemon Grove kerfuffle doesn’t keep Arambula from endorsements

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The East County Enquirer is asking the following

“Lemon Grove Councilman David Arambula is proudly endorsed by the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County and the San Diego County Democratic Party.

“But wait…isn’t that the same David Arambula accused of drunken violence in a fist fight with an applicant he invited over to his house to discuss a proposal to open a marijuana dispensary in Lemon Grove?

“And because of that fight, there is now a significant lawsuit by that applicant, Chris Williams, against the City of Lemon Grove for medical costs and punitive damages resulting from the assault.

“And, did they know that also at Arambula’s house that evening were Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez (also endorsed by both) and Taisha Brown, the former vice chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, who arranged the meeting between Arambula and Williams and invited Vasquez to attend?

“Sadly, it appears that either the candidates aren’t being vetted very well, or is this simply a matter of winning at all costs?”

The Enquirer also notes that Williams is now running for mayor of Lemon Grove.


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